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writing blogpost niches and benefits

To start a blog website a individual /company should focus on 1. purpose of the blog. 2. subject of the blog.

what is blogging?

I have given introductory information on this subject,
in my post writing blogpost?benefits and nest niches click here But I felt just this information is not enough so I decided to take you all along further. I will be giving you sufficient information and also referral links to make you strong on the subject. The underlined text means there is a link referring to some article/post/you tube video.

  1. According to codex.wordpress blog is an abbreviated form of weblog

A term used to describe websites that maintain a chronicle of information.

A blog shows diary type commentary and links to articles on other websites usually presented as a list of entries in reverse chronological order.

How to start a blog website?

To start a blog website a individual /company should focus on 1. purpose of the blog. 2. subject of the blog.

Purpose of the blog means whether the blog is for making money by promoting something say some brands etc or for giving information about some topics of your interest.

Generally blogs are written on one particular niche/ topic you are passionate about. But you can also build blogs on varied subject from personal to political say like me wherein my blog encompasses wide range of topics.

I will give you a quote which I read in one of the blogs by microwiber team regarding selection of wide range of topics ‘Like in movies, bad guys fire in all directions,protoganist aims carefully and shoots only once but does it right.’

Hence selection of one niche and posting topics is the ideal way to create best blog websites. Read about different types of nicheĀ  writing blogpost?. click here

What are the blogging tools/basic steps required to start a new blog website?

Blog is an Art or performance based activity which requires certain tools/ steps for blogging.

Like dance or music or any form of art there are sure shot steps. The grace and beauty of the dance lies in how strong your steps are. Similarly in music how strong your raagas are determine your deliverance of song.

So also is your steps towards blogging. I have read several blogs like cristian Mihai’s Art of blogging. Blogging cage , then Neil patels’s blog, and many other blogs and heard audios, videos, podcast from youtubers.

They all convey the same message in different forms . I can write the eight steps in one go but I want my readers to understand it thoroughly.

Each step is so important that taking the next step without determining the first is dangerous.

The first crucial step is idea and research

Without having a goal going ahead is meaningless. Without having a destination journey becomes cumbersome. In the same way blogging without a subject is not worthwhile.

You have to start with a topic on your subject. If the topic is parenting then whether parenting of toddlers,kids,children ,adolescents or adults have to be determined.Similarly if the topic pertains to students then the range of topics on this subject will vary. If you want to write a blog on real estate or lifestyle then the topics will differ. Cut the subject into several topics and subtopics like cutting a tree into branches and twigs. Thus every twig of the tree is important. So also every subtopic is important.

Thus deciding on a subject/topic is very important. That alone is not enough. Every blog of yours should be unique and it should give all the content regarding a topic in such a way that it appeals to the readers. For this purpose you have to research many bloging sites on this subject. You should read articles, blogs regarding this subject written by different authors on the same subject. You have to hear to podcasts, you tube videos and get every term clarified so that we dont leave any stone unturned.

Again microweber team quote comes to my mind Post regularly enough but don’t strain yourself too much. Match your own pace.

what are the details you have to keep in mind while reading or researching the topic?

Keywords : While reading the article /blog look out for keywords. Now you will ask me what are the keywords ? If you all remember when you want to search about something say How to let out your flat on rent ? Then we type on google blog search and we get several answers to our question This Let out flat on rent is Keyword. This is called long tail keyword.

Supposing you are looking for what is blogging? then the query will be what is blogging? or definition of blogging etc.So when you place this query you get several answers.

Now you must have understood what is keyword. Sometimes we use brand names as keywords for purchasing anything. Say Samsung refrigerator. Thus while reading the article or blog mark for keywords.

conclusion about how to start a blog website”

Analyse the articles or blogs to get ideas and arrange it in such a way that will appeal to the readers. You are not rewriting the blog in your way but using the ideas and structure , keywords,quotes, stimulating lines to create new blog. Your ideas will be garnished to get a finished product. You can use keyword analyser tool to check which keyword receives high traffic and insert the same in your new blog.

Details of Author, topics,their links may be noted or bookmark such sites so that you can mention it under reference or give their links while writing your topic.

I think i have given enough details about how to get an idea and how to research .

what can you decide on a subject you want to blog? If you want more ideas about niche go to my blog post

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