writing a blog post is not easy without goal setting

Blogging is a tool, a marketing technique where content rules. Quality content wherein persuasion is the key makes work easier and successful. However setting a goal and working hard to achieve is also important. The goal here should be in the interest of reader and writer.

When I start writing a blog post lots of questions come in my head. where do I start?Is it something which I can do? Will I be a laughing stock? Then what do I do if I feel I can’t do this? Nothing. Will my blog help people identify their problem or requirement. Will I be in a position to provide solution to problem.

Before two years I was working with Government. So blogging was not very important to me. Today blogging is the only way I spend my time. I help with my pen.

Now goal setting and using blogs as a vehicle to achieve the goals is the first step , then where is the question of going back. But when I sit down to write, my heart pumps. There is an adrenaline rush because I know writing is not easy.

I have goal setting ideas. My heart thumps at this thought. When I was working with government, my goal setting and planning was to work nicely till I retire decently with good retirement benefits. I did many things like increasing my Provident fund subscription, taking insurance for good retirement benefits etc. I also worked hard . But nothing worked as I decided. My health gave away and I could not achieve my goal.

What happened to me? where did I flunk? what mistake did I do? Why could I not achieve my goal? why this setback?

How to set goals?

First consider what you want to achieve, and then commit to it. Set SMART (specific, measureable, attainable, relevant and time-bound) goals that motivate you and write them down to make them feel tangible. Then plan the steps you must take to realize your goal, and cross off each one as you work through them.

The goal setting tips given in goal setting articles are not achieved because of several factors

Disbelief :Have you already laid your goal setting plan. Have you just kept a goal setting mind map? Have you made your goal setting worksheet using goal setting technologies ?you should strongly believe that you can achieve. Without you believing yourself all your goal setting tools are waste. Probably I too never believed on my goals, so in the veil of bad health all my plans failed. Disbelief leads to laziness and ultimately goal is not achieved.

Distractions: When you have finished your goal setting research and settled on a goal then distractions like TV, Phones, friends, negative words should be avoided. You should protect yourself and your goal. Only bring your goal before your minds eye and hold it. This is visualization process. Imagine how will you celebrate on achieving the goal. In this goal setting calendar plays a vital role. so when distractions attract you and your time and keep you away from your goals then failure is evident.

Quitting : Don’t quit . Having a main goal and breaking down the goal into short term goals i.e. goal setting steps will help you achieve your major goal. Instead not breaking the goal to smaller steps may make you feel awkward because the goal is taking a longer time. Persistence perseverance and patience are the three keys to success. More you think about your goal and more the love you give the distance between you and your goal gets reduced . Instead if you quit you are a loser..

Lack of goal setting motivation: Always be motivated and energetic because you are working or writing to receive the prize. The prize is your dreams your goal. If you lack motivation to set goals and work then the chance of losing is more . So your work towards your goal should be noted in a goal setting notebook. This will help faster progress.

Frustration : When you are heading aggressively towards your goal say getting traffic of 30000 people every month for your site but nothing is happening then frustration builds up. This strangles your confidence and makes you feel hopeless. However if you have set your goals as per goal setting rules then such happening can be avoided. This is the time you should think about your goal very strongly believing you can do it. Dont think of writing too much or writing appealing blogs. Instead writing thinking about the readers who are finding solutions in your post, confident that your post can help them achieve their goals without hesitation or inhibition about achieving. This will help you achieve your goals. Living with frustration and hiding creating sympathy in everyone’s mind will lead us nowhere.

changing goals every time: Not deciding your destination in every issue is very critical to goal setting. If your goal setting skills are strong then the question of changing goals do not arise. Such mind shifters gather nothing and are unsuccessful.

Goals setting technique and vehicle is important. Driving the vehicle properly following the rules makes journey easy and enjoyable. In case of breakdowns or hurdles on your way just follow the rules . Thus the hurdle will go away and add momentum to increase your speed towards progress.

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Names of application server in java, when you can use shared server and when to use dedicated server, how to select the right application server etc is given in this topic.

First of all, application server sits in between web server and database server. Further , there are many application server examples. application server WebSphere is one such server. Most of the application servers in java given below.

Now a server is a software running on a machine to handle requests from the clients. Also, this runs 24X7 as it connected to internet. So, the website stored on the server.

Moreover, we have web server, application server and database server installed on same machine or different machines depending upon the load and volume of work, No. of visitors etc. .

