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How webserver and application server works

First of all, I am giving the need for website in my earlier post. Further, I am also mentioning the types of websites depending on purpose in great detail .

what is a server ?

A server is a computer program providing services to computer program and users either in the same computer or other computer.

How does server differ from desktop?

First of all, a desktop computer and a server differs in a variety of features and hardware.

Further more, a desktop computer system runs a user friendly operating system and desktop application to facilitate desktop oriented tasks. However,a Server manages all network resources. Also servers are dedicated to particular task. So,they are engineered in such a way that it manages, stores, sends ,processes voluminous data 24 hours a day. Thus, a server is more reliable.

What are the two types of server

Thus the two types of server are web server and application server

what is a web server ? what is a application server ?

Firstly, the website is stored in a server. Now, web server provides static content in response to HTTP requests. Also, application server provides dynamic content which is included in the website.

Are webserver and application server different?

Though, webserver and application server are different in their working but they both are essential for website to function effectively.

How webserver and application server works

How does web server work?

Firstly, a webserver responds to HTTP request from the user and sends back static HTML page, video files, image files or other type of files included in the website.

further if the webserver does not find the requested web page the web server will send the HTTP response Error404 not found.

It may also redirect or delegate the dynamic response generation to some other programs such as CGI Scripts, JSP( Java Server Page) Servelets, ASP(Active Server Page)Server Side Java Scripts or some other server side technology.

The webserver only provides an environment in which server side program can execute and pass back the generated responses.

It also employs various methods such as load balancing, caching and clustering for fault tolerance and scalability erroneously assigned as application server features.

For eg. ad server used specifically for publishing advertisements.

How does application server work?

An application server serves business logic to application programs through number of protocols.

Application server power the interactive parts of a website and those parts appearing differently depending on the context of the request.

Application server fulfils its basic role of hosting applications. It helps web developers build new application.

Developers use application server environment to develop new application. .

Some application server provide security of web applications. It also provides diagnostic capabilities to identify and troubleshoot problems..

The application server retrieves information from database. So correctly organised, categorized, tagged,and updated database helps application server draw information from proper location.

It is necessary to update security of application server to protect from security flaws. This is mainly responsible for cyber security breaches.

Example of application server are real time availability and pricing information in a store.


How application server and web server work shows that they work together. They are not each other’s substitute . They give users good browsing experience.

I have given you enough details about web server and application server. . These details I am giving you in depth to understand web hosting and choose proper hosting provider.

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create website design -avoid mistakes

I have given the need for website in my earlier post. The types of websites depending on purpose is also mentioned in great detail .

In my subsequent post I have given details about web hosting comparisons -website builder or c panel

After reading the aforementioned posts, I am sure deciding about website depending on purpose and selecting web hosting service is possible.

design your own website

First of all to design your own website the purpose is considered.

Secondly select the web hosting services which is the address of your business website. Furthermore it stores your website &
makes it viewable to users .

How do you select a web hosting service to design your own website?

Selecting a webhosting service provider or company to design your own website is not easy. The following parameters will guide you.

1.Reputation : First of all a company well established and having reputable history is best and trustworthy.

2.Fees: Similarly,compare several web hosting service providers fees structure, products and services

3.Flexibility : Further, Check whether expansion , updation and growth is possible when your business grows.

4. Quickness & economical: Thus, the webhosting service should accommodate changes and additions quickly and economically.

5. Website space and software for creation: So the web hosting service should provide adequate storage space and templates or software for designing a website.

6. Email: Also web hosting service necessarily provides dedicated email service to your business.

7. Customer support : Most noteworthy,Ensure 24/7 customer & technical support is available.

8. Security ,reliability, speed,: Even more does the hosting provider give highest level of security, well documented reliability and fast data transfer.

9.Also check the claims of all products and services offered supporting with facts figures and references.

