sun -naam oruvar idu oru muyarchi charity show

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Sun naam oruvar idu oru muyarchi a charity show is a tamil which is telecast on every Sunday at 9.30 p.m. It is a very nice show. In the last two and half months around thirty families have been rescued from life’s torture by this show.

Most of the families were victims of chronic illnesses ,accidents, or Gaja the cyclone in Tamil Nadu. They were desperate but living on subsistence. Nature had seized all the belongings including shelter of Gaja victims. They were agricultural laborers living in houses with thatched roofs. Their pathetic conditions and thir problems, their cries of helplessness was shown clearly on this sun naam oruvar idu oru muyarchi charity show

Actor Vishal a veteran actor hosted this show. He showed lot of empathy to the victims. He had invited a guest celebrity to participate and perform a task for the relief of this victim. The amount collected by performing was given to the family and other Samaritans help received during the show either in person or telephonically, in the form of cash or favor was collected and given to the families.This is anice gesture shown by all celebrities and other samaritans in this show sun naam oruvar idu oru muyarchi charity show.

Even the celebrity collected enough cash and also participated in the endeavor by accepting a family or adoption in principle. The basic question asked by Actor Vishal was “What help do you expect from this Show?” Accordingly arrangements were made and transparency of the amounts received and delivered to the family was reported in this show itself. This is the question i like in this sun naam oruvar idu oru muyarchi charity show.

A shoulder to cry,a hand to wipe and many hands to help brought smiles in the face of thirty families is really a achievement.

I personally feel many celebrities , millionaires ,politicians who have already accumulated wealth beyond measure can follow this sun naam oruvar idu oru muyarchi charity show and bring smiles to many families.

Even if one family is adopted and smiles are brought back in their faces then surely this place itself will be a heaven on earth and these celebrities, politicians,and millionaires will become like god in the minds of people. Not only that being born in a poor family will not be a restriction or curse. Instead even if parents are poor and the children are helped with education and job then the picture of this world will change. THIS IS WHAT i LIKED ABOUT SUN NAAM ORUVAR IDU ORU MUYARCHI CHARITY SHOW’S MOTICE IS DRAWING A CUT OFF LINE TO DIFFICULTIES.

So many problems of theft, robbery, terrorism, gangster, murder, child lifting for ransom etc can be eradicated. Helping each other is the only solution to create a good society. HOPE WE FOLLOW SUN NAAM ORUVAR IDU ORU MUYARCHI CHARITY SHOW AND GRACE THIS EARTH AND MANKIND,


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