First of all when you have a website that handles 1000 visitors request on a daily basis you can have shared hosting and all these servers are installed and run on the same machine./computer.

Further if we have big database and more than one lakh visitors daily then it is better to hoist on dedicated server with VPN for security reasons. Then we will have three servers installed on three different machines but the functions remain the same.

What does the webserver , application server and database server handle?

First of all Webserver handles HTTP requests and hands out HTML pages. Further, Webserver runs on Apache, Nginx, IIS, Microsoft etc. Also, Webserver can map the parts of URL (Uniform Resource Allocator) into

an external and internal program

A local file resource

So,If there was no webserver then requesting a name file and age file will be like this

https:// file://c://documents%nameand%age/Home.index.html

Moreover, in case of bank our login request is the web server request. Also, It resides on port 80/443 and handles HTTP request . However, If page not found the error message 404 – page not found flashes.

Now application server is go between web server and database server. So,an application server can often be described as a software framework that resides on the middle tier of Service centric architecture. However, database is never available on the internet for security reasons. Most noteworthy is that it is the dynamic application server which fetches the database for the client using some protocols . Now these protocols depend upon application business logic. In banks to serve their purpose they use Application server Flex cube. Application server will always sit on DMZ.

However , Database server uses protocols ODBC ,JDBC etc. Also, it runs on MYSQL, Oracle, Postgre SQL etc

Need for application server

Application server integrates database with existing system

Helps to solve complex transaction

E Commerce

website support

web integrated collaboration

Load balancing




redundancy high performance

What will happen if there is no application server

First of all, Webserver can only handle HTTP request so the webpage will be displayed and pricing information will be handed over to server side program .Now, suppose the query is about price of certain product the pricing information will be displayed but comparisons and other logical analysis will not be available. So, application server uses its business logic application to give useful information.

How to choose right application servers

  1. Reliability and performance are the Key factors
  2. Reviews of users will guide your purchase
  3. Use of free VPN or paid VPN is must to protect from third party

Examples of Application server in Java

JBoss is a open source application server in Java server for JBoss community

Glassfish Provided by Sun Microsystems and now acquired by Oracle

WebLogic : Provided by Oracle . it is more secured

WebSphere : provided by IBM


Apache Tomcat

Apache Tom EE



Now for WebSphere application software details visit

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What is IBM WebSphere application server 9 architecture, history and benefits

what is IBM WebSphere application server?

First of all, a software product that perform the role of web application server is WebSphere. Further it is a software framework and middleware that hosts java based web application. It is the flagship product within IBM’s sphere suite.

Now this product developed by IBM, released on June24,2016. Initially it was released in 1998 written in java and used by platforms like X86, X86-64, Power PC, IA-64, IBM2

What is its Architecture?

Secondly, Webserver Application server came up using standards like Java EE, XML, and web services. Also, Supported on the following platforms like windows, AIX, Linux, IBMi and Z/OS, Solaris.

So, from V6.1 to V9.0 open standard specification was aligned and common across all the platforms . Thus, Platform exploitation does not surpass open standard specification. Even, it works with Number of webservers including Apache HTTP server, Netscape enterprise server, Microsoft Internet information service (IIS), IBM HTTP Server for i5/os, and IBM HTTP Server for AIX/Linux/Microsoft Windows/ Solaris. Now, connect on port 9060 as default administrative port and port 9080 as default website publication port. But, these values will change in case of installing more websystem instances.

How does traditional WebSphere differ from present WebSphere?

Most noteworthy, traditional WebSphere application server platform was distributed computing platforms and could be installed on multiple OS instances. So, collectively referred to as WebSphere cell. Hence,the deployment manager manages all instances for management node within the cell and also application including ability to perform rolling update pointed to subset of cell nodes.

  1. No. of nodes
  2. application deployed to each process of application configuration
  3. Sessions management
  4. details of other resources
  5. So,the above are the configuration information to entire cell, tracked in XML configuration files. However, throughout the cell to every node this information is distributed. Finally, the implementation of configuration details went from files to database (V3.5) and then to files(V5)

Deployment, Logging and Configuration are the local effects which require management. However WAS security could not override local security if not configured properly.

It was not advisable to run the application server /node agent processes with root privileges’. Starting with V6 security configuration defaulted out of the box to secure state. Sometimes enabling desired functions required changing of defaults manually. Originally all nodes of the cell were in a single domain for management support for as well as application security. After V6.1 support for multiple security domains was introduced and with it to separate administrative and application security.

