writing a blog post is not easy without goal setting

Blogging is a tool, a marketing technique where content rules. Quality content wherein persuasion is the key makes work easier and successful. However setting a goal and working hard to achieve is also important. The goal here should be in the interest of reader and writer.

When I start writing a blog post lots of questions come in my head. where do I start?Is it something which I can do? Will I be a laughing stock? Then what do I do if I feel I can’t do this? Nothing. Will my blog help people identify their problem or requirement. Will I be in a position to provide solution to problem.

Before two years I was working with Government. So blogging was not very important to me. Today blogging is the only way I spend my time. I help with my pen.

Now goal setting and using blogs as a vehicle to achieve the goals is the first step , then where is the question of going back. But when I sit down to write, my heart pumps. There is an adrenaline rush because I know writing is not easy.

I have goal setting ideas. My heart thumps at this thought. When I was working with government, my goal setting and planning was to work nicely till I retire decently with good retirement benefits. I did many things like increasing my Provident fund subscription, taking insurance for good retirement benefits etc. I also worked hard . But nothing worked as I decided. My health gave away and I could not achieve my goal.

What happened to me? where did I flunk? what mistake did I do? Why could I not achieve my goal? why this setback?

How to set goals?

First consider what you want to achieve, and then commit to it. Set SMART (specific, measureable, attainable, relevant and time-bound) goals that motivate you and write them down to make them feel tangible. Then plan the steps you must take to realize your goal, and cross off each one as you work through them.

The goal setting tips given in goal setting articles are not achieved because of several factors

Disbelief :Have you already laid your goal setting plan. Have you just kept a goal setting mind map? Have you made your goal setting worksheet using goal setting technologies ?you should strongly believe that you can achieve. Without you believing yourself all your goal setting tools are waste. Probably I too never believed on my goals, so in the veil of bad health all my plans failed. Disbelief leads to laziness and ultimately goal is not achieved.

Distractions: When you have finished your goal setting research and settled on a goal then distractions like TV, Phones, friends, negative words should be avoided. You should protect yourself and your goal. Only bring your goal before your minds eye and hold it. This is visualization process. Imagine how will you celebrate on achieving the goal. In this goal setting calendar plays a vital role. so when distractions attract you and your time and keep you away from your goals then failure is evident.

Quitting : Don’t quit . Having a main goal and breaking down the goal into short term goals i.e. goal setting steps will help you achieve your major goal. Instead not breaking the goal to smaller steps may make you feel awkward because the goal is taking a longer time. Persistence perseverance and patience are the three keys to success. More you think about your goal and more the love you give the distance between you and your goal gets reduced . Instead if you quit you are a loser..

Lack of goal setting motivation: Always be motivated and energetic because you are working or writing to receive the prize. The prize is your dreams your goal. If you lack motivation to set goals and work then the chance of losing is more . So your work towards your goal should be noted in a goal setting notebook. This will help faster progress.

Frustration : When you are heading aggressively towards your goal say getting traffic of 30000 people every month for your site but nothing is happening then frustration builds up. This strangles your confidence and makes you feel hopeless. However if you have set your goals as per goal setting rules then such happening can be avoided. This is the time you should think about your goal very strongly believing you can do it. Dont think of writing too much or writing appealing blogs. Instead writing thinking about the readers who are finding solutions in your post, confident that your post can help them achieve their goals without hesitation or inhibition about achieving. This will help you achieve your goals. Living with frustration and hiding creating sympathy in everyone’s mind will lead us nowhere.

changing goals every time: Not deciding your destination in every issue is very critical to goal setting. If your goal setting skills are strong then the question of changing goals do not arise. Such mind shifters gather nothing and are unsuccessful.

Goals setting technique and vehicle is important. Driving the vehicle properly following the rules makes journey easy and enjoyable. In case of breakdowns or hurdles on your way just follow the rules . Thus the hurdle will go away and add momentum to increase your speed towards progress.

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website names and purposes

First of all I am writing this post website name and purpose. Moreover, this is the third step to start a blog. Rather, I am dealing webhosting in several parts for the purpose of giving complete details.

