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google analytics reports are used to study behavior  of users of a site.

How was google analytics introduced?

In 2005 google purchased this tool google analytics  from urchin.


firstly you require a google account. Then you require a site or blog which you will register with google analytics as property.

You get java script code ie tracking code when you register for google analytics and you have to place on your site.

As soon as the user come to your site the tracking code starts tracking the users activity and gives the data to google analytics.

This tracking code on your site collects all information like language, device, operating system, traffic source like google ads , email marketing, search engine, organic traffic behavior of users and gives to google and tracks users activity and send to google analytics database.

Now this database cannot be changed. You can modify the reports when generated but you cannot manipulate the data given to google by tracking code.

This tool helps to analyze consumer behavior.

Marketing happens in a funnel i.e. acquisition, behavior, conversion.

Similarly, it happens in offline marketing also. Acquisition stage the interest is aroused in the buyer.

The second stage we come to know how the buyer is interested.

In conversion the final stage is sale. google analytics measures every stage . This is the power of google analytics.

Google analytics fetch the data from your site, and compiles the data, organize and generates user friendly reports.

sorting the data as per usage, storage and decides where it has to be placed. This is the basic process of google analytics.

what is session in google analytics reports? How does it start and how does it end?

When a user enters your site, it means the session starts till the user exits.

There is a time frame for the user to either fill lead form or buy something or reads the blog.

What is the other case when session ends?

When there is inactivity for 30 minutes then the session expires after 30 minutes.

Now you know sometimes for long posts you require much time to read the blog so then you can go to session and set the time extending the session.

If a user comes at midnight then the session ends at 12 night and starts then the session ends and starts again.

when campaign changes then the session ends like a user comes through google ads and again, he comes through URL then the session ends because the source from where he has come is changed.

What is bounce rate in google analytics?

Firstly, Bounce rate = one-page visit/total visit.

This is given as percentage.

Also, bounce rate means the person is not going beyond landing page. Bounce rate should decrease steadily and not increase.

exit rate in google analytics reports

Exit rate means Total exits from the page/ total visits

If people come to your site and exits from second or third page then it means exit rate.

It is a page-based metric.

If you want to see page wise exit you have to go to behavior and site content where you will see page wise exit page.

I am determined to study and also place before you the blogging tools which we can use to improve and perform wisely.

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