You can write Fiction stories

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Yesterday night I went to sleep at ten.

I heard the buzzing of phone at a distance.

I got up and answered. My friend say leela was at the other end.

Hai Have not heard from you so far. how are you?

I said Yeah. I am busy these days.

What after retiring? Having a nice rest must be.

leela was still working while i had voluntarily retired so it must be a ……. I thought

Yeah I am extremely busy because i have started my blog

“Good Something to give vent to your emotions” she said You can write fiction stories she continued.

I was surprised. I had no ideas for sure about what she was talking.

But i am doing it seriously.

Pat came the reply yeah seriously you can write fiction stories.

I said I am not talking about bluff I am talking about blog sites on WWW.

She said Okay do it and slammed the phone.

i felt desperate. My racing thoughts were how could she do this? She need not encourage me, nor comment on my blog, nor share but telling me fiction stories. i will not leave. let me show. i will write best blog websites and people will read and find it really useful. I am not going to leave this . What going to Job from 9 to 5 is great and me blog post is fiction stories. No I will not leave. i am really tired of ridicule, i should shut everybody’s mouth. What she knows about great bloggers. What she knows about the incomes they receive? I will not allow anymore slang words. What guts saying so I turned on my bed to see I was lying on the floor.

I turned my eyes to see the time . it was dawn four o clock. I had no ideas for sure about what was going on in my mind.


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