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  1. Introduction to choosing right keywords
  2. what is keyword?
  3. Importance of choosing right keywords
  4. how to choose right keywords for your topic?
  5. when keyword research is required for choosing right keywords?
  6. what are long tail keywords and choosing right keyword?
  7. How to place your keywords to attract readers?
  8. conclusion
  9. thanks

Introduction to choosing right keywords

In this post choosing right keyword let me walk you through choosing right keyword keeping SEO in mind.

Now you all tell me what do you do when you want something online ?

Yes you go to google and type your requirement.

Right. This requirement of yours is search query because google is search engine. The search engine matches your query with keywords on the site to display your requirement.

Then if you are not satisfied with the result displayed you refine your search by adding more specifications till you get approx. right match .

These words which you wrote on query forms part of the content for blogger called keywords.

Now you understood how choosing right keywords for SEO is very very important.

Even though the article may rank for several keyword phrases but the target key phrase actually indicates what the topic is about.

The focus keyword phrase should be a two to four lettered phrase keeping the sites topic in focus.

No matter what great topic you write but if the link that is focus keywords lacks insight then the topic becomes vague and it is not displayed to the user.

But now our search engines have become more user friendly and displays result matching and understanding the terms used by blogger and user . so it arrives at a link in 90% of cases. However choosing right keyword is of great significance.

How is choosing the right keywords of great significance in blogging?

You know right search terms directs user to find his requirement on internet.

If you target right keyword it will trickle down to the rest of the article. It will reflect in your first half of your headlines and meta description which is a search engine requirement.

Search engine algorithm trace the correct site comparing keyword on content with search query.

After matching both search engine display the site.


So now let us see what is key word.

what is keyword?

Dictionary defines keyword as a word or concept of great significance.

This acts like a key to a cypher or code.

Keyword or key phrase are terms added to a content.

This helps to improve search engine rankings for those terms.

The keyword gives ideas and information about the content.

Content means text, images, videos, podcast, infographics etc.

When we distil all the content what remains is primary keyword.

Importance of choosing the right keywords

Keywords are lynchpin between search and content provided.

This shows how it is vital choosing the right keywords.

After choosing keywords or key phrases through keyword research, you apply to whole article to improve the findability of the article and readability also.

When a user places the right keywords it is called ‘Search query’.

Now the search engine algorithm is designed to understand man’s query.

It understands both long and short queries. so we use long tail keywords or two to four lettered words in key phrases in our site’s content as focus keyword.

Nowadays search engines responds to search requests taking into account all terms placed in the query.

Lets suppose a user places a request for flats.

Then resale or ready to move or under construction then location then size , dimension, price range etc are all taken as search query.

So the site which ranks for all these terms is the right site appearing in golden triangle.

Similarly the principle garbage in garbage out can also happen.

This is when right search terms are not provided.

Thus a site or blog will rank based on organic traffic.

This organic traffic is the result of organized search request that is users search query and key phrase on site matches exactly.

When you link site content with search request you receive traffic for your site.

Now the keywords you target will give the type of traffic. The researches you have done from keyword tool planner which is free and also comprehensive will reflect in your topic.

You can also write two or three key phrases which you may query for such a topic.

For eg. The keyword you place on your content should be popularly queried.

In that case the competition for such keyword is high.

However the chance of your content being shown is less. So you have to decide whether you want first place with less number of visitors or twentieth place with large number of visitors.

So when you choose low volume or medium volume keyword the chance of your site ranking in google is high.


Keywords talk about your audience.

What your audience ask will be your keyword. It is better to go through the targeted key phrases people search for and you can become a writer or editor.

In case you place keyword something different then the bounce rate is high.

So you need to know your audience language and type of content they seek.

Then it is easy to write such content.

There are several tools like keywords planner, keyword finder, LSI graph etc to find out such keywords.

Before discussing about the tools and how to use it, we will see when keyword research is required to put keywords everywhere.

how to choose the right keyword
choosing the right keyword is like diving for pearls or fishing in deep sea
This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA

when keyword research is required for choosing right keyword.

a. Domain search :

What happens when you want to design a site or blog, your first premise is address.

Now you have decided a niche about which you are passionate .

Now your full endeavor will be to concentrate on topics for your niche.

But without the address how will somebody find it on this world wide web.

It is better to select a domain based on keywords for your niche.

For eg. If you are wanting to write about parenting say parenting for toddlers or parenting for adolescents etc you may keep the same address if available.

If not a different address ensuring that it will indicate your topic is better. so keyword research helps.

b. Niche

After selecting your niche concentrate on keywords because your site name and tagline will require the keywords .

For eg my site name is information.

I am writing about blogging and affiliate marketing so my tagline will be get ideas about blogs and products. we sell what we buy and you can buy what we sell.

c. Content

Your keyword for content is different from domain search keyword or niche keyword.

You require 4-5 keywords for every topic along with one focus keyword OR TARGETING KEY PHRASE..

This focus keyword should not clash with any other content on your site.

This means no two separate content will have the same keyword.

secondly this focus keyword should reflect on title or headlines, first para, subheadings and its synonyms or other 4-5 keywords can be added to the post.

however the post should be readable by humans and not bots alone.

Keywords can add flavour.

But search engines do not encourage keyword rich topics.

what keywords say 5-6 you get through keyword research can be put in the whole article/post.

d.Advertisements :

Now to market your blog or posts or product, keywords are essential. In google AdWords you have to give all keywords for which your site or post can be displayed.

In posting in social sites , forums or Pay per click ads keywords enable the search engine to match the keyword with search request and display the site as per user requirement.

what are long-tail keywords and choosing right keyword

Singular keywords were preferred in the early days because there was not much competition.

Now with 500 million posts being written everyday, it becomes difficult for search engines to display the right site to the user.

so the need for long tail keywords.

Not only that big giants in the market have already made a place in this blogosphere with their singular keywords.

Now in this world of competition brand name, item, price range, size, material used all matters.

so the type of queries placed by customers vary based on their specifications.

Accordingly, algorithm is also made to accommodate all such specifications.

Hence the need for long tail keywords. You have to target low volume keywords to make a place in golden triangle.

How to place your keywords to attract readers

Keywords are not any cilantro thrown on gravy to decorate nor is it any litter.

It has its own importance.

It is a connector that links you a seller, retailer, wholesaler, blogger to customer or reader.

When a customer or reader reads your content his eyes will prey on his search query text in your content.

When he finds the Relevant KEYWORDS he feels relaxed because he has arrived at the right content or review and he reads further.

Sometimes your title may be attractive to entice many viewers.

But the purpose is not served because it will not get any clicks. The actual content hides behind a vague title.

Similarly Keywords should be used in meta description and alt attribute in images.

If there is no caption below the image with the keywords then bots will not capture the image. so the purpose of image is lost.

Meta description provide brief summary of webpage.

It reflects in search engines page as description for that Url.



So having given details about keywords and how it is important, I think I have helped you walk through several areas which will help the search engine find your keywords. If you want to add something you can place on comments or write to


We are determined to write many more posts here. Are you the next reader

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