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apeman action camera
apeman action camera

What points will you check before buying ordinary camera

Nowadays we have digital camera so when we select a camera we have to see the sensor, lens and mega pixel. A high mega pixel will not improve the quality of images whereas a good sensor and good lens would definitely help in getting sharp and quality images.

These cameras are for natural land objects and some objects at a definite range. But taking photographs under water are usually done by swimmers, divers using diving camera etc. some companies have come up with best under water video camera, .

Check list for best underwater video cameras waterproof action camera

This means the camera should have good sensor, good and clean water proof lens, good battery life hard case to protect the camera under water.

Companies like go pro, apeman, victure, crosstour, campark have come up with such cameras. Bomeon has come up with underwater camera for kids. THE BEST PART OF THESE CAMERAS ARE THEY ARE COSTING LESS THAN 100POUNDS EXCEPT GO PRO. canon underwater cameras are also best compact cameras used by divers.

Features of underwater camera waterproof action camera

These cameras have features like 4K Ultra HD videos and 16 MP photos. this camera feature 4k @25fps and 2.7 K @30fps. video resolution plus 16MP photos works better than traditional HD cameras. wrist wireless remote and built in wifi gives clear long distance images. You get 2 inch LCD screen and HDMI output. Use it as TV also. You also get long battery life water proof casing and accessories to use for riding, hiking, climbing ,skiing, snowboarding etc. waterproof case can tolerate water levels up to 30m or 98.4 ft. I have recommended Apeman and I think it is best for beginners. I am Amazon affiliate and you can buy this product from this page.


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