History of WebSphere

First of all, WebSphere application server released in 1998 for the first time. This is version 1.0. Basically a Java Servlet engine. Also then IBM added JavaBean, Corba and Linux and this came in two editions i.e. Standard and Advanced This is Version 2.0.After this came Version 3.5 the first widely used version of WebSphere. Version4.0 a J2EE 1.2 certified application Server. Further it had database configuration model from v3.x for all but the single server edition which already used XML datastore. It came in four editions.


Version 5.0 released on 19.11.2002. This a J2EE 1.3 certified application server. Major rewrite of V3/V4 codebase. Coded from common code base for the first time. All deployment platforms from, X86 to mainframe used same code. Database repository was replaced with replication XML file based configuration repository. A service called the Deployment Manager has the master copy of cell configuration. First of all, Nodes had the files they needed copied from the master server whenever they changed. Further V5 also included miniature version of MQ 5.3 called the embedded Java message service server. This came in five editions. Thereafter then came version 5.1 a J2EE1.4 compliant application server, released on 16.1.2004. This came in six editions. These were the five minor releases of IBM

Version6.0 to 9.0

From V6.0 to 9.0 security enhancement ,integrated controls, workload managers, Manageability, performance, policy support, functionality support for several web services, Resource recovery services, Parallel sysplex support , community edition, Flexible management, business level application, property based configuration, WebSphere liberty profile including commercial editions of the server providing a light weight profile of the server for web, mobile and OSGI applications. Now the services have become open liberty where WebSphere is focusing on cloud native applications with liberty. So it has improved phase by phase to keep up with latest technologies and java EE7 and EE8 support.

Benefits of WebSphere

Very cost effective: This software chooses best application to support your business. Even existing systems are used which eliminates cost. Simple product easy to install and minimum implementation time and reduced ongoing maintenance cost.

reliability : Assures delivery of messages without duplication or disruption to order of messages when connections or endpoints are unavailable.

Expanded managed file transfer support : end to end file transfer and message traffic across the entire network is visible.

Dynamically mediates between services and application by improving flexibility by eliminating point to point integration and tightly coupled systems.

Dynamically routes and transforms data.

Reduces implementation of common flaws to minutes and eliminates errors due to inconsistencies.

It views, edit, record and replay data flowing through WMB and troubleshooting time, frustration in resolving issues which are sensitive are reduced.

The product provides security infrastructure and mechanisms to protect sensitive Java EE resources and administrative resources and to address enterprise end-to-end security requirements on authentication, resource access control, data integrity, confidentiality, privacy, and secure interoperability.

websphere programming model extensions are the model extension benefit you gain by purchasing this product.

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I will be giving details of apache tomcat and other applicatin server for you to take informed decisions.

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how to write great content and benefits of writing great content

If you ask any blogger how to make my blog viral? You will receive writing great content as answer. I was brainstorming my head regarding what makes great content? Is it matter of quality or quantity?. Another blogger says it is your choice whether you write great content and expect desired results or write anything gibberish and accept the outcome.

Now you know in this digital world everything is laid down in a procedure which makes it easy even for a idiot box to understand and give the correct answer. So knowledge + presentation+ promotion makes great content. I have driven the point straight instead of beating round the bush. I will explain peoples working with an example.

Once in my office we all ladies had to overstay due to some power failure and trains were not running . We also had a male officer who is an IT expert. He to keep all ladies cheerful asked them to tell something and he too will give some puzzles which will keep the ladies think of the answer . I remember one such puzzle. He asked the ladies how do you check the dough you have made is right to make chapatis? See this is called observation and awareness of what we are doing in our daily chore. We do it everyday but we miss it. Nobody knew. He said don’t you put your forefinger in the dough to check. If dough does not stick to your finger then the dough is ready to make chapatis. Simple isn’t it.

Procedure we usually follow in writing blogs.

Why I gave you this incident is because we all write blogs but we never realise what we are missing . We are having our own niche. Now we get so many questions in our mind. We also have answers to it . We put these details in a methodological way so that it can help somebody with similar questions. This is called practise. we don’t think about improving or rather we want consistency and not repeated changes. We read a lot . some ideas flash in our minds. we note it down. We use these guidelines to write a blog. After writing we feel contented because we know this blog is serving as an answer to several people’s questions. But do you get your desired outcome. Often it is no. Why?