Creating your own website design

Nowadays, creating a website design is very simple. Even website
software and website templates are easily available. Almost,
Website software makes building a website for your business easy. As a result building a website is like sending an email. Evenmore website templates makes website creation quick, fast efficient and cheap.

custom website design costs more than making your own webpage So check if your business goals and web designer capabilities justify the cost.

avid suc  mistakes while designing website

Must read website types and purposes

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webhosting comparison webbuilder or cpanel

web hosting services?

First of all, Web hosting service is a type of service in which individuals and organizations make their website across world wide web. (source:Wikipedia)

Furthermore, Web hosting service provides all technologies and services for launching of website on the internet. So, Without hosting provider website is not viewed or browsed on the internet. Even hosting provider deliver the site to viewers. So, they store data on your website in a special computer called server.


Most noteworthy, a server is a computer program that provides services to other computer program and their users in the same or other computer.

webserver from webhosting services?

Moreover, a webserver is a program that uses HTTP to serve files to form web pages for users when they forward their requests from their computer.( Source : google)

Thus a server is either Linux or windows based . Even Google uses the Google web service which is Linux based webserver that Google uses for online services. Thus, heading webservers Apache not Apache backed on any other open source software, Microsoft internet information service, nginx from NGNIX.

webhosting services offering Disc space ?

However, hosting service offers a certain amount of disc space for usage, storage, retrieving of records when necessary.

Records with webhosting services?

So, Records include data base, emails, web files, images, videos etc.


Now, Bandwidth the amount of data transferred at one time.

data transfer?

Thus,Data transfer the actual amount of data transferred. So,If the bandwidth is less then it is slow to load. So lot of data is not available to viewers.

Monthly website data transfer= visitors x average page size x page views x 30 days

what does webhosting services do?

Therefore, Web hosting services provide technology and disc space to store your data on website and connects your website with browser.

website builder ?

Thus, Websites builder are tools that typically allow the construction of web sites without manual code editing. It fall into two categories

  1. Online prospecting tools which web hosting companies provide.
  2. Offline website builder come as software programs that you download and install on your computer for creating pages and then publish on any host.(Source : Wikipedia)

What is cpanel web hosting ?

Firstly,C panel is an online Linux based web hosting control panel providing a graphical interface and automation tools designed to simplify the process of hosting a website to the website owner or the end user. (Wikipedia)


First of all, website builder gives templates from your hosting services which you drag and drop to construct your site. In C panel installation which means you get a control panel or web based interface where you can manage all services in single place. This program gives users a graphical interface from which they can control their portion of unix server.

distinction based on uses

Furthermore, web builder allows hosting only one website whereas in c panel hosting you can host as many websites from the same hosting provider. Moreover, this web builder are not used for e commerce, whereas in cPanel hosting it is for e commerce.

difference based on advantages and disadvantages

Lastly web builder hosting is easy to use and simple to understand. Even a non technical person can build a website easily if he knows basic computer operations. Even though c panel hosting is easy to understand, learn, use, tried and time tested, saving lot of time and money, auto installed software yet the disadvantages like lot of features, easy to change settings by end user, costly sometimes if it is not attached to free hosting service, outdated software etc makes it cumbersome.

distinction based on access

For C panel access using “https” on port 2083 or simply by adding”/cpanel” to end of host name.

In web builder you have no such feature just a login.

cPanel is one of the most popular Linux-based web hosting control panels, displaying key metrics about your server’s performance and allowing you to access a range of modules including Files, Preferences, Databases, Web Applications, Domains, Metrics, Security, Software, Advanced and Email modules.

How does web builder differ from web hosting services?

First of all with web builder you develop a website. The types and purposes of website are given here.

Web hosting is a service which allows individuals and organisations to launch their website across world wide web.

web hosting services provides web builder as it involves only drag and drop and can be done by any non technical person with basic computer skills.

Furthermore,Without web hosting service website will not exist. So,Web hosting provides technology and disc space to store your data on the website and connects your website with browser.


Finally,Selecting of web builder or c panel depends on the website owner, the type and purpose for which the website is constructed.

