top internet browsers-What are the types of web browsers?-

what is web browsers? Which are the top internet browsers?

Web browsers are software you can install on your PC to access the internet. Currently to navigate to my site you must be using some web browser. Browsing or surfing is nothing but navigating through pages of information.

The top internet browsers are internet explorer, google chrome, firefox, edge. other internet browsers are Netscape, opera, safari, lynx etc

Internet explorer top internet browsers from 2002

First of all,Internet explorer is a product of Microsoft a giant in the software arena. Further,this is the most common top internet web browser in 2002. Thus this was introduced in 1995 along with windows 1995. Now,it has surpassed Net scape popularity since 1998. Since January 12,2016 Microsoft has dropped all support for Internet explorer all versions other than version 11. Windows 8.1 and windows7 users can have access to Internet Explorer version 11

What happens if we use some other version of IE ?

First of all they will get some security problems which is difficult to discover. Further,if such problems appear their fixation is impossible making it vulnerable to attack. Also all those users of windows vista, xp windows 8, windows 7. windows RT etc. can switch to latest internet browser Edge a current browser of Microsoft and is the future of Microsoft. Alternately use google browser like chrome browser or Mozilla Firefox

Netscape top internet browsers of 1990’s

First of all, Netscape is one of the original best web browsers. Further in 1994, introduction of proprietary web browser and original web browser of Netscape line came into effect. Thus it was product of Netscape communication corporation. It was dominant user in terms of usage in 1990’s.The Netscape corporation did not sustain Netscape navigators technical innovation in the late 1990’s. Similarly the increased use of Microsoft Internet explorer lead to the down fall of this browser in 2002. The business demise of Netscape a central premise of Microsoft ‘s antitrust trial wherein the court ruled Microsoft’s bundling of Internet Explorer with the windows operating system was a monopolistic and illegal business practise. The decision came too late for Netscape. However by then Internet Explorer had become the dominant web browser for windows.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft creates Microsoft Edge. It is a proprietary software. In 2015 Microsoft edge was the fast browser of windows 10 and Xbox one. Thereafter Android and iOS . Edge includes integration with Cortana and has extensions hosted on Microsoft store. It is 100% safe and virus free. Edge integrates with Microsoft online platforms in order to provide voice control, search functionality, and dynamic information related to searcher within the address bar. Users can make annotation to web pages that can store and shared with one drive but can’t save HTML pages to their own computer. Preliminary support for browser extension was in 2016.


Browsers based on Mozilla code is the second largest browser family on the internet today representing 30% of internet community. Mozilla is a open source web browser design for standards, compliance, performance and portability. Discussion forums, software engineering tools, releases, bug tracking etc helps in coordinating browsers development and testing.

chrome top internet browsers of today

google creates chrome. so, it is google software. Now, it is free and licenced software. Also, it is used with Linux, MacOS, Windows, Android OS. Nowadays Google chrome is one of the top internet browsers.

Firefox top internet browsers in 2009

Firefox is a new browser derived from Mozilla.Its release in 2004 made it second most popular internet browser. It is used across all platforms. It is compatible with OS 10.9,Linux, windows 7,Android jelly bean, IOS 11, various unix system. However, its usage is less than4.66% .In 2009 Firefox usage grew to 32% With version 3.5 overtaking IE7.

However usage then declined in competition with chrome. As of March2019, Firefox has 9.57% usage. In cuba enteria usage is more than 75%.

Actually it was called phoenix in the beginning a mythical firebird that rose triumphantly from ashes of dead predecessor I.e. Netscape after it had been Killed by Microsoft Internet explorer in the first Browser war. Firefox is a widely localized web browser. It was released in 24 different languages.


Having given you information about web browsers can you tell me which browser do you choose? Why?

outbound links

  1. wikipedia
    Web Browser Types – Tutorialspoint


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Do you think you can blog

My emotion

This is a question which I answer everyday to myself. IS BLOGGING MY CUP OF TEA?

Christian Mihai’s post Feel like giving it up read this confirmed this mind block is common to all.

Christian Mihai in his blog the art of blogging nicely portrayed the emotions we go through as a blogger.

The questions that come to our mind and answers we search from readers is very nicely illustrated.

Blogging is a bundle of thoughts, facts and emotions put together scientifically in the post given birth.

A post is like a child born .The stress and strain the new mother undergoes with her child, same is the stress and strain of a new blogger .

