THERE ARE NATURAL DISASTERS. THE WHOLE WORLD IS DISTURBED BY THESE DISASTERS. Are you depressed is the question. Recently in India we had two such disasters in Kerala and Tamil Nadu i.e. in South India. These disasters affect a district, town, country or nation. wars are not natural but still families, countries, nations suffer. Government. Neighbouring countries, states, NGO’s all come together and help victims to put up with the tragedy. No doubt it leaves many helpless people who have lost their loved ones, house, all their belongings etc. This is 360 degree turn in their lives. They do not know what to do. They are left without an identity, address or relations one day. Now the question is Are you depressed seeing these conditions.
Disasters at micro level
But there are some disasters which befall a family alone like chronic illnesses , joblessness, divorce, depression etc. Are you feeling depressed? What do you do at such times? Just like natural disaster this is also a disaster which strikes a family. In this case also the only answer is suffering. The only solution to all sufferings is patience. It is said problems come together but solution come one by one. Are you feeling depressed? Any decision taken at that time may aggravate the problem further. That means the boil is there and you are applying ointment on the swelling . Will the boil go. Instead it will get more infected, more pain and more swelling. Are you feeling depressed. I will tell you in our life also we try to sidetrack and solve the problems resulting in greater problems. Are you feeling depressed.

I will give you real life example

Recently say in  April 2014 I lost my mother . Few days after that tragedy my husband complaining of swelling on his navel  went to doctor. Doctor confirmed it was hernia and suggested operation. In the meantime I had stomach pain somewhat uneasy. Took some digestion tablets no difference. I went with my husband to his  surgeon. He conducted some tests nd confirmed it is Appendix burst. Immediately I was hospitalized and appendix was removed.  I took rest . I was feeling better. This happened in August 2014

November 2014

Thereafter I took my husband again to  doctor for hernia operation. His ECG showed silent  attack. so  we went for cardiac clarification. Angiography was done. They found three blocks one was 99% requiring immediate operation. Doctor gave us a day to decide if we should go for bypass or stent. On hearing this my husband got stroke and it became neurological clarification. Thereafter he was put on observation to see if he gets any more strokes. Since he responded to medication and strokes was under control he was operated  i.e bypass surgery was conducted.  Operation was successful.Because of stroke he got succumbed to wheel chair permanently.

August 2015

In2015 one day I felt breathing difficult. I saw a gland on left chin. Doctor told it was infection and put me on antibiotics. I was getting mild  fever in afternoon and night. I reported this to doctor. He felt it could be TB. Then I was sent for several tests including biopsy. After  all testing it was diagnosed as Lymphoma first stage. Everything was slipping under my feet. Who Will look after my disabled  husband? who will look after my two sons who are still to finish their studies and  settle in their career?

Second opinion

I went for Second Opinion to Tatas hospital in Mumbai . When you go there you come to know you are not alone suffering. Seeing small children and old people you feel god has shown some mercy on you. But this consolation was only for few seconds . I was told this is blood related cancer and I should go for chemotherapy immediately. I was put to several tests to assess my physiological condition. My Physician told me my heart was working only 50% but they can  proceed for chemo. On the day of chemo I got chest pain. Tatas Physician asked me to for further cardiological clarification.

Cardiomyopathy and cancer

I went to another Hospital. There they checked me and found that my heart was working 50% but it was no issue. I was  asked to take eight chemos. After sixth chemo I again developed chest pain  . I told doctor. I was sent for stress test . under stress my heart worked 5% otherwise 3%. This was drug induced cardiomyopathy. I was asked to wait for one month. Thereafter, my heart resumed working 40% with stress. I was referred for radiation.  Since I had submandibular region lymphoma the mask they put used to suffocate me.

Prayers helped but once again tragedy struck

With prayers from everybody and luck of my children I survived. However again my husband got convulsions . his condition deteriorated further and he expired in 2017. When a family goes through such disasters  for two to three years consecutively, How do you think you will deal with such situations. Nothing only prayer,perseverance and patience. So even if we decide we cannot be sure when what will strike.  That is why we say man  proposes and god disposes. Are you feeling depressed? Share this site with others . Your comments will be highly appreciated.


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