The types of servers , different hosting service providers, and the mistakes to be avoided while creating a website design will be discussed in detail.

I would like to say “Thank you” for reading this article.

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website names and purposes

First of all I am writing this post website name and purpose. Moreover, this is the third step to start a blog. Rather, I am dealing webhosting in several parts for the purpose of giving complete details.

I gave information and ideas about how to buy domain name.I gave ideas about domain name registration. I mentioned that to purchase website domain separately is better because getting cheap domain registration along with best website hosting is possible. For eg. You can buy domain from go daddy and host website with web hosting services like blue host, hostinger etc.

Furthermore, Best Website hosting service sets up website for online businesses . Website hosting means your website is viewable to all visitors and public on the world wide web. Also see my two blog post about the same subject that is domain & web hosting also what is hosting?How to design your own website defining the website type and purpose.

What does a website generally contain irrespective of its name and purpose?

Finally a website irrespective of its name and purpose
generally contains database, files, images, videos, infographics, podcast etc. relating to the niche or business you are operating..

why do we need a website?

First of all we need a website because it works even when you sleep. Furthermore, Businesses, professionals, Artists or any person use website to generate business, promote goodwill between prospects and buyers, marketing techniques like content Marketing system, video marketing, you tube, videos, email marketing etc. Irrespective of the size of the organisation be it small big or medium promoting businesses online is the need of the hour.

More websites coming up and growth of many hosting companies, search engines, woo commerce etc is seen.

Let us categorise the names and the purpose it serves :


Firstly, Blog is content management system. Giving information and sharing on the world wide web is the need of a blog. People use bogs/ articles for posting about topics from cooking to scientific studies. Blog is also a platform for marketing.

small business

Whether you have a brick & Mortar business, a shop or a small contractor or community helpers, civic person doing odd jobs a site or web page is a must for people to know you. Gone are the days where people use to painfully turn the directory pages or yellow pages to discover a service request. At the click of mouse or touch of hand you get the details and the person is also informed about such a query.A webpage can be set up quickly and economically.

search engine

Websites are required as search engine. Google, Bing, Yahoo. All major search engines are websites.

Web hosting & domain registration sites

Every web hosting & domain registration companies have a website to communicate their services and ensure transparency in dealings.

Payment gateway

Payment gateways like citrus which connects buyer merchant and bank are also a website.

Ad companies

To promote your services you either use ads or social sites .

E commerce websites

For selling on retail anything online you make use of e commerce websites. Some do not sell but only provide information.

social sites

Social sites are very important these days because from invitation to circulars, decision making forums for discussion, world wide meet, summit etc are all telecast on this social sites. Transparency and persuasiveness is the order of this day scenario. we are dealing with a website which is just a infrastructure but the input develops emotions and creates volume.

In this connection your attention is invited to article Why your business needs a website

The purpose of website is as per your idea/ research. Domain name selection will emphasize the services provided by this website on the world wide web.

I have given several needs of business website. This is just to give you an idea of how you can use this world wide web. Have you decided on your niche and domain name?Next part will be what is web hosting comparison-web builder or c panel

thanks for reading

Best of luck.

I would like to say “Thank you” for reading this article.

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blue host affiliate website types and purposes

CHITIKA ADVERTISING website types and purposes

Registering a domain name

First of all, now i am taking you to the second step of blogging.

So,these are basic steps.

However,selecting a domain name depends on the subject of your blog/website.

Thus for registering a domain name, selecting the subject is very crucial.

what do you mean by domain?

So,this means the address of your blogging site on the internet.

It is the URL/ name of the website .

You can learn about this topic from earlier post Domain and web hosting.


.com,.org., .net, .info,.uk etc are TLD or Top Level Domain.

Subdomain comes after the .com extension like in Microsoft play store or Apple store eg.

SLD means second level domains Eg. etc

Which are the five top level domains?