So to write great content also we have to follow some set procedures so that we get great results. How does any post go viral?

Some two persons see it they like it they share it with few of their friends and so on. Now generally what happens with 75% of blogs or anything is people don’t see it or they see, read etc but don’t share. They don’t feel it worth sharing. In millions of blogs, podcasts and so on and so forth just to be found requires some laid down steps. To appear on the golden triangle on the first page of search engines as answer to queries requires real work to acquire that dominating position.

How do we do this?

Originality :

Your blog should be original. When we say original don’t think you have to invent something. It is the unique angle you give to this subject. If you raise the query on search engine as ‘great content’ you will get about 2 lakh replies. Then how to be found for this key phrase?

This is where your originality appears. Originality is words coming from your heart and entering readers heart and retaining on their minds. Every time they remember about this key phrase “great content” your blog should come to their mind.

This is how your originality impacts and makes a place in several heart and minds. Have you seen some celebrities actions are leaving an impact on people’s mind. Why ? it is his style. It is original not duplicate.

The minute the idea of writing this blog flashed in your mind it started searching for words and sentences to write this post. But however you try, stretching yourself beyond 100-300 words is difficult. So researching is very essential. Research expands your knowledge base and also helps in presentation.

Research for great content

Do keyword research because your focus key phrase appears on your title/headline. This is Search engine requirement. For Keyword research you use key word research tool. You also have to see that your keyword appears in subheadings. But you go to keyword tool planner and find out four or five keywords. Then go to google and put your focus key phrase as query. You get several sites. Now mark the first four to five sites. These sites have been recognized by people as best for this phrase. This will serve three purpose. Knowledge, presentation and outbound links. Incorporate these ideas and integrate with your ideas. This is imparting the knowledge received by you from several sources and also emphasizing the importance with your own ideas.


Any article, post everything most important part is the title or headlines. Bloggers say write irresistible headlines, killer headlines, summarized headlines, curious headlines etc. Even in Daily newspaper people read the headlines and visualize the entire happening. Then to expect a person to read the whole blog to understand what it conveys is too much. But the headline should motivate him to read further. what makes a person read from start to bottom of a page ? need. So if your blog is answer to somebody’s need it will evoke interest. If it touches his pain point or hurting his ego or if this is answer to questions raising in his head, he will read it from start to finish. Every line should lead him to read the next line. He should feel if he has missed some point by just scanning through. One blogger devised a strategy to make irresistible headlines. The formula is number+ key phrase+ call to action. Some key questions like what, how, why with key phrase arouses curiosity which motivates them to read further. These are a requirement for search engines also.

sub headings

Just below the title a subheading having the key phrase and it gives you the entire picture of this post. The reader visualizes the matter. He has the option whether to read further or not. Now to make him read lure him with words like benefits , advantages etc. Just luring is not enough. Every word should open a pathway for his problem/need/interest. Similarly other sub headings also should give you the details of the para which you are writing. It could be a summarized title or question for which you are giving the answer.

Introduction & further in-depth paragraphs

Great content writing is generally a content marketing strategy.
How to write great content for a website is the first and foremost requirement for any blogger. story writing, message, incident, experience etc makes good introduction motivating a reader to read and share. The content should engage the reader from start to finish. The introduction makes the reader understand what the topic deals with. The later paragraphs gives in detail the procedure. Creating web content means creating freaking web content what people read ,share and like. So the introduction should shout and tell what the blogger is writing. The later paras all give the procedure, benefits, advantages, disadvantage, causes, remedies etc. The style of writing specified by Search Engine like active voice, Felsch reading scale which specifies that even a 12 year old should understand is another requirement.

conclusion & social media optimization

Last but not the least is the conclusion which makes the readers question to themselves whether what I have read is all or do this blog convey anything more. The thirst for knowing more makes them read again and comment. A great content is not great till it discovered, consumed and shared. Online marketers do not see great content as a short sighted substitute for social strategy but a proxy to create customer experience. It is a ego centric perspective promoting messages to persuade audiences empathizing with customer needs and interests. In content marketing we emphasize understanding customer needs and behavior through persona development and observing the ongoing variations. This ongoing monitoring and engagement drive content marketing strategy. Thus content is easier to discover through search engine optimization. Yoast SEO prescribe every technique for your great content to be discovered The marketing strategies help prospects have good experience with your brands. so search engine optimization & social media optimization is the requirement for great content. The basic idea of great content is converting a prospect to a loyal customer. Just littering on social media is not enough but engaging and motivating customers to buy and be loyal to our brand is the meaning of great content.




