According to resentment means the feeling of displeasure,or indignation at some remark, act, person etc causing injury or insult.Resentment also means annoyance, grudge, fury, rage,irritation,bitterness, displeasure,outrage, indignation.

Many of us face resentment towards others remarks. Just imagine you are being insulted by somebody how will you feel? Again if the insult is before others it leaves a scar in the mind of the person for life. This is resentment. Generally people feel beating and insulting is a way to correct children without caring for this resentment the children face. If you want to correct children for their mistake, not talking or telling them to sit in one place till they realize is the best punishment instead of they feeling this resentment..


Similarly in offices many bosses insult their juniors, ask them to resign for small mistakes literally jeopardizing their future and do not bother to the resentment he holds . Some time back one of my neighbors told me that her daughter is facing ridicule and rebuke among her friends causing resentment in her mind towards her friends. She had gone to school and her teachers told her she was not doing well in her studies. Her friends heard this and started teasing her.

Instead of causing resentment and making the person feel inferior the best way is to speak to them the reason for their slackness, carelessness, lack of interest and rectify the reason by giving certain assistance.

According to the Law of Karma every act be it talk or action leads to Karma. So everything you say sows the seed and you get the fruit as per your karma. A child is expected to study and get good marks but if the same child is put to stress by constantly reminding him then this also leads to resentment. The child due to resentment may also think of suicide.

One thing remember People will remember you if you tell him anything good or bad. Negative opinions leaves a scar but positive opinion shapes his future.Making any person feel hurt and allowing him to hold on to this resentment mars his life . Ask for forgiveness and light his future.

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