IANA distinguishes in the following manner 1.infrastructure TLD (ARPA)2.Generi TLD (gTLD)3. Restricted Generic TLD (grTLD) 4. Sponsor TLD (sTLD) 5. Country code TLD(ccTLD) 6. Test TLD (tTLD) (Source :Google)

Can two domains have the same domain names with same TLD?


But there was a case in Go daddys faq where a person had .com extension in her domain name.

However, She happened to know another person with same domain name .com .au .

So Godaddys solution was it is possible to have same domain names with extension and a country code appended in one of them .

Hence,in case both the domain is from the same country then it is better for one of the party to purchase both .

Finally,this is a unique case which I read yesterday. So I just recalled and brought it to your knowledge.

From whom do we buy domain names ?

Generally many web hosting firms give free domain registration as part of their web hosting solutions.

HOWEVER, many firms charge separately.

Thus Go daddy charges for domain registration and separately for web hosting.

How to opt for a domain name ?

First of all , it should be short and easy to remember.

Secondly,short domain names are preferred more for Search Engine Optimization.

However getting such names with .com extension is very difficult and costly.

MOST NOTEWORTHY,cheap domain name is much better than costly ones because ultimately the success of a website depends on traffic.

So,it is always better not to opt for already trademarked names like amazon or Samsung or hyphens in domain

is understanding of domain name essential?

1. purchaser 2.launcher of blog or website 3. domain name registration and web hosting services need this knowledge.

Where is it registered ?

Most noteworthy, Domain name is registered in the big data maintained by ICANN.

Further,the IP address allotted for this domain is entered in to a directory called Domain Name Server.

So,when you type the name of your blog site like then both IP address and domain name is retrieved.

How do you select a domain name ?

Finally,selecting it on the basis of keyword is best because it will summarize the subject/business of the blog or website.

Now, For eg. If the broker or agent of real estate open a website it is preferable that he keeps, etc .

So,you can go for cheap or free domain name hosting with web solutions if the hosting company offers.

What to do if the subject of blog or website is not clear?

Since the blog is comprising of varied subjects then your ,your is preferable.

if not i was reading a blog how to start a blog: instructions step by step  

I came to know about a site which coins domain names from alphabets i.e wordoid.

Name some domain generators ?

There is lot of competition for single word domain and hence many generators can guide in this regard.

I am to illustrate a few of the best domain name generators here for your convenience.

DOMAIN WHEEL : Place your keyword and fetch your domain name in seconds.

Nameboy: It is the oldest and popular domain name generator. Place one or two keywords and you get your domain name in seconds.

Lean domain search : Just enter a term relating to your blog or website and fetch available domain names in seconds.

  • Instant domain search : This prefixes and suffixes your key word and reaches out domain which is available and relates to your keyword. They charge $0.99 + Icann fees for domain name.

Must read best blogging platform

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what is a blog definition?

I have given introductory information on this subject,
in my post what is blogging ? why is this platform so popular? click here But I felt just this information is not enough so I decided to take you all along further. I will be giving you sufficient information and also referral links to make you strong on the subject. The underlined text means there is a link referring to some article/post/you tube video.

  1. According to codex.wordpress blog is an abbreviated form of weblog

A term used to describe websites that maintain a chronicle of information.

A blog shows diary type commentary and links to articles on other websites usually presented as a list of entries in reverse chronological order.

How to start a blog website?

To start a blog website a individual /company should focus on 1. purpose of the blog. 2. subject of the blog.

Purpose of the blog means whether the blog is for making money by promoting something say some brands etc or for giving information about some topics of your interest.

Generally blogs are written on one particular niche/ topic you are passionate about. But you can also build blogs on varied subject from personal to political say like me wherein my blog encompasses wide range of topics.

I will give you a quote which I read in one of the blogs by microwiber team regarding selection of wide range of topics ‘Like in movies, bad guys fire in all directions,protoganist aims carefully and shoots only once but does it right.’

