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I have given the need for website in my earlier post. The types of websites depending on purpose is also mentioned in great detail .

In my subsequent post I have given details about web hosting comparisons -website builder or c panel

After reading the aforementioned posts, I am sure deciding about website depending on purpose and selecting web hosting service is possible.

design your own website

First of all to design your own website the purpose is considered.

Secondly select the web hosting services which is the address of your business website. Furthermore it stores your website &
makes it viewable to users .

How do you select a web hosting service to design your own website?

Selecting a webhosting service provider or company to design your own website is not easy. The following parameters will guide you.

1.Reputation : First of all a company well established and having reputable history is best and trustworthy.

2.Fees: Similarly,compare several web hosting service providers fees structure, products and services

3.Flexibility : Further, Check whether expansion , updation and growth is possible when your business grows.

4. Quickness & economical: Thus, the webhosting service should accommodate changes and additions quickly and economically.

5. Website space and software for creation: So the web hosting service should provide adequate storage space and templates or software for designing a website.

6. Email: Also web hosting service necessarily provides dedicated email service to your business.

7. Customer support : Most noteworthy,Ensure 24/7 customer & technical support is available.

8. Security ,reliability, speed,: Even more does the hosting provider give highest level of security, well documented reliability and fast data transfer.

9.Also check the claims of all products and services offered supporting with facts figures and references.

Creating your own website design

Nowadays, creating a website design is very simple. Even website
software and website templates are easily available. Almost,
Website software makes building a website for your business easy. As a result building a website is like sending an email. Evenmore website templates makes website creation quick, fast efficient and cheap.

custom website design costs more than making your own webpage So check if your business goals and web designer capabilities justify the cost.

avid suc  mistakes while designing website

Must read website types and purposes

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