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An affiliate marketeer is one who brings together two parties seller and buyer. He acts as a go between and ensures sale of products. In a world where you buy seeing pictures there is every possibility of discrepancy For eg. variation in size, variation in shown and sent products say colour, design, texture etc then the affiliate marketeer can interfere and settle the situation in a win win way.

I had written some months ago about what is affilliate marketing?

To recap let me tell you affilliate marketing is nothing but selling someone’s or some organization’s product for a small fee called commission. Connecting buyer to seller is the work of an affiliate.

What make affilliate marketing so lucrative?

When you talk of online marketing or internet marketing it is selling physical, digital or virtual goods and services.

When the goods or services is made directly from seller to buyer it is online selling.

But when it is third party selling say through affilliate or marketing sites then it is affilliate marketing.

Sites like Amazon, Flipkart are targeting manufacturers or whole sale dealers and selling their goods under their banner.

They are allowing affiliates to promote the products on commission.

Why people prefer affiliate marketing?

People prefer affilliate marketing because in a business several factors have to be taken care of. Materials, storage, logistics, preservation from pests and reptiles, transportation, delivery etc.

Now all this is taken care of by a company and they also pay you for promoting their product if someone purchases through your links.

affiliate marketeer enjoys his and his teams success.
affiliate marketing is easy but gaining trust from clients is essential affiliate marketeer enjoys success of his team .

What are the requirements for affiliate marketing?

You focus on products you are familiar so that you can sell more easily.

Thus build a website around the niche.

Fill it with good content which shows knowledge of the topic

Find an affilliate program that sells products in your niche

What do you do to become an affiliate?

You register with a company which is having affilliate marketing and selling products around your niche. For eg. Amazon, ebay, commission junction, share sale, click bank, blue host, Hostgator etc.

How do you register?

You go to that particular site say amazon associate and sign in. give your details and then you receive a code. After that you research for products and analyze, compare and promote. It is easily said join, promote and earn.

Do you need a website to sell affilliate products?

You can promote affilliate products without a website also. You can promote as Pay per click or pay per lead with google or facebook

What are the two requirements for a successful affilliate marketeer?

Profitable and passionate niche, prospecting tools such as email list.

How do you build a website with products?

Find best ecommerce website builder like shopify, wix, ecommerce, site ground, Blue host or etc

Choose the best plan

Get a domain name

Pick your ecommerce template

Customize your template

Add your products

If you are an affiliate marketer

You have an option where you write about product data i.e. external/ affiliate

Click on that option and give your product details

Most important is your product review

How do you market your products?

Marketing is a very important task . unless you market your products no one would know about it. Join some lead capture sites . Build a email list. Then join some email auto responder. Newsletter campaign will also help. PPC ads , campaigns on social sites .There are many directories and ad sites where you can     place your campaign.

I am determined to study and also place before you the details about affiliate marketing which we can use to improve and  purchase wisely.

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