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are you serious about making money online

DO YOU WANT TO KNOW or earn money online from amazon affiliate marketing program?

Any affiliate marketing program you choose as I have already mentioned affiliate marketing is nothing but connecting buyer to seller through an affiliate.

Buyer ==> Affiliate link ==> SellerĀ  ==> customer

When a buyer reaches an affiliate page and clicks on links or buy now buttons then the links direct you to the sellers page and when he fills the cart and makes a purchase then he becomes a customer. customer gets his product at no extra cost while affiliate earns commsiiiosn. This way an affiliate earns money online.


According to A M Navigator 40% of marketing professionals quote affiliate marketing as the most desired digital skill.

how much can you earn from amazon affiliate marketing?

Generally every product owner either market their product through ads, affiliates or referrals.

There are many affiliate programs on the web and you can try any of them. If you are  not successful in one you can try another and earn money online.

Amazon affiliate marketing otherwise called amazon associates is the best for beginners, newbies and also advanced marketeers.

You can earn substantial money to pay off all your monthly bills and set a path to create wealth by making money on the internet. YOU CAN EARN MONEY FROM HOME without investment. This is how you earn money online.



First of all, when we see the History of Amazon you know this was the first set of affiliate marketing program launched 24 years ago i.e. in 1996.

Further, this program has helped several people from wholesalers, developers, software professionals, book writers, sellers of both used and manufactured products. Not only, you can get anything from Amazon similarly you can sell anything and everything on amazon. You can call it one roof marketing.

You can advertise and earn by selling used and new products from and its subsidiaries,


Firstly, Bloggers and website owners create links on their site. NOW someone clicks on the link to buy, they reach the market place. So, if they buy from these links  within twenty four hours or if they fill the cart within 24 hours  and buy within  few  days then  the affiliates i.e you earn commission or referral fee.

The customer do  not pay anything extra but enjoy privileges’ of getting products at their doorstep. The products are generally premium or super premium and reasonably priced.

Many of the affiliate programs are free. However Amazon associate program is free and easy to join. You have many online earning sites but Amazon has a credible position here and in all countries . You can also earn globally by joining all the programs for free. Now you can earn money online from home.


You get referral fees upto 10% when you provide information and confidence to a customer to buy products via an affiliate link from your trusted site.

You have given product review . you have backed it up with links for products you have tried or know from other customers or through reviews.

When someone clicks on these links and purchases you get referral fees with no extra cost to them. The product wise or category wise advertising fees are as given below.

commons decided by amazon for earning money online

Your geographical location also determines the target market. For eg. Indian targets Indian market at and US citizen targets US markets at Amazon .com.

Why do you feel Amazon is the best to earn money online?

Popularity  : Is there anyone who does not know Amazon ? A brand is becoming popular and markets are flooding with products means it is reliable, reasonable and trustworthy.

Easy start :All you have to do is this


joining page by amazon affiliate for earning money online

Reach the above page by typing  associate on google search . On reaching this page click on join now for free. Then you get sign in page. When you sign in you get the page given below where you can give all your details.

details filling page for earning money online from amazon

In this page you give details about site etc. You can open a site on blogger or any of the hosting sites. Blogger is free . 

what does amazon provide to display on your site ?

To easily integrate your website and blog Amazon provides you with good software, widgets, linked images, text and several resourceful programs and procedures to earn from their market.

When you sell high priced products like gadgets, furniture etc you earn high commissions.  You as an affiliate earn commissions on additional purchases made by customer using your links.


When a customer using your links given by you on your site reaches the market place he has the option to buy your  recommended products and also  products of his choice. He can also buy products of his choice using your links by browsing on categories and selecting. Even though the client or customer has not bought your recommended product, amazon pays you the commission for referring him to their market. A regular user of Amazon products can also use your link to purchase instead of embarking directly on Amazon page.

Now lets say your friend realises you have become amazon affiliate and wants to buy through your links, but Inspite of she being a established client of amazon,  now she is buying products using your links so amazon pays you the commission on her purchases.

As long as the customer buys from your link you will not be deprived of any commission.

contact form

Lastly, you all know Amazon has sales for every season and also annual sale, annual clearance sale etc where you get lots of cashbacks ,discounts, coupons etc.

FINALLY, Now in festive season , holidays the conversion rates and engagement  rates are very high so you get good commissions and the customer enjoy great discounts. So join promote advertise earn is the slogan

You can go here and click  for JOIN HERE FOR FREE

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