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We are gaining and sharing ideas, views, Knowledge through blogs so that it may help you or someone you know. We are affiliates of and also customers of this marketplace,. we found buying from here saves time, money and the goods have value for money. So many discounts, cashbacks and also their return and replacement policies are attractive. So we became affiliates and we are introducing you to great markets and useful products at reasonable prices (and no price difference for buying from our link) available at your doorstep with refund or return or replacement in case of any damage or non satisfaction of product, Our strategy is content marketing wherein free knowledge, tutorial, etc is given for visiting our site. Our motto is Learn, Do, Teach. we target customers and offer them some discounts for purchasing product from our link. We want our customers that is you to leave your contact details so that we can keep in touch with you.

People working on this blog site :

Mrs. Sundari Balakrishnan & Mr Subramaniam (Santosh, Sam)

About us :

Myself Mrs Sundari Balakrishnan, retired from Government service. My son subramaniam helping me.

Educational Qualification :

Both graduated from Mumbai University.

Residence :

Mumbai Maharashtra

examples of information given here:

basic information meaning, blogging for beginners, tips for blogging, blogging platforms, affiliate marketing, everything about blogging, introduction to servers, types of servers, server examples, quality content, what is finance management, how to create wealth from nothing, topics like resentment, guilty, all about India & world, Product reviews and many more.

About myself

I was confined to only two areas viz house and office , helping relatives and friends was one more area in which I put all my efforts. I am pious and believe in God. Iam spiritually inclined and have read some verses from Bible, Bhagwat gita and many other spiritual books. I don’t stick to any particular faith or dogmas. I believe god is one and we should pray and thank him regularly. I always believe it is he who has designed our lives and we are only being driven in that way. So resistance or hardwork to achieve anything is not must. if we are destined then our efforts will take the right path and success will follow. If not our desired results will not be achieved.

categories of Information :

Blogging, Personal development, finance, Trending topics, Amazon products, Misc.

Message to You

Cancer is treatable. Don’t delay. I suffered from Lymphoma and I have recovered.

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