Hence selection of one niche and posting topics is the ideal way to create best blog websites. Read about different types of niche what is what is writing blogpost?. click here

What are the blogging tools/basic steps required to start a new blog website?

Blog is an Art or performance based activity which requires certain tools/ steps for blogging.

Like dance or music or any form of art there are sure shot steps. The grace and beauty of the dance lies in how strong your steps are. Similarly in music how strong your raagas are determine your deliverance of song.

So also is your steps towards blogging. I have read several blogs like cristian Mihai’s Art of blogging. Blogging cage , then Neil patels’s blog, and many other blogs and heard audios, videos, podcast from youtubers.

They all convey the same message in different forms . I can write the eight steps in one go but I want my readers to understand it thoroughly.

Each step is so important that taking the next step without determining the first is dangerous.

The first crucial step is idea and research

Without having a goal going ahead is meaningless. Without having a destination journey becomes cumbersome. In the same way blogging without a subject is not worthwhile.

You have to start with a topic on your subject. If the topic is parenting then whether parenting of toddlers,kids,children ,adolescents or adults have to be determined.Similarly if the topic pertains to students then the range of topics on this subject will vary. If you want to write a blog on real estate or lifestyle then the topics will differ. Cut the subject into several topics and subtopics like cutting a tree into branches and twigs. Thus every twig of the tree is important. So also every subtopic is important.

Thus deciding on a subject/topic is very important. That alone is not enough. Every blog of yours should be unique and it should give all the content regarding a topic in such a way that it appeals to the readers. For this purpose you have to research many bloging sites on this subject. You should read articles, blogs regarding this subject written by different authors on the same subject. You have to hear to podcasts, you tube videos and get every term clarified so that we dont leave any stone unturned.

Again microweber team quote comes to my mind Post regularly enough but don’t strain yourself too much. Match your own pace.

what are the details you have to keep in mind while reading or researching the topic?

Keywords : While reading the article /blog look out for keywords. Now you will ask me what are the keywords ? If you all remember when you want to search about something say How to let out your flat on rent ? Then we type on google blog search and we get several answers to our question This Let out flat on rent is Keyword. This is called long tail keyword.

Supposing you are looking for what is blogging? then the query will be what is blogging? or definition of blogging etc.So when you place this query you get several answers.

Now you must have understood what is keyword. Sometimes we use brand names as keywords for purchasing anything. Say Samsung refrigerator. Thus while reading the article or blog mark for keywords.

conclusion about how to start a blog website”

Analyse the articles or blogs to get ideas and arrange it in such a way that will appeal to the readers. You are not rewriting the blog in your way but using the ideas and structure , keywords,quotes, stimulating lines to create new blog. Your ideas will be garnished to get a finished product. You can use keyword analyser tool to check which keyword receives high traffic and insert the same in your new blog.

Details of Author, topics,their links may be noted or bookmark such sites so that you can mention it under reference or give their links while writing your topic.

I think i have given enough details about how to get an idea and how to research .

what can you decide on a subject you want to blog? If you want more ides about niche go to my blog post

I would like to say “Thank you” for reading this article.

So, a big thanks for reading all the way to the end.

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Do you think you can blog

My emotion

This is a question which I answer everyday to myself. IS BLOGGING MY CUP OF TEA?

Christian Mihai’s post Feel like giving it up read this confirmed this mind block is common to all.

Christian Mihai in his blog the art of blogging nicely portrayed the emotions we go through as a blogger.

The questions that come to our mind and answers we search from readers is very nicely illustrated.

Blogging is a bundle of thoughts, facts and emotions put together scientifically in the post given birth.

A post is like a child born .The stress and strain the new mother undergoes with her child, same is the stress and strain of a new blogger .

The stress which all bloggers feel, I too felt right from the beginning.

Is it not my cup of tea? Am I not born for it? Am I expecting too much from myself? What am I? Damn

which niche should I select

Having spent 19 years in school, college and 36 years on a job where I actually dealt with Accounts and Administration, that too Government Accounts which will not interest anyone. At home I am dealing with household chores like cleaning, dusting, washing ,cooking and parenting of two boys.

