history of pay commission

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What is Pay Commission?

source : wikipedia & Zee network

Pay commission started in 1946 January and submitted its report to Interim Government of India in May 1947. The chairman of Ist pay Commission was Srinivasa Varadachariar for Civilians. Its minimum pay was Rs55 amd maximum pay was Rs2000. The ratio of minimum pay to maximum pay was 1:36. In case of Armed forces A DEPARTMENTAL COMMITTEE WAS APPOINTED CALLED ‘POST WAR PAY COMMITTEE TO DETERMINE THE PAY STRUCTURE’ ON PAR WITH CIVILIAN EMPLOYEES. PENSIONERY BENEFITS WAS GIVEN BY ARMED FORCES PENSION REVISION COMMITTEE. The first pay commission focused on living wages.

The second pay commission started in May 1957 and submitted its report after two years.The chairman of IInd pay commission was Jagannath Das. This commision also insisted on living wages and focussed on recruitment with minimum qualification, The minimum salary wasRs80 after merging 50% DA with basic pay and maximum salary was Rs3000. The ratio of minimum to maximum was 1:37.5. In case of Armed forces departmental committee setup was called Raghuramiah committee.

The third pay commission was setup in April 1970 and gave its report in march 1973. The chairman of the commission was Justice Raghubir Dayal. The three components inclusiveness, comprehensibility and adequacy of pay structure was the framework in which the pay commission worked.If a government servant continues on his job then it is true that he is adequately paid so it extended beyond subsistence level and minimum wages as per labor Act was implemented. Now the minimum pay as per labor Act was rs185/-, Later on this was revised to Rs196/- .In third pay commission pay structure and pensionery benefits of Armed forces was also fixed by the commission on par with civil services. Since IPS and other civil service officers were demanding pay & pension of Armed forces to be fixed on par with CIVIL SERVICES , SO MRS GANDHI THEN PRIME MINISTER terminated one rank one pension taking exparte decision to bring parity between civil & armed forces. The minimum pay was Rs196/- and maximum Rs3500/- The ratio between minimum & maximum 1:17.9

The fourth pay commission was constituted in June 1983. It was given in three phases for four years.The chairman was P N Singhal. The minimum pay was Rs.750/- and maximum pay was Rs8000/-.The ratio of minimum pay to maximum pay was 1:10.7.Government headed by Rajiv gandhi again brought the concept of ‘one rank one Pay’. This was later on resented by Armed forces and refixation of pay was done from 1.1.86.

The fifth pay commission was constituted in April 1994. The chairman was Justice Ratnavel pandian. The minimum pay was Rs2550/- and maximum pay was Rs8000/-. The ratio of minimum pay to maximum pay was 1:10.2.Pay scales was reduced from 51-34. Government workforce was required to be slashed by 30%. World Bank criticized fifth pay commission as ‘single largest shock ‘ to the public finance of the nation.

The Sixth pay commission was constituted in July 2006. The chairman was Justice Shri B N Shrikrishna. Pay Scales was reduced and pay bands were introduced.Gr D cadre was removed. Minimum salary was Rs 4860/-+Rs 1800/- and maximum salary was Rs 80000/-.The ratio of minimum pay to maximum pay was 1:11.4.

The Seventh pay commission was constituted in February 2014. The chairman of Seventh pay commission was Justice Ashol Kumar Mathur. The minimum pay was Rs 18000/- and Maximum pay was Rs 225000/-, The ratio of minimum pay to maximum pay was 1:14.

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