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I would like to say “Thank you” for reading this article.

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top internet browsers-What are the types of web browsers?-

what is web browsers? Which are the top internet browsers?

Web browsers are software you can install on your PC to access the internet. Currently to navigate to my site you must be using some web browser. Browsing or surfing is nothing but navigating through pages of information.

The top internet browsers are internet explorer, google chrome, firefox, edge. other internet browsers are Netscape, opera, safari, lynx etc

Internet explorer top internet browsers from 2002

First of all,Internet explorer is a product of Microsoft a giant in the software arena. Further,this is the most common top internet web browser in 2002. Thus this was introduced in 1995 along with windows 1995. Now,it has surpassed Net scape popularity since 1998. Since January 12,2016 Microsoft has dropped all support for Internet explorer all versions other than version 11. Windows 8.1 and windows7 users can have access to Internet Explorer version 11

What happens if we use some other version of IE ?

First of all they will get some security problems which is difficult to discover. Further,if such problems appear their fixation is impossible making it vulnerable to attack. Also all those users of windows vista, xp windows 8, windows 7. windows RT etc. can switch to latest internet browser Edge a current browser of Microsoft and is the future of Microsoft. Alternately use google browser like chrome browser or Mozilla Firefox

Netscape top internet browsers of 1990’s

First of all, Netscape is one of the original best web browsers. Further in 1994, introduction of proprietary web browser and original web browser of Netscape line came into effect. Thus it was product of Netscape communication corporation. It was dominant user in terms of usage in 1990’s.The Netscape corporation did not sustain Netscape navigators technical innovation in the late 1990’s. Similarly the increased use of Microsoft Internet explorer lead to the down fall of this browser in 2002. The business demise of Netscape a central premise of Microsoft ‘s antitrust trial wherein the court ruled Microsoft’s bundling of Internet Explorer with the windows operating system was a monopolistic and illegal business practise. The decision came too late for Netscape. However by then Internet Explorer had become the dominant web browser for windows.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft creates Microsoft Edge. It is a proprietary software. In 2015 Microsoft edge was the fast browser of windows 10 and Xbox one. Thereafter Android and iOS . Edge includes integration with Cortana and has extensions hosted on Microsoft store. It is 100% safe and virus free. Edge integrates with Microsoft online platforms in order to provide voice control, search functionality, and dynamic information related to searcher within the address bar. Users can make annotation to web pages that can store and shared with one drive but can’t save HTML pages to their own computer. Preliminary support for browser extension was in 2016.


Browsers based on Mozilla code is the second largest browser family on the internet today representing 30% of internet community. Mozilla is a open source web browser design for standards, compliance, performance and portability. Discussion forums, software engineering tools, releases, bug tracking etc helps in coordinating browsers development and testing.

chrome top internet browsers of today

google creates chrome. so, it is google software. Now, it is free and licenced software. Also, it is used with Linux, MacOS, Windows, Android OS. Nowadays Google chrome is one of the top internet browsers.

Firefox top internet browsers in 2009

Firefox is a new browser derived from Mozilla.Its release in 2004 made it second most popular internet browser. It is used across all platforms. It is compatible with OS 10.9,Linux, windows 7,Android jelly bean, IOS 11, various unix system. However, its usage is less than4.66% .In 2009 Firefox usage grew to 32% With version 3.5 overtaking IE7.

However usage then declined in competition with chrome. As of March2019, Firefox has 9.57% usage. In cuba enteria usage is more than 75%.

Actually it was called phoenix in the beginning a mythical firebird that rose triumphantly from ashes of dead predecessor I.e. Netscape after it had been Killed by Microsoft Internet explorer in the first Browser war. Firefox is a widely localized web browser. It was released in 24 different languages.


Having given you information about web browsers can you tell me which browser do you choose? Why?

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  1. wikipedia
    Web Browser Types – Tutorialspoint


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what is webserver and examples of webservers

what are the examples of webservers?

webserver is a computer storing the websites .First of all, Webservers connects to internet. Further a unique address made up of a series of four numbers between 0 and 256 separated by periods for eg provides static content in response to HTTP requests .

