ARE YOU feeling depressed

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natural disaster-flood
natural disaster-hurricane

THE ABOVE IMAGES ARE NATURAL DISASTERS. THE WHOLE WORLD IS DISTURBED BY THESE DISASTERS.Are you depressed is the question.Recently in India we had two such disasters in Kerala and Tamil Nadu i.e. in South India. These disasters affect a district, town,country or nation. wars are not natural but still families, countries, nations suffer. Government. Neighbouring countries, states, NGO’s all come together and help victims to put up with the tragedy. No doubt it leaves many helpless people who have lost their loved ones, house, all their belongings etc. This is 360 degree turn in their lives. They do not know what to do.They are left without an identity,address or relations one day.Now the question is Are you depressed seeing these conditions.

But there are some disasters which befall a family alone like chronic illnesses , joblessness, divorce, depression etc.Are you feeling depressed?

What do you do at such times? Just like natural disaster this is also a disaster which strikes a family. In this case also the only answer is suffering.

The only solution to all sufferings is patience. It is said problems come together but solution come one by one. Are you feeling depressed?

Any decision taken at that time may aggravate the problem further. That means the boil is there and you are applying ointment on the swelling . Will the boil go. Instead it will get more infected, more pain and more swelling.Are you feeling depressed.

I will tell you in our life also we try to sidetrack and solve the problems resulting in greater problems.Are you feeling depressed.

Lets think of a problem. Someone is chronically ill. The only remedy is to take the person to doctor and help him to recover. Other priorities or other problems go behind.. We have to sort out out priorities in every situation. Sometimes two or three situation arises with the same degree of intensity. So if something out of the way comes as a solution in disguise, that is the time you have to evaluate the pros and cons, advantage and disadvantage. If you take wrong decision when you are in tight corners then you are responsible for the mistake or damage done. Are you feeling depressed?

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