AMAZON.COM &AMAZON.CO.UK HAS COME UP WITH SEVERAL BOUNTY PROGRAMS. These programs enable you to use several services at small price which can be paid either monthly or annually. Most noteworthy feature of this program is you can join and you get one month free trial. Thereafter, if you are satisfied you can continue. You may even discontinue any time.

Why these bounty programs

These programs enables you to get some priority over regular customers. For eg. when you register for Amazon prime you get the benefit of free delivery for products you buy and if it is classified under prime. Not only that you can expect same day or delivery within one day. For Ireland customers prime delivery is within two days. (click here for link) Similarly Music Unlimited. Audible, Amazon Fresh, Kindle unlimited, wedding registry, fire for kids, amazon business, amazon channels. These are some of the bounty programs offered for a small fee and for a fixed period. The end date of some programs are given . However the end dates for others are not mentioned. This is registration on war footing. Join these before they close.

I would give you details of these programs as mentioned by Amazon and how this will benefit you is most important.

Amazon Prime bounty program

Amazon prime is a bounty program where you get the following benefits

1.One day delivery without delivery charges on all prime option items you buy from Amazon.

2.Delivery may be on same day or within one day in selected residential postcodes.

3. You can enjoy unlimited videos and TV shows through Prime video.

4.You can securely store unlimited photos and access anywhere.

5. You can listen over two million songs over Prime Music and early access to daily lightning deals.

6.30 days free trial and 7.99 pounds thereafter. In US it is $14

7. You may discontinue any time. Please click on the ink below to join. THE LAST DATE FOR BECOMING PRIME MEMBER FOR SUCH SMALL FEE in UK IS 24/12


starting date 31.3.2015 and ongoing

Similarly there is APEX + Twitch prime Click on the underlined text for link) To join this in UK you have to register before 14.4.2019. The benefits are the same but you have a bonus loot of APEX legends. To join this program click here. The other terms and conditions remain the same. twitch prime last date dec30,2020

Music unlimited

with Music unlimited you have access to 50 million songs both online and offline. You can use Echo to get voice controlled play back through Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. Fees is 9.99 pounds for general members and if you are prime THEN 7.99 POUNDS . New releases also you will get with high quality audio. music unlimited last date dec30,2019

Amazon prime video bounty program

Join prime video and enjoy streaming millions of movies and TV shows . Watch anywhere, anytime in UK on any device. The other terms and conditions like free trial period, fees of 7.99 pounds and any time cancellation remain the same. prime videos last date june 7 2020

The Audible

Audible is the publisher and distributor of worlds largest selection of digital audio books and spoken-word content. They have over two lakh titles of new releases, best sellers, sci fi ,romances, mystery, classics . During free trial period as well as after trial period for a small fee of 7.99 pounds you will receive one audio book per month which you can choose from the 2 lakh titles. The best advantage is that if you cancel your subscription you need not return the audio books because it is what you have purchased. audible last date dec30,2019

kindle unlimited and fire for kids

I have linked the heading to my earlier post Please go to my link to get the details. However for your convenience I am placing both the links here also so that you may register from here also.

kindle unlimited kindle unlimited last date dec30,2022

fire for kids unlimited books for kids last date dec30,2020

Amazon business :

Get inventories for your business could be tedious and frustrating. Buying best product at best prices with most convenient payment terms can be done with Amazon business. Enrol here and expand your businessfrom small to big. business bounty

AMAZON FRESH fresh items

Here you can buy fresh groceries and more daily use products like kitchen cutters, choppers, rolling pin etc,sports, fitness products .You join for a small fee of 6.99 pounds for prime members and 7.99 pounds for non prime members. Then you can have access to all top brand favourite foods and non food items. You will get a discount of 15% on all top brand items compared to supermarkets.

Amazon channels bounty program

No bundle No contract. This is a TV streaming service. it allows prime members to add subscriptions for a low monthly subscriptions fee.

ITV Hub, Discovery, Eurosport, Hayu, MUBI, BFI Player, MGM, Hopster cutting across all devices with Prime Video App will be available.

Wedding Registry wedding registry

You get access to 250 million products which you can personalise in your list. You receive recommendations of top wedding list products. There is also downloadable thankyou list to easily track gifts. The purpose and benefit of this program is your special day in life should start in a very organised manner. The possibility of forgetting something is very normal because marriage is a very elaborate occasion where you have to look into minute details. Amazon has come with this splendid idea of making this occasion very special with no regrets later.


Amazon has come with such splendid bounty programs to facilitate all and give maximum benefits to its users. Being part of each and every bounty program which entail free trial period and the facility of even leaving during trial period if not satisfied is great. So I feel every person should be part of this bounty programs and register by clicking on banners or links here. You can join from anywhere. Your joining these programs in large numbers from my links will enable me to earn the flat fee declared by Amazon. has many more bounties which I have not included here. I request you to click on one of the images and go to the concerned page and check other bounties . I am Amazon affiliate and if you join from his page I will earn commission please join by clicking on images,


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