Examples of webservers are Apache, IIS, NGINX, light tpd, Sun Java System, Jigsaw server. Other webservers available in the market are costly like Netscape, IBMs WebSphere etc.

Apache HTTP webservers well known examples of webservers

FIRST OF ALL in February 1995 Robert McCool created and developed apache webserver, under the direction of Apache software foundation. A modular architecture in which extra modules are loaded to extend its features is apache webserver.eg. Apache with tomcat module to have JSP and J2EE related support. ABOVE ALL it is an open source software and installed on almost all operating systems including Linux, Unix, Windows, Free BSD, Mac OS X and more. So,60% of machines uses Apache webserver.

Apache tomcat webservers is example of webserver

Similarly, Apache tomcat is free and opensource software that can run on several operating system like Linux, Unix, Windows, Mac OS X, Free BSD. It can serve as standalone server.

IIS WEBSERER is example of webserver

This is the third most popular website in the world with market share of top million busiest site upto10.19% behind Apache 41.41% and NGINX at 28.34%. IIS means Internet information server a high performance webserver from Microsoft. Moreover, this webserver runs on windows NT/2000 and NT/2003 platforms and on upcoming windows version also. IIS and operating system integrate tightly . So, it is easy to administer.

Finally.it is suitable for windows but it can run on Linux and mac ox using Mono. But, don’t recommend. Because is likely to become unstable. It is versatile and stable with windows version 10 which is current. You can see welcome page as “Tervetuloa”after installing IIS.

NGINX webservers classic examples of websrvers.

First of all, Igor Sysoev in 2002 developed NGINX with its first public release in 2004, as an answer to the so called C10K problem ,that means How do you design a webserver which can handle10000 concurrent connections. Furthermore,NGINX is second on the list of open source webserver and used in 30% of the machines. Moreover, NGINX relies on asynchronous event driven architecture, to help power its goal of handling massive concurrent sessions. So, it has become very popular webserver among administrators because of its light resource utilization and ability to scale easily. NGINX released under BSD like license used as webserver, proxy server or load balance.

Lighttpd webserver are example of webservers

firstof all ,this released in March 2003.Further ,it currently powers .1% of all websites. Also,it uses event driven architecture and optimized for large number of parallel connection and supports fast CGI and SCGI AUTH, Output Compression, URL rewriting ad many other features. The Light tpd pronounced “Lightly” a free webserver distributed with free BSD operating license. Also,It is fast , secure and consumes less memory. Now,It can run on Linux, windows, Mac OS X. It is popular webserver for catalyst and Ruby on Rails web framework. It is perfect solution for server suffering from load problems.

SUN JAVA SYSTEMS WEBSERVERS are examples of websrvers

Sun Microsystems founded by Vinod Khosla Andy Bechtolsheim, Scott McNealy all Stanford students on February 24,1982.Sun java system a brand used by sun microsystem to market software. The sun Java system superseded the Sun one brand on September 2003.The webserver from Sun Microsystems is suitable for large and Medium websites. The server is free but it is not open source. It supports various language scripts and technologies required for web 2.0. eg Java servlets, JSP, PHP, Python, Perl, ASP, Cold fusion etc,

Jigsaw webservers

jigsaw 9W3C) server comes from world wide consortium. It is open source and started in May 1996.Jigsaw is suitable to all platforms like Linux, windows, macOS etc.Written in Java and can run CGI Scripts PHP programs.

Benefits of webseverss.

  1. In comparison to traditional desktop software webserver is cheaper.
  2. Webserver is the most efficient method to use, maintain and upgrade.
  3. There are several saleable options like one time payment, pay as you go which makes it very cost effective.
  4. Unlimited storage and real time sharing of stored data is possible eg cloud computing, google drive etc.
  5. Webserver helps in easy access to data like google docs , documents, excel sheet, power point presentation etc. anywhere from an internet connection.
  6. Backup and recovery on web server is much simpler than traditional methods.


Having given the types of webserver and benefits of each and their general benefits which server would you choose?

outbound links

https:// www.tutorialpoint.com/web_developers_guide/web_servertpes/htm


They have given comparison with reference to content, configuration, interpretation, modules, support, compatibility, ecosystem, documentation, and also using apache & nginx together.

So, a big thanks for reading all the way to the end. Similarly read all other posts also. This will encourage me to continue.

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which webserver would you prefer?

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5 months of blogging– tips you can get

Friends, today i am writing about my 5 months of blogging experience.