Parenting is a challenge these days.

Even today I get frustrated with my elderly boys and hold myself responsible for their mistakes.

House hold chores is everyday activity.

Writing a post on this is very difficult because every part of house hold chore is very exhaustive.

Health & Fitness is not for me.

Neither am I a fitness freak nor any health aware individual.

I just concentrate on eating only homemade food with lots of vegetables curries and curd.

Even snacks, breakfast are all home made.

Now after I had a health problem I had to give up this culture also. So Health & Fitness sorry.

To write on travel I have to travel.

Due to my recent Lymphoma attack travel is not possible right now and the other alternative is to steal ideas and make it my brand.

This will not make much sense because first hand information makes all the difference.

I can write about lifestyle, cars etc but again the same hindrance.

Real estate means NO, then what do I write.

Trending topic is best.

Go to google trends, MSN news and write about the topics .

You can add some information.

It is good idea but it cannot work for long because having good knowledge & involvement of economics, politics etc is must.

Insurance, Mutual funds  Investment ideas etc I have some knowledge but not full.

I am not any voracious reader to write any book reviews.

I have read lot of personal development books.

Magic of thinking big, Rich dad poor dad, Alchemist, Attitude is everything, The power of subconscious mind, The power of now etc.

These books ignite your minds and allows you to evaluate your personality and make changes in thought, behavior and action.

what to write in my blog

I know about many things but not everything about one particular topic.

Then what can I think about blogging.

Blogs generally are written around one niche.

I started writing.

Having decided to write on varied topics which I felt confident,
my blog title was named Information

I selected the domain

Also, I opted to do affiliate marketing with Amazon.

I am not trying to explain my working.

I am guiding my readers to exercise their choice aptly .

Their domain and blog title communicates their interest, passion and also summarises the ideas for which it is constructed.

Learn, do, teach is the mantra I followed in my job and home.

This same thing I will carry out with my posts.

Thus I wrote my first blog What is blogging? why is this platform so popular?

This is what every blogger feels sometimes excitement and sometimes frustration.

How to get over this mood extremes?



By evening I get the answer.

Some topics comes to my mind.

About incidents I remember.

If totally blank I read a lot from MSN ,Blogs, books etc.

some topic builds up and I am writing the post confident.

Having read several blogs from shoutmeloud.

Heard audiotapes of Neilpatel.

read Christian Mihai’s art of blogging and so many book reviews.

These give us a lead about what you think, what you should explore, what you should write.

But the doubt always exist.

bloggers doubts

Will everyone read my blog

My blogs are in simple English .

It is grammatically correct with no spelling mistakes.

However, I am not a voracious reader so my vocabulary is not so high.

I also don’t use any sophisticated words to convey my message.

Inspite of my weaknesses I am writing many blogs and expecting everyone to read.

Is my blog useful to everyone

My blogs should be useful to everyone in some way like they are implementing in their work, day to day life or blogs.

It should be a inspiration and instigate everyone to open their hearts and ask if she can do it why not me?

Will the readers understand me

Understanding is the core of any blog.

When the readers read my blog they should understand what I am trying to communicate.

Do I give new ideas

This question is very significant because we are not going to rediscover the wheel.

Just like some blogger mentioned carpet is already laid, framework is already made.

Only rearranging of items to make a difference is required.

Inspite of this conviction, communicating a new idea in your blog which will ignite several minds is very necessary.

will I make them emotionally involved.

Man is a social animal.

He likes to share everything with the society he lives.

Also involve his mind and heart in everything he does.

He does anything good when his feelings are aroused while he rejects everything when his feelings are otherwise.

Will this emotional involvement lead to trust so that the readers repeatedly read my blogs.

Do I steer everyone’s thought

Yes a post should give enough content to cover the topic completely.

Whether the post is easy to read and scroll is most essential.