I gave information and ideas about how to buy domain name.I gave ideas about domain name registration. I mentioned that to purchase website domain separately is better because getting cheap domain registration along with best website hosting is possible. For eg. You can buy domain from go daddy and host website with web hosting services like blue host, hostinger etc.

Furthermore, Best Website hosting service sets up website for online businesses . Website hosting means your website is viewable to all visitors and public on the world wide web. Also see my two blog post about the same subject that is domain & web hosting also what is hosting?How to design your own website defining the website type and purpose.

What does a website generally contain irrespective of its name and purpose?

Finally a website irrespective of its name and purpose
generally contains database, files, images, videos, infographics, podcast etc. relating to the niche or business you are operating..

why do we need a website?

First of all we need a website because it works even when you sleep. Furthermore, Businesses, professionals, Artists or any person use website to generate business, promote goodwill between prospects and buyers, marketing techniques like content Marketing system, video marketing, you tube, videos, email marketing etc. Irrespective of the size of the organisation be it small big or medium promoting businesses online is the need of the hour.

More websites coming up and growth of many hosting companies, search engines, woo commerce etc is seen.

Let us categorise the names and the purpose it serves :


Firstly, Blog is content management system. Giving information and sharing on the world wide web is the need of a blog. People use bogs/ articles for posting about topics from cooking to scientific studies. Blog is also a platform for marketing.

small business

Whether you have a brick & Mortar business, a shop or a small contractor or community helpers, civic person doing odd jobs a site or web page is a must for people to know you. Gone are the days where people use to painfully turn the directory pages or yellow pages to discover a service request. At the click of mouse or touch of hand you get the details and the person is also informed about such a query.A webpage can be set up quickly and economically.

search engine

Websites are required as search engine. Google, Bing, Yahoo. All major search engines are websites.

Web hosting & domain registration sites

Every web hosting & domain registration companies have a website to communicate their services and ensure transparency in dealings.

Payment gateway

Payment gateways like citrus which connects buyer merchant and bank are also a website.

Ad companies

To promote your services you either use ads or social sites .

E commerce websites

For selling on retail anything online you make use of e commerce websites. Some do not sell but only provide information.

social sites

Social sites are very important these days because from invitation to circulars, decision making forums for discussion, world wide meet, summit etc are all telecast on this social sites. Transparency and persuasiveness is the order of this day scenario. we are dealing with a website which is just a infrastructure but the input develops emotions and creates volume.

In this connection your attention is invited to article Why your business needs a website

The purpose of website is as per your idea/ research. Domain name selection will emphasize the services provided by this website on the world wide web.

I have given several needs of business website. This is just to give you an idea of how you can use this world wide web. Have you decided on your niche and domain name?Next part will be what is web hosting comparison-web builder or c panel

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blue host affiliate website types and purposes

CHITIKA ADVERTISING website types and purposes

Do you think you can blog

My emotion

This is a question which I answer everyday to myself. IS BLOGGING MY CUP OF TEA?

Christian Mihai’s post Feel like giving it up read this confirmed this mind block is common to all.

Christian Mihai in his blog the art of blogging nicely portrayed the emotions we go through as a blogger.

The questions that come to our mind and answers we search from readers is very nicely illustrated.

Blogging is a bundle of thoughts, facts and emotions put together scientifically in the post given birth.

A post is like a child born .The stress and strain the new mother undergoes with her child, same is the stress and strain of a new blogger .

The stress which all bloggers feel, I too felt right from the beginning.

Is it not my cup of tea? Am I not born for it? Am I expecting too much from myself? What am I? Damn

which niche should I select

Having spent 19 years in school, college and 36 years on a job where I actually dealt with Accounts and Administration, that too Government Accounts which will not interest anyone. At home I am dealing with household chores like cleaning, dusting, washing ,cooking and parenting of two boys.

Parenting is a challenge these days.

Even today I get frustrated with my elderly boys and hold myself responsible for their mistakes.

House hold chores is everyday activity.

