5 love languages for valentines day celebration

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Having read the article on MSN regarding Kiss Day-The seventh day of valentine week on 13th Feb is a Kiss Day, where you show your partner how attracted you are to them not physically but emotionally too.

On Kiss day partners generally start out the day with a gentle kiss and the passion, affection they pour out ends up in a long kiss.

This day could be special for those couples who haven’t kissed each other for long. Even though some feel awkward one of the partners have to break the ice. The significance of this kiss day is that in some religions a kiss is a formal ritual indicating devotion, respect and sacrament. In other culture it is expression of love, passion, respect, friendship, goodluck, greeting, affection, peace.

Simultaneously I read the article 8 reasons why valentines day should not be celebrated. How valentines day turns out to be a day of expectation for the partners about cute valentine days gift, floral basket, online bouquet, green plants, potted trees, online flower shop, valentine days special gift of cards, valentine day ideas for her dinner and outing. They order flowers a ftd roses and orchid plants and wait for floral delivery. This is a physical drain on pockets. At the end if the day was not planned several weeks in advance, then the pressure, expectation, disappointment engulfs them shattering relationships leading to breakup. Purchase of costly gifts like gold , diamond etc empties mans pockets.

Valentines day symbolises Love. Gary chapmans five love languages show us five kinds of love which will satisfy a human being One mans food is another mans poison. Similarly every person love language differs. So instead of following the traditional way of celebrating valentines day with gifts and dinner learn the other partners love language and gift her/him with that which makes him/her happy.

  1. Words of affirmation: If words of affirmation like health affirmation, money affirmation, fitness affirmation positive words instead of I love you quote will make some happy. Such words of affirmation could spark a light in their lives which could lead to success. Even saying this when you are good in one thing you can be good at everything means so much to turn the other person around for life.
  2. Acts of service : Some people enjoy helping others who deserve their help and concern. Understanding that persons love language and participating or rather initiating such acts of service on such occasion not only brightens his heart but also lights hope and joy in several hearts. Even St. valentine did service to the soldiers helping them to marry, ministering persecuted Christians and judge’s daughter.
  3. Quality Time : Nowadays all are working so giving each other quality time is very difficult. On such occasions giving the spouse what they want like quality time helps a lot. They share their strengths and weaknesses, hopes and despair,success and failures resulting in great understanding and respect for each other leading to wise decisions about their future . Love is the spice of life. Give it the way they want it.
  4. Physical touch : Physical touch brings to the minds of all Kiss and hug. Pat on the back, hand on shoulders, holding ones wrist, sweet polite talk are all acts of kindness, concern, love, friendship ensuring life long relationship built on trust and confidence. A serial showed how living relationship without physical touch or any embarrassing moments could result in a marriage and life long relationship of understanding , happiness and respect for each other for the couple and their families.
  5. Giving gifts : Last but not the least some peoples love language is gifts. So no problems. Only gifts will satisfy them and appease their hunger.
  6. Associating Valentines day with gifts and dinner is farce and deceptive. Valentines day is associated with love, care and concern.
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