Check who are eligible to receive family pension and formula for calculation

Friends first of all, today I am giving you details of family pension to central government employees.

Yesterday I read Google news about pension calculation from1.1.06 for central Government employees.

Further, Government employee receives pension calculated on the basis of last pay or average of last 10 months pay.

Thus, Pension is 50% of average pay or last pay as the case may be.

Now, the minimum pension as per seventh pay recommendation is Rs9000/- per month.


what is family pension of central government employees and who are eligible and how.

First of all, Family of Central government employees receive family pension.

Further Commencement of Family pension depends on conditions given below.

Family pension becomes due after employees death while in service or after retirement.

Firstly, Spouse is eligible to receive family pension under the rules.

Unmarried Sons/daughters up to 25 years of age are eligible.

Even, Widowed /divorced daughters upto the date of remarriage/ death irrespective of their ages are eligible.

Also disabled sons/daughters gets family pension for lifetime.

Since,the disability manifested when the government employee was alive .

Simultaneously, the disability is depriving him of earning for his livelihood.

So, giving family pension to defacto guardian who is caretaker of disabled person .

Thus,in absconding cases also family pension is same like death case. Furthermore,in such cases family pension commence from the date of First Information Report with the police.

Calculation of family pension of central government employees

1.30% last pay = family pension

2. Pension

whichever is less

Calculation of Enhanced family pension

Family pension X2 = Enhanced family pension


whichever is less

Thus,this enhanced family pension is payable to the eligible family member for seven years from date of death /FIR or 67 years which ever is earlier.

Also,enhanced family pension is not payable for employees who have died while in service after rendering less than seven years service.IN SUCH CASES NORMAL FAMILY PENSION IS ONLY PAYABLE .

Family pension is payable to eligible family member after seven years . Dearness relief @ the rate of 12% on basic Enhanced family pension or family pension is payable after 1.1.19. Minimum family pension with effect from 1.1.16 is Rs9000/-

how is family pension to family of central government employees payable

Every eligible family member submits application for Family pension to the concerned authority with copy of nomination, death certificate or required documents to determine their eligibility. The eligible family member thereafter receives family pension after proper scrutiny .


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