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THESE ARE AMAZON ADS ON MY WEBSITE AMAZON.COM AFFILLIATE LINK BELOW  This is amazon associate page. I am amazon affiliate.I have placed amazon ads on my website. I am … Continue reading amazon associate page


what is luck? proper understanding of good luck & bad luck

Luck is success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through ones own action. It may be good or bad and this luck applies to a person or group of people. Another definition of luck is purposeless,

Apeman underwater waterproof action camera under 100pounds–enjoy summer water sports buy now

This means the camera should have good sensor, good and clean water proof lens, good battery life hard case to protect the camera under water.

Magic crate-product review-aged 2-14 children buy now see the magic

Magic crate toys for children aged 2-14 a review First of all, Magic crate is a company manufacturing delightful products children loves and parents value. Further, a team of five … Continue reading Magic crate-product review-aged 2-14 children buy now see the magic

Preethi MIXER GRINDER– a review–womans best choice

First of all today the product I am reviewing is Mixer grinder. Now several mixer grinders are available in the market with/without fruit juicer attachment. Thus some help for kneading dough, chopping vegetables also

Check who are eligible to receive family pension and formula for calculation

Friends first of all, today I am giving you details of family pension to central government employees.

5 months of blogging– tips you can get

Friends, today i am writing about my 5 months of blogging experience. Friends I had actually told you that I will be giving information about how to choose application server … Continue reading 5 months of blogging– tips you can get

comparison between webserver, web client and web browser.

Webserver store HTTP & FTP contents of a website and provides information as per HTTP requests in the form of HTML pages, image files , video files etc. If URL is typed on a browser then the server locates this URL and the html web page is served by the web server.

webserver and application server a comparison

what is a server ?

A server is a computer program providing services to computer program and users either in the same computer or other computer.

bounty PROGRAMS-review

AMAZON.COM &AMAZON.CO.UK HAS COME UP WITH SEVERAL BOUNTY PROGRAMS. These programs enable you to use several services at small price which can be paid either monthly or annually. Most noteworthy … Continue reading bounty PROGRAMS-review

create website design -avoid mistakes

First of all to design your own website the purpose is considered.

Secondly select the web hosting services which is the address of your business website. Furthermore it stores your website &
makes it viewable to users .

webhosting comparison webbuilder or cpanel

web hosting services? First of all, Web hosting service is a type of service in which individuals and organizations make their website across world wide web. (source:Wikipedia) Furthermore, Web hosting … Continue reading webhosting comparison webbuilder or cpanel