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I am Mrs. Sundari Balakrishnan (Sunda10) and my son subramaniam. We live in Mumbai. I worked with government for several years . But I am very passionate about writing articles and books. I have retired and spending all the time was very difficult, I thought of sharing my knowledge or ideas through blogs. my blog is information and my site is ideas for sure

Why I chose to writing is because giving lecture or talking to people is not easy and, blog is the best medium. Who knows whom our knowledge or life experience might help. This is the reason why I prefer blogging or writing books. It is challenging as well as exciting to impress people with pen.

I am very new to blogging so I started with several topics like ‘How to earn money online through affilliate marketing?’, Navratri Festival, Amritsar tragedy,  What is domain hosting and web hosting etc some product reviews of products I have bought from great marketplaces which may help others etc. I want my readers to give me comments, share their opinions which will help me improve. As a part of my introduction and life’s experience, I would love to leave a message to my readers.

A message to my readers is cancer is treatable. I have just recovered from lymphoma. Increase your survival instinct then all problems, diseases will shudder away. For that matter all diseases including mental illnesses are manageable. Patience is the bitter pill you have to swallow. Problems, disease and challenges are there for everyone. some are god given. Some are due to our action taken at the wrong time. Any how we have to face it. Since we do not know the solution it is better to stay ,wait and watch. Instead, throw more exciting challenges before you, so you can concentrate on those and leave rest to God. Believe in almighty. Thank him always

Hope I will be getting  all cooperation from my readers.


Best of luck.

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I would like to say “Thank you” for reading this article.

So, a big thanks for reading all the way to the end. Similarly read all other posts also. This will encourage me to continue.

If you have any questions please let me know through your comments below.

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