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How to make money from blogs-information-ideasforsure

How to make money from blogs? is the topic I am writing in this post.

 First of all, we all know that everything in this world we do with a purpose.

In blogging also, the underlying purpose is well defined.

Although, sharing ideas, views, knowledge about personal life, passionate subjects or anything we love, fascinating our readers compels us to write articles, reviews, newsletters etc .

However, the task is complete only when we receive readers  attention in the form of comments, likes or some action like purchasing products from our affiliate links or clicking on ads etc.

 Even though we begin with passion or personal experience or something we love sharing with the world ultimately, when we get  some benefit for the time and pains we have given for this in the form of recognition , reward, loyal customers and readers etc then blogging becomes worthwhile.

 Thus, the reason for monetizing the blog is apparent.

No pain no gain. Similarly, we all know there is nothing which cannot be achieved.

How do we defer outcomes?

In any book of spirituality, it is always said that god has solutions to all our problems which he sends through messages/messengers in different ways like thought, words or action of others etc. but we often dissuade or postpone and entangle ourselves in this ocean of difficulties waiting for the miracle to happen.

Now let me tell you the magic behind every action of ours is our intentions.

 When intentions are noble then no wonder the outcome will be wonderful.

So also, in blogging our intention is to give readers workable solutions to make their blogging experience easy and achievable.

We also want our readers to find the post interesting and useful.   

Now what to do when cooking tasty dishes.

  keep the outcome in mind.

even visualize the outcome in every step till we have the dish before us as we desired.

Even slight distraction spoils the dish completely.

 So also, in blogging we can aspire and assert ourselves for the intended desire to be fulfilled but the steps to success remains.

 What are the steps to blogging?

Firstly, select a profitable niche and blogging platform

Secondly, do conscious research about your subject and write quality content.

Thirdly, select keywords keeping readers in mind because keywords are nothing but queries placed by readers like how to earn money from your blog ?

Fourthly, socialize and communicate with your readers.

Fifthly, Think of the outcome where so many eyes are viewing this post, visiting and so many minds are reading this post and finding it very useful.

Some are leaving their comments or likes.

Some are leaving the email address so that they want to know more about the subject or products recommended in your links.

Some take prompt action

How to make money using blogs?


In this world of advertisements we see every channel filled with advertisements on TV .

So also, whether it is blog, YouTube podcast, blogs etc ads are essential. The ads placed are as follows

CPC ads/PPC ads: This means cost per click or pay per click ad.

 When a reader reaches our webpage and clicks on the ad, we receive a payment this is the cost the advertiser pays to us for publishing the ad on our site.

CPM ads: When the reader views the ads but does not click on it then it is called cost per impression.

These are the payments we receive for displaying ads on our site.

Now AdSense is a free advertising agency from google placing ads on sites and we as publishers receive a payment from google if somebody clicks on ad or views the ad.

Only registration with AdSense and getting a code is essential

Sometimes googles terms and policies debar a site from receiving ads because of violation of google policies.

 In this case we can try info links or some other free ads etc.

Displaying private ad:Learn How to make money from blogs ?

If we get lot of traffic to our site then so many private agencies will contact us about displaying ads.

In that case we can charge our rates.

We can also display ads from our own sources and we charge for the same.

 Similarly, we can also get sponsors for whom we can promote the products writing product reviews.

 We can take reseller rights and promote the products.

For obtaining such benefits we require traffic.

 How to generate traffic is given in my post on traffic generation

 Selling Digital ProductsLearn How to make money from blogs ?

We can sell digital products like

E books, e commerce products

Music and pictures easily downloadable

Music and pictures easily downloadable

Themes, online courses

Plugin and software

Tutorials and webhosting

In WordPress website we can share space and charge rent for the same.

Similarly, we can charge subscription amount for visiting our blog.

 This can happen only if we have quality blogs.

Affilliate links: Learn How to make money from blogs ?

We do not have our own products but can we not sell others products.

We can register with the companies which is selling their products through affiliates.

Once registered we get a code as affiliate.

We browse for products after using or reading reviews and request for product links.

 We get a product link with our affiliate code embedded on it.

Now this is placed as links in between the content or below the   content.

This is what we affiliates do.

Once someone purchases by clicking on the link and purchase recommended products or any other product then we are paid commissions as affiliate.

 The cost of the product does not differ whether you purchase from the marketplace or affiliate marketing company.

Using blogs as marketing tool for business

 Every company, big or small, bank, insurance companies, post     office, government organizations   have their own website added they use blogs as a marketing tool for business.

Maintain existing customers and procuring new customers, displaying their products in a comprehensive way to excite the client, deal, transact and finalize purchase.

 Using your credibility:

Let’s assume our blog is giving all information and is very useful.

Now lots of people visit our site and want to have thorough knowledge.

So, what happens  we gain recognition, respect, and loyal customers.

This entices the few big gigs in the market to approach us to promote their business, write product reviews, do some public speaking to influence people and enhance their business growth.

There are so many live examples of bloggers who have accorded some positions in public speaking and are invited for so many events as public speaker or coordinator.

We can have our own ad agency and also promote it along with our blog.

other ways to monetize

Creating word press paid directory, job board, event calendar is some of the ways we can monetize our site.

Even selling ready WordPress sites on auction is another way of receiving money.

outside links

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