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Benefits of using google analytics for SEO campaign-information-ideasforsure


First of all, When I started , I did not understand the benefits of using google analytics for seo campaign. But after listening to several you tubers and going through several articles I understood several facts. when we read several posts of several bloggers on this subject the concepts gets clear and concise.

FURTHER, When I was reading the posts 25 reasons to use google analytics I really found several points which I would have never thought of .So I started writing this post.

Now we all know Google analytics collects, sorts the data, interprets, analyzes and reports the results in a conducive manner so that the individual or small medium or big organization can observe and understand clearly their progress or their sites performance. When we say progress and performance we think of measure, growth of business etc.

benefit of google analytics is the best tool for studying human behavior in marketing

We all know google analytics not only measures sales and conversions but also show how visitors use your site , how they arrive and how they keep on returning.It is the best measure for site web traffic.

The benefits of google analytics are as given below

Free tool: We all know google analytics is a free tool but it surpasses the features of paid tools. Google analytics  360 is a paid tool.

Easy to set up google analytics:

Any person with least technical skills can setup google analytics on their sites. When compared to other vendors it is very easy and ready to use. However to understand google analytic completely ,study it indepth.

Documentation on every aspect like implementation and configuration is available. When you get the tracking code and you insert it in your site then analytics start tracking your database.

Powerful reports and summary of reports available.This will enable the site owner to take proper decisions. It gives exhaustive reports of what URLs could not be tracked on a particular day on a particular device etc. Some of the errors automatically corrected, whilst others manually done with suggestions from google analytics.

A feature called google analytics API is useful for advanced users.

Also, another features called google analytics UTM and google analytics WMT. This means UTM Urchin tracking module code appended to the URL to track the URL or to track advertising campaigns in google analytics.

WMT means Web masters tools integrated with google analytics. When we say google webmasters tools, we mean google search console. You can access google search console from google analytics.

Add ons are software extensions which adds extra features to a program. It can also be a hardware equipment that when added it can increase the functionality and capability of a hardware unit. In Google analytics lot of add on are available which makes installation, configuration and monitoring easier.

This google analytics tool used to measure number of visits, do internal site search and scan the visitor’s activity on your site. Complete internal site search is possible with google analytics. The location and sources through which visitors arrived and time spent tracked with google analytics. It makes effective changes to your navigation and product offers.

Keywords which were tracked appear. the best seo keyword tool. Number of clicks show the pages and links visited. The most popular pages on which visitors click enables us to know if the optimization campaign is directing traffic properly.

Count of new and repeated visitors are available with google analytics. The pages not working well can be analyzed as to what should be corrected and rewritten so that the pages rank well on search engines.

other benefits of google analytics

Google analytics sends email periodically to clients and stakeholders and informs them the current state of affairs.

They export their reports to excel and maintain it there. This enables the site owner to compare the fluctuations in growth and put efforts to make it steady.

Enable custom alert to save time. This is in the form of email or mobile alerts. You can create, edit or delete the alert when you want. The set up at the view level of google analytics account. It can be seen individually or shared with a team.

You can track push notifications on your google analytics. When a push notification is received by the user the push received event should be fired. when a notification is clicked push clicked event fired.

Annotations are short notes which you add to the dates in google analytics report. You can use these annotations easily. You can use it privately or share it with your team members. For e.g. an increase in traffic is documented and called annotation.

User experience on a site evaluated with setting up profiles for long term segmentation analysis. The users divided on the basis of free and paid users, new and returning users, time spent by them on the site, conversion goals etc

All devices viz desktop, mobile, tablet data recorded and reported separately. Powerful real time data recorded and reported. So you get direct feedback on campaigns you are running at current time and also the efficacy of the campaign reported upon.

Google analytics integrates with  google adwords  ads and any advertising sites and all search engines like Bing, yahoo etc.

Multi channel funnels helps in estimating last click conversions.

Easy integrations with survey and other testing tools which enables you to enhance your quantitative data with other data for tools like Qualaroo, 4Q survey, visual website optin etc.

Periodical improvements in web analytics have made this tool very significant to small, medium, large organization for segmentation, comparison, experiment and coming to an inference regarding your analyzes google also and improves performance.

You can even set goals and events in google analytics.

The subject so vast that the benefits listed here is just a drop in the ocean. Make maximum use of google analytics free tool before using a paid tool.

We are determined to study google analytics in detail  here. Are you interested in knowing more ?

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