infinity pillow

Commuting to work daily is a difficult task for those who lack enough sleep. travelling to and fro by various modes of transport make it difficult. A short nap can compensate this. However in this crowds after getting a seat or in standing position holding on somewhere how do we sleep.

Huzi infinity pillow has 55% bamboo and 45% polyester. It is 3 times more breathable, antibacterial, and machine washable. Wrap the infinity pillow as you like to sleep nicely. The perfect balance of softness and support for the entire journey.

twist memory foam travel pillow for neck, chin, lumbar, leg support

Twistable travel pillows can be adjusted to any shape and position you want to provide for personalized support and pain relief. This neck pillow is versatile and can be used to give support to neck, head, back, shoulders and spine during nap or while relaxing in a couch. The luxury foam cushions the body and relieves painful pressure points for ultimate relaxation. You can wash it on machine . It is more breathable and anti bacterial. It is easy to carry on backpack or neck and arms. it can be placed on car headrest also.

neck head and shoulder support

soft plush cover with zipper closure for removable convenience and gives softness to the skin. Built in elastic strap so you can easily attach to any carryon. machine washable . This product is available in

travel pillow set memory foam for head, neck, earplug, eyemask and also pouch to keep mobile and hear music

This travel pillow is designed with orthopedic raised lobe contouring on either side allows your head and neck to rest comfortably, [premium quality foam earplugs with industry leading Noise Reduction Rating, eyemask. You can adjust to 360 degrees whether your head leans left, right or tends to fall forward.


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