Writing a post on this is very difficult because every part of house hold chore is very exhaustive.

Health & Fitness is not for me.

Neither am I a fitness freak nor any health aware individual.

I just concentrate on eating only homemade food with lots of vegetables curries and curd.

Even snacks, breakfast are all home made.

Now after I had a health problem I had to give up this culture also. So Health & Fitness sorry.

To write on travel I have to travel.

Due to my recent Lymphoma attack travel is not possible right now and the other alternative is to steal ideas and make it my brand.

This will not make much sense because first hand information makes all the difference.

I can write about lifestyle, cars etc but again the same hindrance.

Real estate means NO, then what do I write.

Trending topic is best.

Go to google trends, MSN news and write about the topics .

You can add some information.

It is good idea but it cannot work for long because having good knowledge & involvement of economics, politics etc is must.

Insurance, Mutual funds  Investment ideas etc I have some knowledge but not full.

I am not any voracious reader to write any book reviews.

I have read lot of personal development books.

Magic of thinking big, Rich dad poor dad, Alchemist, Attitude is everything, The power of subconscious mind, The power of now etc.

These books ignite your minds and allows you to evaluate your personality and make changes in thought, behavior and action.

what to write in my blog

I know about many things but not everything about one particular topic.

Then what can I think about blogging.

Blogs generally are written around one niche.

I started writing.

Having decided to write on varied topics which I felt confident,
my blog title was named Information

I selected the domain ideasforsure.com.

Also, I opted to do affiliate marketing with Amazon.

I am not trying to explain my working.

I am guiding my readers to exercise their choice aptly .

Their domain and blog title communicates their interest, passion and also summarises the ideas for which it is constructed.

Learn, do, teach is the mantra I followed in my job and home.

This same thing I will carry out with my posts.

Thus I wrote my first blog What is blogging? why is this platform so popular?

This is what every blogger feels sometimes excitement and sometimes frustration.

How to get over this mood extremes?



By evening I get the answer.

Some topics comes to my mind.

About incidents I remember.

If totally blank I read a lot from MSN ,Blogs, books etc.

some topic builds up and I am writing the post confident.

Having read several blogs from shoutmeloud.

Heard audiotapes of Neilpatel.

read Christian Mihai’s art of blogging and so many book reviews.

These give us a lead about what you think, what you should explore, what you should write.

But the doubt always exist.

bloggers doubts

Will everyone read my blog

My blogs are in simple English .

It is grammatically correct with no spelling mistakes.

However, I am not a voracious reader so my vocabulary is not so high.

I also don’t use any sophisticated words to convey my message.

Inspite of my weaknesses I am writing many blogs and expecting everyone to read.

Is my blog useful to everyone

My blogs should be useful to everyone in some way like they are implementing in their work, day to day life or blogs.

It should be a inspiration and instigate everyone to open their hearts and ask if she can do it why not me?

Will the readers understand me

Understanding is the core of any blog.

When the readers read my blog they should understand what I am trying to communicate.

Do I give new ideas

This question is very significant because we are not going to rediscover the wheel.

Just like some blogger mentioned carpet is already laid, framework is already made.

Only rearranging of items to make a difference is required.

Inspite of this conviction, communicating a new idea in your blog which will ignite several minds is very necessary.

will I make them emotionally involved.

Man is a social animal.

He likes to share everything with the society he lives.

Also involve his mind and heart in everything he does.

He does anything good when his feelings are aroused while he rejects everything when his feelings are otherwise.

Will this emotional involvement lead to trust so that the readers repeatedly read my blogs.

Do I steer everyone’s thought

Yes a post should give enough content to cover the topic completely.

Whether the post is easy to read and scroll is most essential.

However a blog should not answer all questions but steer readers thought to get answers.

Only when the readers have questions will they comment on the blog asking for answers.

A blog is complete if it involves the readers physically, mentally, and emotionally and gives the feeling of having read something extraordinary even if it is just ordinary.

Thus blog is a bundle of emotions and facts scientifically laid down to communicate to the reader the authors views and steer his thinking faculty.


must read what is writing blog post

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