However a blog should not answer all questions but steer readers thought to get answers.

Only when the readers have questions will they comment on the blog asking for answers.

A blog is complete if it involves the readers physically, mentally, and emotionally and gives the feeling of having read something extraordinary even if it is just ordinary.

Thus blog is a bundle of emotions and facts scientifically laid down to communicate to the reader the authors views and steer his thinking faculty.


must read what is writing blog post

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I got several questions from my friends and relations what is affiliate marketing-internet program or internet affiliate programs.

They know about selling but not about affiliate marketing .

For the convenience of all I am writing this post.

what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing or internet affiliate programs is nothing but connecting buyer to seller online. Affiliate marketing is done by affiliate marketing companies or individuals.

An affiliate is just an intermediary. Affiliate marketing is a business opportunity or internet business or make money now opportunity. Everything is available like products, storage, shipping ,replacement, refund, payment gateways etc. Only promotion of products either with website or without website is your work. so it is make money now opportunity.

How does it differ from network marketing?

For the clarification of my readers i am to say that it is different from Network marketing .

In network marketing you get benefits of purchases made by your down lines.

Here you shift your marketing and expect downlines to do so.

In affiliate marketing or internet affiliate programs you get commission for items purchased from affiliate’s links .

You can join internet affiliate programs through affiliate link.

Open a blog and market product to others.

Don’t purchase for self from your own links.

You can purchase through affiliate link or directly logging in not as associate .

Even you can earn some commission from 2nd level sub affiliates.

Generally in affiliate marketing or internet affiliate programs the marketplace keeps cookies for some period say 24 hours to 60 days on buyers Computer.

So the buyer can purchase any time clicking on those cookies.

In case of Amazon the cookie is kept for just 24 hours means the buyer purchase within 24 hours.

Alternately he can bookmark the website and purchase the items later.

what does an affiliate do ?

An affiliate builds relationship and shares his experiences of the organisation.

He builds trust in the minds of the people sharing his beliefs.

No doubt does it for gaining a small price called commission.

The value he adds to the products or market place is much more.

Any marketplaces by their honesty, policies of refund, replacement ,pricing trustworthiness etc have made their places in customers heart and mind.


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What is affiliate marketing ? Is it content about products?



Market places also prefer affiliate marketing to advertising.

Affiliate researches the product with reference to manufacturer, product pricing, replacement policies, usage details etc.

Customer reviews and personal experience also adds additional flavor.

In affiliate marketing-internet program or internet affiliate programs the publisher writes some valuable content either regarding his niche.

Some trending topic, some story from his life or some information about products can be posted.

These content when shared on emails, social networks, messages, whatsup etc will build confidence about the affilliate in the minds of people.

The affiliate gives his 100% from content research to final sharing of his post and awaits positive response.


Ultimately sending the buyer to your linked page on the market place through affiliate’s site and he buying a product is the goal.

What is the impact of affiliate marketing on buyer?

Useful content making changes in some area of his life is the bonus for purchase made.

The buyer feels happy about the purchase because it is informed decision.

The purchase is made after several comparisons offered by the seller and the affiliate.

The buyer is not a prey to any wily sales talk made by the counter salesman in his own interest .

An affiliate gives the customer, content about any topic of interest , passion, events, life etc to engage the readers.

They know their choices or share their ideas.

He gives links to affiliate marketing products of his choice either by use or by knowledge.

He also expects comments about his post to establish relationship built on trust and belief.

The links provided is to monetize his blog post.

A buyer clicks on the product images, banners or text links in the content or on the end of the text.

He lands on marketplace page .

He has to fill up his cart and then signup if he is new.

If he already has an account then he may login and purchase either recommended products or products of his choice.

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Bill gates the former CEO of Microsoft said content is king. Now in a blog we write several posts on a niche we are passionate about. This is a tool for marketing also. The niche and benefits of blogpost is discuxxed in this post.

