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how to create blog in blogger–expectation v/s reality.-information-ideasforsure

How to create blog in BLOGGER -expectation v/s reality is the subject on which I am writing . Bill gates the former CEO of Microsoft said content is king. Now in a blog we write several posts on a niche we are passionate about. This is a tool for marketing also.

I have already written blogpost benefits 10 profitable niches to write . Similarly I have written about the best blogging platforms, and start own blog-how to write effective blog in 2020?so lets see how to create a blog in blogger.

All newbies want to create a blog free. They want the satisfaction of sharing their knowledge with others. They create their blog with blogger or WordPress. Blogger platform offered by google. Generally all bloggers start out here. The only requirement is a Gmail account. If you have one you get this page. In case you do not have a Gmail account ideal option is to open new.

the entry to for those who have gmail account
have gmail account enter royally

how to access blogger?

The nine dots near my photo on the right hand side is for apps. when you click there you will receive a pull down menu with icons for different apps offered by google. when you click on More you get the app. click on it and you will reach this page.

Dashboard of blogger

when you click on view blog on the top then all blogs opened by you will open. Last there will be new blog .If you are new blogger then you can see new blog button on top . click on that and you get this page.

this is the place where you give your blog domain name.
domain name is the address of your site on your computer.

Now you see Title. Title means the name of your blog. supposing you are writing about food then title is recipe or south Indian recipes etc. So title means anything related to the topic you want to write. YOUR TITLE WILL CONVEY WHAT YOU WANT TO WRITE. It is better to write the title using keyword tool planner . You write personal blogs name it life’s experiences . If about travel then name it travel etc. The address is the domain name based on the title. The availability of domain will show here. You select the domain name available , click on themes seen there. first click create and the blog is created. If you purchase a custom domain then will not appear on the address . If you want more themes , you can download from google also.

list of features given on the dashboard.

Let me walk you through the list of features given on dashboard.

1. View blog : when you click on this you get the list of blogs you have opened.

2. Posts : when you click here list of post both draft and published appear post : to add new post click here

4. Stats : the number of views , visitors on google search appear. when you add this to google analytics then the blogs functioning can be got in detail.

5. Comments afforded by users will appear below the blog

6.Earnings : monetise your blog . AdSense appears as gadget . After approval for AdSense copy the code here on blog and google serves ad on your posts. when someone clicks on your ad you receive payment.

7. Pages : about us, privacy policy, terms and conditions, disclaimers etc

8.Layout : When you click on this also the gadgets list opens. You can arrange the items you want on your site like favicon, navbar, etc

9. Themes : Google has offered some free themes. In case you require more themes then you can download from google. Theme is nothing but the design of your site. PREFER A LIGHT THEME.


other settings like posts pages comments, stats etc
search preferences like google search console, google analytics
email preferences
language and formatting setting of timezone etc ie when you want this blog to go viral
user setting like user profile language etc
basic settings about posts , comments

Now I have given you the list of setting to create the blog. After all this you will fill the content by clicking on new post. Once your content is filled you will have to put labels. Labels are nothing but tags used in the post. Permalink, location should also be manually done. Thus after doing all this you can publish the post.

After doing all this you may expect that you have developed a free blog and you can even earn from this. But the setback with google blogger is that there are very few themes and no plugins.

You may ask me what is plugin. Plugin is nothing but software’s to correct or edit or increase speed etc. This is used by WordPress. In blogger you cannot use this feature, If you have your own custom domain only then you can add value to your posts. So generally bloggers try for few days and then shift to some other hosting platform. For images also Picasa images are only accepted on this platform. Picasa images are copyright free.

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