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How to get Enthused and excited about writing?-information-ideasforsure

Enthused and Excited mood electrify your writings . This blows away readers mind.

Yeah. Are you enthusiastic about writing?

is writing your passion?

What is the subject about which you want to write?

How to be a good writer ?

what are the requirements of a good writer ?

Yes , irrespective of your topic, enforcing the matter to grab the readers attention and overawe them should be your expectation.

Whether you are writing a blog, short story or novel you are imagining the situations, conditions of the character and the mindset of your readers their expectations, involvement, participation and action.

A person may be in whatever state of mind or environment your words should encourage him, touch him, inspire him.

Your words should bring in him passion, fervor and zest for writing appealing topics.

Your writing should heal his wounds and reinforce in him the energy to go along with the tide.

You are required to enthrall the audience, make an impression on people’s mind that they feel you are the master and they are hypnotized by your writings.

will your enthused and excited mood while writing capture him and turn him to a fanatic and enable him to express his love for such arts.

Readers should get the eagerness and keenness to know all details.

So the readers should undoubtedly read as many times till they feel satiated.

How do you make a hit?

Read Read read such captivating books:

Read all books on your topic or how to master this art of writing ?

You can read How to write short? by Roy Peter Clarke an American writer who covers how to write headlines, essays, sales pitches, tweets and even letters.

He is known for painting a thousand pictures with just a few words.

These books are a treasure and you can read it over and over again.

You must read On writing by Stephen king who hands over to you the tools of trade.

You can also read writing tools by Roy Peter Clarke. This book gives you more insight as to the secrets of writing

Copy some material which will stabilize the moods :

When I tell you copy I don’t mean you copy or steal someone’s work.

You know you have nothing to discover now.

Everything under the sun is discovered.

You have the layout, structure etc only you have to change it to suit your writings that is all you have to do.

Your work is only promotion.

when you are writing product reviews what do you do ?

You relate your experience or someone else’s .

Can you change the product specifications?

No because it is already manufactured and product specifications are a matter regarding production.

So also is the case when you are writing about anything on this earth.

Then where is the question of inventing something new.

You jave to thank those who have left behind the good work for you to promote.

Some texts, images, graphics etc if you are taking without any copyright issues that is under common license then give the author or site due credit.

Style :

Style of writing is unique to everyone.

When we talk about style i remember The sense of style by Steven pinker.

This book shows how to communicate effectively spread your ideas thoroughly and also earn readers trust.

This is the foundation on which writing is based.

You have to keep up with changing trends from generation to generation but at the same time the foundation of writing remains .


Nothing can compensate for this .

You know practice makes a man perfect.

when you are enthused and excited and write you carry it to your readers.

You have heard of men who knew everything about swimming but never swam.

Similarly you have heard of people who saved their and others life without having any skills.

Now in this world of internet you get everything at your fingertips.

Now so many publishing houses are coming up with so many books.

You get paperback, hard cover and kindle edition which makes reading easy.

Amazon has favoured us with all kinds of books at reasonable price and with all the three formats and covers.

I personally think no one should find writing a blog, book or novel difficult.

what do you feel ?

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