The stress which all bloggers feel, I too felt right from the beginning.

Is it not my cup of tea? Am I not born for it? Am I expecting too much from myself? What am I? Damn

which niche should I select

Having spent 19 years in school, college and 36 years on a job where I actually dealt with Accounts and Administration, that too Government Accounts which will not interest anyone. At home I am dealing with household chores like cleaning, dusting, washing ,cooking and parenting of two boys.

Parenting is a challenge these days.

Even today I get frustrated with my elderly boys and hold myself responsible for their mistakes.

House hold chores is everyday activity.

Writing a post on this is very difficult because every part of house hold chore is very exhaustive.

Health & Fitness is not for me.

Neither am I a fitness freak nor any health aware individual.

I just concentrate on eating only homemade food with lots of vegetables curries and curd.

Even snacks, breakfast are all home made.

Now after I had a health problem I had to give up this culture also. So Health & Fitness sorry.

To write on travel I have to travel.

Due to my recent Lymphoma attack travel is not possible right now and the other alternative is to steal ideas and make it my brand.

This will not make much sense because first hand information makes all the difference.

I can write about lifestyle, cars etc but again the same hindrance.

Real estate means NO, then what do I write.

Trending topic is best.

Go to google trends, MSN news and write about the topics .

You can add some information.

It is good idea but it cannot work for long because having good knowledge & involvement of economics, politics etc is must.

Insurance, Mutual funds  Investment ideas etc I have some knowledge but not full.

I am not any voracious reader to write any book reviews.

I have read lot of personal development books.

Magic of thinking big, Rich dad poor dad, Alchemist, Attitude is everything, The power of subconscious mind, The power of now etc.

These books ignite your minds and allows you to evaluate your personality and make changes in thought, behavior and action.

what to write in my blog

I know about many things but not everything about one particular topic.

Then what can I think about blogging.

Blogs generally are written around one niche.

I started writing.

Having decided to write on varied topics which I felt confident,
my blog title was named Information

I selected the domain

Also, I opted to do affiliate marketing with Amazon.

I am not trying to explain my working.

I am guiding my readers to exercise their choice aptly .

Their domain and blog title communicates their interest, passion and also summarises the ideas for which it is constructed.

Learn, do, teach is the mantra I followed in my job and home.

This same thing I will carry out with my posts.

Thus I wrote my first blog What is blogging? why is this platform so popular?

This is what every blogger feels sometimes excitement and sometimes frustration.

How to get over this mood extremes?



By evening I get the answer.

Some topics comes to my mind.

About incidents I remember.

If totally blank I read a lot from MSN ,Blogs, books etc.

some topic builds up and I am writing the post confident.

Having read several blogs from shoutmeloud.

Heard audiotapes of Neilpatel.

read Christian Mihai’s art of blogging and so many book reviews.

These give us a lead about what you think, what you should explore, what you should write.

But the doubt always exist.

bloggers doubts

Will everyone read my blog

My blogs are in simple English .

It is grammatically correct with no spelling mistakes.

However, I am not a voracious reader so my vocabulary is not so high.

I also don’t use any sophisticated words to convey my message.

Inspite of my weaknesses I am writing many blogs and expecting everyone to read.

Is my blog useful to everyone

My blogs should be useful to everyone in some way like they are implementing in their work, day to day life or blogs.

It should be a inspiration and instigate everyone to open their hearts and ask if she can do it why not me?

Will the readers understand me

Understanding is the core of any blog.

When the readers read my blog they should understand what I am trying to communicate.

Do I give new ideas

This question is very significant because we are not going to rediscover the wheel.

Just like some blogger mentioned carpet is already laid, framework is already made.

Only rearranging of items to make a difference is required.

Inspite of this conviction, communicating a new idea in your blog which will ignite several minds is very necessary.

will I make them emotionally involved.

Man is a social animal.

He likes to share everything with the society he lives.

Also involve his mind and heart in everything he does.

He does anything good when his feelings are aroused while he rejects everything when his feelings are otherwise.

Will this emotional involvement lead to trust so that the readers repeatedly read my blogs.

Do I steer everyone’s thought

Yes a post should give enough content to cover the topic completely.

Whether the post is easy to read and scroll is most essential.

However a blog should not answer all questions but steer readers thought to get answers.

Only when the readers have questions will they comment on the blog asking for answers.