Friends I had actually told you that I will be giving information about how to choose application server today.

I happened to speak to my ex colleague the other day. The question she asked is a very sharp question. She asked me tell me what I did to start.

I am writing about steps to start a blog or website. They just want to do what I did .

Registration with blogger

What I did is very simple. first of all, I registered with blogger .I selected free domain name suggested by blogger. Designing a layout, choosing a theme, posting , and giving search description tags was the next step. I even put labels.

Registration with wordpress

I felt WordPress was better platform. WordPress had two sites wordpress.org and wordpress.com. I registered with WordPress.com for a premium account buying the domain ideas for sure.com. Now I had to set up the site. It is very easy. I used verity theme and with drag and drop I set up the site. Actually setting up WordPress .com site is not difficult. Here are free and paid themes . In one blog I have read about blogger using themeforest to select themes which is paid theme.selecting the right theme will help plugins to function effectively.

monetising the website

I even monetised the website with word ads . Better to integrate monetisation LIKE WORD ADS after receiving organic traffic. You receive payment if ads are clicked. This payment is for allowing ads to be placed on your site. Affiliate links and product images can be used for monetising the blog.

Readers contributions

In this competition getting a view is very difficult. After listening to neil patels pod cast, reading Christian Mihai’s Art of blogging, and Shout me loud from harsh agarwal I realised improving the quality of my content was crucial. write short sentences. Active voice. Conveying some useful message which will help others to learn and do better. My blog should satisfy someone’s need. It should be a solution to someone’s problem.

product reviews

I read some product reviews of Amazon products and realized how much it is essential for an affiliate to do the study of the product keeping in mind its use and benefit to the customer. Price advantage, replacement or refund guarantee should be emphasized. Not only that in this world it is very necessary for an affilliate like me to make people realise the advantages of online marketing. Converting regular purchasers to sub affiliates and guide them to earn and make good this opportunity.


 I thought of buying the Business plan . I got Yoast SEO and some plugins. This helps in many ways.

Read others post

After hearing neil patel’s podcast where he said Read others blog and offer your comments. Do not be negative . Avoid comments like Nice post etc. You tell what you liked in that post. This I did sincerely .Reading least 3-4 blogs a day and mentioned what I liked. Every blog gives an insight about their life some about their hobbies, some about their occupation some about their reading habits and some about their blogging experience. Not only that you get knowledge about style of writing, vocabulary, site architecture etc etc. Neil patel message is in 3-4 main points.


After buying SEO the remark I got was no SEO issues.

why visitors are low?

I read a post 5 steps to get 1000 visitors to your blog daily.

In this blog he speaks of speed of site. He says assess your site opening speed with Page speed Insight or pingdom tools.I did it. what did I find my site speed is 39 which means it is slow 49-89 is average. what do I do? I first changed some of my settings disabled some and enabled some. My speed increased to 76 now . I have to increase my page speed to 90. Lets see how I do it.

Social sites


























THIS POINT WAS MENTIONED BY NEIL PATEL IN HIS PODCAST. I hope this will help my friend and others who intend starting a blog.

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webserver web client and web browser.

Friends ,here this post is about comparison between web server web browser and web client. However let me refresh your memory about how we started. My goal is teaching you to develop a blog following the important steps . I started telling you all How to open a blog post and start blogging online. Here I emphasized the purpose or need for a blog. I have mentioned unless the purpose is defined there is no meaning in continuing. Once your purpose is known, research on this idea has to be done.

how keywords are selected

While doing research key words are tracked. The keywords are checked for competition in Keyword tool planner. Even Google trends gives region wise or country wise competition for these key words.The key word which has high competition is then used in the blog post both in head lines and as key phrase. Now in this post my key phrase is comparison between webserver, web client and web browser. I checked Google trends for this. I found this phrase has low competition . However web server has high competition than the other two terms.

How to choose domain names

Thereafter I proceeded to choosing domain name. It is very important that the domain name is about the niche you have decided. I also gave you details about what not to include while choosing domain names. I gave you names of some sites wherein you will get domain names.

what are the website types and purposes.

I gave you information about types of website depending on purpose. I also gave you difference between blogs and website.

How to build your website whether web builder or cpanel hosting

After this I wanted to give information about web hosting providers to host your website. Before that I tried giving you details about the two methods of hosting your website, that is web builder & c panel. I gave you the advantages & disadvantages of both the methodologies. I also gave you information about what to avoid while building your own website.