Blogpost websites is considered a joke and writing a blog post is thought of writing their minds on paper. But that is not the case . The pain of writing after thinking how this will help someone to come out of his sufferings like debt, office drudgery, health problems, useful tips for many important matters is what a blogpost blogger thinks. Let me give you details of blogpost writing, blogpost topics, blogpost titles etc here . However how I was attracted to writing this blog post can be had from about us .

Before starting on this topic I would like to edify Christian Mihai’s post Art of Blogging and his masterly way of writing giving importance to one point. Next listening to Neil patels podcast helped me. Not only that I also read posts of The Huntington Post and Shout me Reading these posts enabled me to write. many other bloggers their writings their likes inspired me.

First of all, in early days blogpost ideas or weblog contained
journal of daily activities .

2. Above all, Wikipedia defines a blogpost writing as discussion or informational blogpost website published on world wide web.

how is blogpost helpful

3.Nowadays certainly, blogpost writing is about passionate subject or about interests, hobbies  etc. You write in a subject around a niche.

4. Above all tool for Marketing is blogpost .Also, people call it content marketing strategy .However, Bill gates founder of Microsoft introduced this strategy.He said content is King.

5.Another, Blogpost topics also contains text, images, videos, slideshow etc. Finally, the relevance and  significance of blogpost cannot be under estimated.

6.Finally, we call it blogging basics. Forbes says Content is for more than just marketers.

7. As a result, Content marketing informs, educates, entertains and offers utility.

Which are the best niches for writing ?

Certainly there are several niches but the most attractive niches are

  1. Parenting : First of all. this niche gives ample scope for the blogger to write. Furthermore, the blogspot blogger can write about parenting of toddler, children, adolescent or adults. Above all, health, development, growth, education, socialising , products used are several topics in this niche.
  2. Lifestyle: Similarly, Lifestyle include wide range of topics starting with attire, ambience, social circles, fitness etc. Rather, many more topics can be covered in this niche.
  3. Health : A very crucial niche which covers all health issue both physical and dealing with mind.
  4. Career options : In this niche several career prospects their advantages, disadvantages can be discussed,
  5. Pets: Breeding, their hygiene, nutrition, precautions, teaching good habits etc and many more topics.
  6. Investing options : Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposits, Insurance, Equities investment etc the role of Financial Manager etc can be discussed
  7. Personal Development : It is a huge Ocean. Starting with fixing goals in every area of your life where you want to develop and steps to achieve that goal. Believing in oneself, Taking responsibility for failing and working toward success.
  8. making money on the internet : Surveys, Data entry jobs, Free lancing jobs, Medical transcription jobs, Blogs,,, AdSense, Affiliate marketing are some, Woo commerce , selling online and much more is available.
  9. what other subject can you write blogpost
  10. Certainly, there are many more subjects like courses2. teaching studies  3. techniques to write blogpost 4. earn money 5. writing eBooks etc.

10. As a result, you  can speak your hearts out on a blogpost and nowadays it is developing into a Home based business.

What is the difference between website and blogpost website

First of all every establishments/businesses use website/blogs for their web presence. However blog is different from website. Furthermore,Adding new content several times a week is blogs speciality. Hence updating Blog is frequent.

2.Furthermore, blogpost guidelines allow suggestion, comments, likes, subscribe and even sales. Readers can connect and have discussion in social medias.


1.Likewise, blogpost writing is Great SEO Tool. SEO means search engine optimisation. Search Engines like Google , Yahoo, Bing etc like to show fresh content .

2. Furthermore,new content is provided to search engines from BLOGS.

3.Similarly, emails on blogpost website update
customer & Clients .


5.Rather, Tips are provided on blogpost topics.


KNOWLEDGE SHARED through topics and RESPONSE TO COMMENTS ARE common feature in blogpost writing.

7.Finally, Blogs generate income like advertising income, affilliate income etc. Advertising income means paid when someone clicks on ad placed on your blogpost topics. Affiliate income means paid for selling others products.

8.As a result, Blogs are flexible.

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