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Blogging is a tool, a marketing technique where content rules. Quality content wherein persuasion is the key makes work easier and successful. However setting a goal as per goal setting rules and working hard to achieve is also important. The goal here should be in the interest of reader and writer.

When I start writing a blog post lots of questions come in my head. where do I start?Is it something which I can do? Will I be a laughing stock? Then what do I do if I feel I can’t do this? Nothing. Will my blog help people identify their problem or requirement. Will I be in a position to provide solution to problem.

Before two years I was working with Government. So blogging was not very important to me. Today blogging is the only way I spend my time. I help with my pen.

Now goal setting and using blogs as a vehicle to achieve the goals is the first step , then where is the question of going back. But when I sit down to write, my heart pumps. There is an adrenaline rush because I know writing is not easy.

I have ideas. My heart thumps at this thought. When I was working with government, my goal and plan was to work nicely till I retire decently with good retirement benefits. I did many things like increasing my Provident fund subscription, taking insurance for good retirement benefits etc. I also worked hard . But nothing worked as I decided. My health gave away and I could not achieve my goal.

What happened to me? where did I flunk? what mistake did I do? Why could I not achieve my goal? why this setback?

How to set goals?

First consider what you want to achieve, and then commit to it. Set SMART (specific, measureable, attainable, relevant and time-bound) goals that motivate you and write them down to make them feel tangible. Then plan the steps you must take to realize your goal, and cross off each one as you work through them.

The tips given in goal setting articles are not achieved because of several factors

Disbelief :Have you already laid your goal setting plan. Have you just kept a goal setting mind map? Have you made your goal setting worksheet using goal setting technologies ?you should strongly believe that you can achieve. Without you believing yourself all your goal setting tools are waste. Probably I too never believed on my goals, so in the veil of bad health all my plans failed. Disbelief leads to laziness and ultimately goal is not achieved.

Distractions: When you have finished your goal setting research and settled on a goal then distractions like TV, Phones, friends, negative words should be avoided. You should protect yourself and your goal. Only bring your goal before your minds eye and hold it. This is visualization process. Imagine how will you celebrate on achieving the goal. In this goal setting calendar plays a vital role. so when distractions attract you and your time and keep you away from your goals then failure is evident.

Quitting : Don’t quit . Having a main goal and breaking down the goal into short term goals i.e. goal setting steps will help you achieve your major goal. Instead not breaking the goal to smaller steps may make you feel awkward because the goal is taking a longer time. Persistence perseverance and patience are the three keys to success. More you think about your goal and more the love you give the distance between you and your goal gets reduced . Instead if you quit you are a loser..

Lack of goal setting motivation: Always be motivated and energetic because you are working or writing to receive the prize. The prize is your dreams your goal. If you lack motivation to set goals and work then the chance of losing is more . So your work towards your goal should be noted in a goal setting notebook. This will help faster progress.

Frustration : When you are heading aggressively towards your goal say getting traffic of 30000 people every month for your site but nothing is happening then frustration builds up. This strangles your confidence and makes you feel hopeless. However if you have set your goals as per goal setting rules then such happening can be avoided. This is the time you should think about your goal very strongly believing you can do it. Dont think of writing too much or writing appealing blogs. Instead writing thinking about the readers who are finding solutions in your post, confident that your post can help them achieve their goals without hesitation or inhibition about achieving. This will help you achieve your goals. Living with frustration and hiding creating sympathy in everyone’s mind will lead us nowhere.

changing goals every time: Not deciding your destination in every issue is very critical . If your goal setting skills are strong then the question of changing goals do not arise. Such mind shifters gather nothing and are unsuccessful.

Goals setting technique and vehicle is important. Driving the vehicle properly following the rules makes journey easy and enjoyable. In case of breakdowns or hurdles on your way just follow the rules . Thus the hurdle will go away and add momentum to increase your speed towards progress.

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