website names and purposes

why do we need a website is to know how you can use your website and generate income,prospects, sales,or give knowledge about your area of study or give idea about your job to generate service request.


Registering a domain name

´╗┐what do you mean by domain?
Domain means the address of your blogging site on the internet. Domain name is the URL/ name of the website on the internet. You can learn domain name from my earlier post Domain and web hosting.


In my post what is blogging ? why is this platform so popular?

I have given introductory information on this subject. But I felt just this information is not enough so I decided to take you all along further. I will be giving you sufficient information and also referral links to make you strong on the subject. The underlined text means there is a link referring to some article/post/you tube video.

5 love languages for valentines day celebration

Having read the article on MSN regarding Kiss Day-The seventh day of valentine week where on 13th Feb is a Kiss Day, where you show your partner how attracted you are to them not physically but emotionally too.

Do you think you can blog

This is a question which I am answering everyday to myself. I was convinced when I read Christian Mihai’s post Feel like giving it up read this


I got several questions from my friends and relations regarding affiliate marketing. They know about selling but not about affiliate marketing . For the convenience of all I am writing this post.

Amazon pay acko Insurance link First of all, the above link takes you to the page Amazon Pay. Further, What you have to do is sign online for Amazon account. NOW, place … Continue reading Amazon pay acko Insurance

Buy single & double bedsheets online

Bedsheets of different sizes like single bedsheet, double bedsheet, kingsize bedsheet, of different colours are available.