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gkbv3m store where 23 regular use products are reviewed

I am sundari b. In this post I have indexed 23 regular use lifestyle  products sold by us in this site. What did you come to this site for? Is it for just viewing or for window shopping like in brick and mortar store or to actually buy some products.  what we do in this site ? We are sharing information about blogging through this site ideasforsure and also selling affiliate products. Now we are affiliates of, flipkart and blue host. You may ask what benefits us if we buy through your links? We are promoting daily use and lifestyle products. All products which improve our living standards are lifestyle products. We refer what we love and buy so also you can buy what you love. Love,buy,use no regrets. Now after reading our reviews, you may buy from us or at least think of buying.  However if you buy from us we receive commission at no extra cost to you’


can you click on each of these products to see your benefit

Index of products reviewed.

Mens clothing

Katso Men’s Cotton Hooded Stripe T-Shirt

Checkered Men Polo Neck Blue T-Shirt

Allen Solly Men’s Polo

color block men hooded neck yellow t shirts

gift items

Best sweets metallic coins and fascinating Feng shui items to make occasion great

women’s clothing & jewels

beautiful women sarees jewelry and womens ethnic unstitched fabric store

mobile phones and headphones

Top in noise cancelling headphones-order headphones online

Best mobile phones for sale

Toys & games

best toys for children aged 2-14 from Magic crate

Best games

Air purifiers & safety bands

Safe Anti Mosquito band in wrist or ankle and other products

Best air purifiers


Best antivirus software

Best microsoft office 365

Home and kitchen appliances

Most Useful kitchen and dining products

Preethi MIXER GRINDER-womans best choice

Bedroom furniture

Best single & double bedsheets online

Best Full size bed furniture for sale

tv  firestick and other appliances

Why not get the smart TV effect with Best Amazon Fire TV stick 4K


books-novels-spiritual text

amazon pay & acko

Best deals Amazon pay and acko Insurance

infinity pillow while travelling

We are determined to sell lifestyle products here. Are you the next purchaser ?

This site is monetised by ads and affiliate commissions. Thank you for whitelisting  the site from adblockers .

Thankyou  god who enabled me to write.

Thank you all for visiting  this page and reading from beginning to end. Thankyou for the encouragement and cooperation. Thankyou for sharing with your family and friends. Thank you for the purchases made. Thank you for leaving your email address and other contact details.


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