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First of all I am writing this post website name and purpose. Moreover, this is the third step to start a blog. Rather, I am dealing webhosting in several parts for the purpose of giving complete details.

I gave information and ideas about how to buy domain name.I gave ideas about domain name registration. I mentioned that to purchase website domain separately is better because getting cheap domain registration along with best website hosting is possible. For eg. You can buy domain from go daddy and host website with web hosting services like blue host, hostinger etc.

Furthermore, Best Website hosting service sets up website for online businesses . Website hosting means your website is viewable to all visitors and public on the world wide web. Also see my two blog post about the same subject that is domain & web hosting also what is hosting?How to design your own website defining the website type and purpose.

What does a website generally contain irrespective of its name and purpose?

Finally a website irrespective of its name and purpose
generally contains database, files, images, videos, infographics, podcast etc. relating to the niche or business you are operating..

why do we need a website?

First of all we need a website because it works even when you sleep. Furthermore, Businesses, professionals, Artists or any person use website to generate business, promote goodwill between prospects and buyers, marketing techniques like content Marketing system, video marketing, you tube, videos, email marketing etc. Irrespective of the size of the organisation be it small big or medium promoting businesses online is the need of the hour.

More websites coming up and growth of many hosting companies, search engines, woo commerce etc is seen.

Let us categorise the names and the purpose it serves :


Firstly, Blog is content management system. Giving information and sharing on the world wide web is the need of a blog. People use bogs/ articles for posting about topics from cooking to scientific studies. Blog is also a platform for marketing.

small business

Whether you have a brick & Mortar business, a shop or a small contractor or community helpers, civic person doing odd jobs a site or web page is a must for people to know you. Gone are the days where people use to painfully turn the directory pages or yellow pages to discover a service request. At the click of mouse or touch of hand you get the details and the person is also informed about such a query.A webpage can be set up quickly and economically.

search engine

Websites are required as search engine. Google, Bing, Yahoo. All major search engines are websites.

Web hosting & domain registration sites

Every web hosting & domain registration companies have a website to communicate their services and ensure transparency in dealings.

Payment gateway

Payment gateways like citrus which connects buyer merchant and bank are also a website.

Ad companies

To promote your services you either use ads or social sites .

E commerce websites

For selling on retail anything online you make use of e commerce websites. Some do not sell but only provide information.

social sites

Social sites are very important these days because from invitation to circulars, decision making forums for discussion, world wide meet, summit etc are all telecast on this social sites. Transparency and persuasiveness is the order of this day scenario. we are dealing with a website which is just a infrastructure but the input develops emotions and creates volume.

In this connection your attention is invited to article Why your business needs a website

The purpose of website is as per your idea/ research. Domain name selection will emphasize the services provided by this website on the world wide web.

I have given several needs of business website. This is just to give you an idea of how you can use this world wide web. Have you decided on your niche and domain name?Next part will be what is web hosting comparison-web builder or c panel

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