What is the comparison between web server and application server

After dealing with all the topics I gave you information about web server, application server and how they work together to improve functioning of website.

Now I have to clear many more terminologies like web server, web browser and web client and compare them.

what is a server

A server is a computer that provides information to other computers. These computers are called clients and they connect to the server either through Local Area Network or Wide Area Network. Thus a server manages Network resources. It stores the website in a location and retrieves required information and provides to other computer.

comparison between web server, web client and web browser

Webserver store HTTP & FTP contents of a website and provides information as per HTTP requests in the form of HTML pages, image files , video files etc. If URL is typed on a browser then the server locates this URL and the html web page is served by the web server. So the web browser becomes the client . The web server does the work of processing and providing the web page to the client that is the browser and makes it available to the end user.

what is a web browser

A web browser is a software which allows interaction between web server & user.

Which are the web browsers?

Mozilla fire fox, Microsoft edge, google chrome, safari and Opera. Smart phones use android ios which are also browsers

When the user types the URL or file required then the web browser becomes a client and puts up the request to webserver. The web server processes the request and provides the web page to the browser or client and thus the end user gets the required document. In case the document is not found then the webserver gives error message 404 not found.

A webserver handles upto 80000 connections at a time while web browser handles 500-1000 connections per I P.

over loading of web browser happens because of

slow network, excess web traffic, viruses, trojans and other worms, internet bots.


So we have compared web server web browser or otherwise can be called web client. The web browser features can be expanded by use of plugins. Now we will go to the next topic how to choose application server in the next post.

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How webserver and application server works

First of all, I am giving the need for website in my earlier post. Further, I am also mentioning the types of websites depending on purpose in great detail .

what is a server ?

A server is a computer program providing services to computer program and users either in the same computer or other computer.

How does server differ from desktop?

First of all, a desktop computer and a server differs in a variety of features and hardware.

Further more, a desktop computer system runs a user friendly operating system and desktop application to facilitate desktop oriented tasks. However,a Server manages all network resources. Also servers are dedicated to particular task. So,they are engineered in such a way that it manages, stores, sends ,processes voluminous data 24 hours a day. Thus, a server is more reliable.

What are the two types of server

Thus the two types of server are web server and application server

what is a web server ? what is a application server ?

Firstly, the website is stored in a server. Now, web server provides static content in response to HTTP requests. Also, application server provides dynamic content which is included in the website.

Are webserver and application server different?

Though, webserver and application server are different in their working but they both are essential for website to function effectively.

How webserver and application server works

How does web server work?

Firstly, a webserver responds to HTTP request from the user and sends back static HTML page, video files, image files or other type of files included in the website.

further if the webserver does not find the requested web page the web server will send the HTTP response Error404 not found.

It may also redirect or delegate the dynamic response generation to some other programs such as CGI Scripts, JSP( Java Server Page) Servelets, ASP(Active Server Page)Server Side Java Scripts or some other server side technology.

The webserver only provides an environment in which server side program can execute and pass back the generated responses.

It also employs various methods such as load balancing, caching and clustering for fault tolerance and scalability erroneously assigned as application server features.

For eg. ad server used specifically for publishing advertisements.

How does application server work?

An application server serves business logic to application programs through number of protocols.

Application server power the interactive parts of a website and those parts appearing differently depending on the context of the request.

Application server fulfils its basic role of hosting applications. It helps web developers build new application.

Developers use application server environment to develop new application. .

Some application server provide security of web applications. It also provides diagnostic capabilities to identify and troubleshoot problems..

The application server retrieves information from database. So correctly organised, categorized, tagged,and updated database helps application server draw information from proper location.

It is necessary to update security of application server to protect from security flaws. This is mainly responsible for cyber security breaches.

Example of application server are real time availability and pricing information in a store.


How application server and web server work shows that they work together. They are not each other’s substitute . They give users good browsing experience.

I have given you enough details about web server and application server. . These details I am giving you in depth to understand web hosting and choose proper hosting provider.

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First of all, can you share this post with your friends and help someone, sparing a minute or two from your busy schedule. Also,this feed back will help me continue to write the kind of articles which will help you in some way.

So,if you like it please let me know

If you have any questions please let me know through your comments below.

ideasforsure may get small commissions if you purchase anything from the recommended affiliate links in this article