A blog is complete if it involves the readers physically, mentally, and emotionally and gives the feeling of having read something extraordinary even if it is just ordinary.

Thus blog is a bundle of emotions and facts scientifically laid down to communicate to the reader the authors views and steer his thinking faculty.



must read what is writing blog post

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Blogpost is considered a joke and blogpost writers are thought of writing their minds on paper. But that is not the case . The pain of writing after thinking how this will help someone to come out of his sufferings like debt, office drudgery, health problems, useful tips for many important matters is what a blogpost blogger thinks. Let me give you details of blogpost writing, blogpost topics, blogpost titles etc here . However how I was attracted by writing this blog post can be had from about us & blogging .

  1. First of all, in early days blogpost ideas or weblog contained
    journal of daily activities .

2. Above all, Wikipedia defines a blogpost writing as discussion or informational blogpost website published on world wide web.

how is blogpost helpful

3.Nowadays certainly, blogpost writing is about passionate subject or about interests, hobbies  etc. You write in a subject around a niche,

4. Above all tool for Marketing is blogpost .Also, people call it content marketing strategy .However, Bill gates founder of Microsoft introduced this strategy.He said content is King.

5.Another, Blogpost topics also contains text, images, videos, slideshow etc. Finally, the relevance and  significance of blogpost cannot be under estimated.

6.Finally, we call it blogging basics. Forbes says Content is for more than just marketers.

7. As a result, Content marketing informs, educates, entertains and offers utility.

Which are the best niches for writing ?

Certainly there are several niches but the most attractive niches are

  1. Parenting : First of all. this niche gives ample scope for the blogger to write. Furthermore, the blogspot blogger can write about parenting of toddler, children, adolescent or adults. Above all, health, development, growth, education, socialising , products used are several topics in this niche.
  2. Lifestyle: Similarly, Lifestyle include wide range of topics starting with attire, ambience, social circles, fitness etc. Rather, many more topics can be covered in this niche.
  3. Health : A very crucial niche which covers all health issue both physical and dealing with mind.
  4. Career options : In this niche several career prospects their advantages, disadvantages can be discussed,
  5. Pets: Breeding, their hygiene, nutrition, precautions, teaching good habits etc and many more topics.
  6. Investing options : Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposits, Insurance, Equities investment etc the role of Financial Manager etc can be discussed
  7. Personal Development : It is a huge Ocean. Starting with fixing goals in every area of your life where you want to develop and steps to achieve that goal. Believing in oneself, Taking responsibility for failing and working toward success.
  8. making money on the internet : Surveys, Data entry jobs, Free lancing jobs, Medical transcription jobs, Blogs,,, AdSense, Affiliate marketing are some, Woo commerce , selling online and much more is available.
  9. what other subject can you write blogpost
  10. Certainly, there are many more subjects like courses2. teaching studies  3. techniques to write blogpost 4. earn money 5. writing eBooks etc.

10. As a result, you  can speak your hearts out on a blogpost and nowadays it is developing into a Home based business.

What is the difference between website and blogpost website

First of all every establishments/businesses use website/blogs for their web presence. However blog is different from website. Furthermore,Adding new content several times a week is blogs speciality. Hence updating Blog is frequent.

2.Furthermore, blogpost guidelines allow suggestion, comments, likes, subscribe and even sales. Readers can connect and have discussion in social medias.


1.Likewise, blogpost writing is Great SEO Tool. SEO means search engine optimisation. Search Engines like Google , Yahoo, Bing etc like to show fresh content .

2. Furthermore,new content is provided to search engines from BLOGS.

3.Similarly, emails on blogpost website update
customer & Clients .


5.Rather, Tips are provided on blogpost topics.


KNOWLEDGE SHARED through topics and RESPONSE TO COMMENTS ARE common feature in blogpost writing.

7.Finally, Blogs generate income like advertising income, affilliate income etc. Advertising income means paid when someone clicks on ad placed on your blogpost topics. Affiliate income means paid for selling others products.

8.As a result, Blogs are flexible.

Furthermore, I am to invite your attention to BEST BLOGGING PLATFORM


Best of luck.

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I would like to say “Thank you” for reading this article.

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Now I would ask you to do me a small favour.

can you share this post with your friends and help someone, sparing a minute or two from your busy schedule. This feed back will help me continue to write the kind of articles which will help you in some way.

If you like it please let me know

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