Do you think fear and responsibility will go together ? Do you think panic and responsibility will go together ? Will excitement and responsibility go together ? Do you know some habits catch us unknowingly and we get trapped?

I will explain the answer to all the above questions with a story. This is an incident which happened several years ago. My childhood friend told me this. I am telling you the same.

A man and his wife lived with their 2 year old child. The lady was a teacher and the man worked in a company. The lady used to leave for school early and the man used to leave late. The child was looked after by a maid.

One day the lady left for school as usual. The maid came and took charge of the child who was sleeping. The man had to leave early because he had a meeting. The man after shave had bath and left for office.

After reaching office he remembered that he had done shaving by squatting on floor and he had left the used blade on the floor while replacing. Those days there was no use and throw razors. The blades had to be replaced for shaving.

He told his superiors and excused himself from attending the meeting. Those days phones were rarely available in houses. He stayed at a distance of 30 km which he could reach in 1 hour.

He rushed to his house. He was worried if his child would be hurt by the blade and if it does not go to the notice of his maid then what would happen. He was afraid. He was panic stricken. However he reached home safely.

He knocked the door and the maid opened the door. He went inside and saw the blade where he sat. He removed it and threw it in the dustbin. He was relieved.

He saw his child playing on bed with toys in the bedroom. He was relieved and at the same time excited at the thought of saving his child from hurt. He lifted his child as usual to fondle.

His habit of lifting his child over his head to fondle was what he did. He stretched his hands above his head lifting his child. Usually his wife or maid used to switch off the fan before he did this.

On that particular day the maid stood watching. She forgot to switch off he fan.What happened was the most horrible thing that is the child’s neck was hurt by fans blade.


This was an accident because of emotions and habit. What do you think about the story. I was very young when I heard about this. Now I feel two emotions should not be complicated like panic and taking responsibility. Before doing any responsible action control all other emotions by breathing heavily two or more times. Hurry, excitement, wrong habits are all challenges to responsibility.

Instead of stopping him from doing this habit of lifting child above head the action of maid and wife switching off the fan is idiocy. Moral of the story is take responsibility of your emotions and habit also.

Responsibility involves fixing goal. Decide on steps to reach the goal without any negative emotions.

I want to know your opinions and also share this with others.


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