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Redmi Y3 Mobile phone

71L9IZiJB9L._AC_UY218_ML3_ ₹11,999 Save ₹4,000 (33%)  buy now
 Firstly, Redmi Y3 mobile phone  blue color phone with 11226 ratings was the item in great demand. It is costing very less because of the sale and at least you get a difference of Rs4000/- on mobile phone price. Added to it you get cash back when you buy this phone with Icici  or you get Rs1000/- off on Amazon pay balance. This featured phone has  32 megapixel super selfie with dotmatch display, mobile phone with good camera and corning gorilla glass. You get QUALCOMM snapdragon 632 processor. You know on an average 80% reviews are positive. negative reviews are mostly about some bank app not loading etc. A new mobile phones, mobile phone with good camera,  how seeing the price  and its use to get a smart phone at this rate is a great deal I would suggest go for it.

one plus 7T

71ncRs6HzyL._AC_UY218_ML3_        buy now
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 Secondly, one plus 7T was in great demand. One plus 7T has 11620 ratings and one plus 7 pro id having 9369 reviews and one plus 7T is having around 2300 reviews. you must be wondering why I am giving this statistic of reviews. this is only to say how these phones are in demand in India.   Secondly I am relating to price because getting one plus 7  featured phones at this rate and upon that saving through discount, cashback and emi. Amazon pay discounts, exchange price etc makes this very cheap. Mobile phone with good Camera, selfie, rAM, internal storage, display, battery.All get four stars from users. Display and other settings vary from phone to phone. However one plus all varieties have been in great demand consistently every season.

Mobile phone Xiaomi A2 & A3


81duLAWicbL._AC_UY218_ML3_ ₹14,999 Save ₹2,000 (13%)  buy now
91zwD+7G9zL._AC_UY218_ML3_ ₹17,499 Save ₹9,000 (51%)   buy now

Thirdly, xiomi A3 is having 25481 reviews and Xiomi A2 is having 28922 reviews . Both have four star rating. Lets  see what is the difference in this reviews. Now the difference is the price. lets consider an A3 phone with 4 GB RAM abd 64 GB storage and A2 Phone with 4GB RAM and 64 GB storage. A3 phone is costlier. A2 phone is affordable. It is mentioned that by buying A2 phone you save  100%  even after paying the marked price. While in case of A3 phone you save Rs2000/-. Then you will ask about other features. A3 and A2 has camera, battery, Ram , etc the same but A3 has AMOLED display and there is also low SAR value which means minimal amount of RF energy is absorbed by the body making it safe. So it is  priced high. So better to go for A3.

These are some of the best budget phones 2019. Now you may ask me you have given three reviews which is the best. I would prefer Xiomi A3 mobile phone.  Features, safety and display is making it priceless. Dont miss this deal.

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