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Generally people prefer blogger or WordPress but numerous other blogging platforms are available like Tumblr, Word pad, Wix etc.


First of all this is designed for showing your voice, story, idea which you can share with the world.

However,no coding or Design Knowledge required.

Now, You can register for new domain or connect to your existing domain.

Also, you can use your custom domain in your email address.

Furthermore,It has built in SEO, Social Media integration & Sharing features.

Moreover, Lots of themes.

Thus,With responsive themes you can enjoy good experience on any device.

Finally,there are colourful charts to help you know what your reader like.


There are three options

Personal Rs.200/- p.m.

Premium Rs.300/- p.m.

Business Rs.800/- p.m.

The all features are operative only when you upgrade.


Firstof all,this is free software.

Further there is only 5 minute installation.

But,they charge $3/- p.m.  for  Hoisting.

Of course,the step by step procedure is given and you have to follow.

Finally the blog is suitable for business owners or professionals.

Custom domains are available or you can link to domains you already have.

1000+ designs are available.

1000+ plugins are available.

Hosting requires technical knowledge.

This is mainly used for business and also hobby or personal.

Both beginners and creative people can use it.


Blogger is mainly used for beginners and it is free.

Hosting is also included.

You have to purchase your custom domain.

There are not many themes / plugins .

Generally it is used for personal blogging.

Since this is free from Google, Google search is available.

AdSense is also available for monetizing the blog.


This is also free. Hoisting is also included. Domain is not free.

100+ themes are available.

This is mainly used for Personal/Hobby blogs.

This is  hoisted easily by creative artists/beginners.


This is priced between $0 to $18 p.m.

Hoisting is included. Domain is free when paid hoisting is taken.

It is  mobile device.

100+ designs are available.

10+ plugins are available.

must read web hosting services web builder or c panel

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