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I have given the need for website in my earlier post. The types of websites depending on purpose is also mentioned in great detail .

In my subsequent post I have given details about web hosting comparisons -website builder or c panel

After reading the aforementioned posts, I am sure deciding about website depending on purpose and selecting web hosting service is possible.

design your own website

First of all to design your own website the purpose is considered.

Secondly select the web hosting services which is the address of your business website. Furthermore it stores your website &
makes it viewable to users .

How do you select a web hosting service to design your own website?

Selecting a webhosting service provider or company to design your own website is not easy. The following parameters will guide you.

1.Reputation : First of all a company well established and having reputable history is best and trustworthy.

2.Fees: Similarly,compare several web hosting service providers fees structure, products and services

3.Flexibility : Further, Check whether expansion , updation and growth is possible when your business grows.

4. Quickness & economical: Thus, the webhosting service should accommodate changes and additions quickly and economically.

5. Website space and software for creation: So the web hosting service should provide adequate storage space and templates or software for designing a website.

6. Email: Also web hosting service necessarily provides dedicated email service to your business.

7. Customer support : Most noteworthy,Ensure 24/7 customer & technical support is available.

8. Security ,reliability, speed,: Even more does the hosting provider give highest level of security, well documented reliability and fast data transfer.

9.Also check the claims of all products and services offered supporting with facts figures and references.

Creating your own website design

Nowadays, creating a website design is very simple. Even website
software and website templates are easily available. Almost,
Website software makes building a website for your business easy. As a result building a website is like sending an email. Evenmore website templates makes website creation quick, fast efficient and cheap.

custom website design costs more than making your own webpage So check if your business goals and web designer capabilities justify the cost.

avid suc  mistakes while designing website

Must read website types and purposes

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First of all, When you need money and there is no job means you are struggling. Further, Savings are melting. How to get the money is what goes on ?Also, you need money fast now. How to get it? This is the time you venture into several projects and join certain institutions for working and earning money. But undoubtedly you fall into a circle and your money gets wasted. so find out if money is evil or vice .

Money/Finance is not evil or vice. This depend on who holds this money and how he uses/invests it to multiply. It  is always said Money speaks only one language . It will come to help if saved  properly.
In those days Man used to buy land or invest in gold, diamond. But after Government restrictions are imposed so many factors related to land are examined like whether the land is agriculture/non agriculture, nature of soil,  escalating price of land , whether this land can be seized by government at a later date for public usage. To avoid these man started investing in high rise building  either ready built or under construction. However the fact remains is money evil or vice
Similarly Gold, silver, diamond are getting costlier. There is a limit on how much Gold a lady can possess.However the fact remains is money evil or vice
There are so many instruments these days like shares, stock, commodities, metals etc.These are held by share/stock market. The volatility of share markets, crash of stock markets of 1987 and 1994 bond market crash has been responsible for narrowed thinking if share market is suitable to all. These conditions are responsible for viewing money as evil/vice.
Anyhow in this context I would like to say three stories to prove that money  is not evil/vice and clarify the question is money evil or vice.

first story

1. A man won a lottery and wanted to buy BMW car.Further, He knew everything about the car.Thus, He had adequate knowledge of driving but no experience. Now he tried his hand on driving and crashed his newly bought car. Even though he possessed all the knowledge he could not save the car because experience is essential.Similarly knowledge about money is not enough but experience to use money properly is required The question Is money evil or vice is answered

second story

 2. A fisherman, priest and professor went on a boat to the nearby island. On,Seeing the surging waves fisherman expected a high tide, jumped into the waters and swam safely. Similarly,  The priest believer of god took God’s name and jumped into the water , swam safely. Now the professor who had adequate knowledge of swimming, but did not know swimming jumped into the water and was drowned. This shows alertness to take action comes through experience and so holding a experienced persons hand is better and not rely on just knowledge. Again the same point experience is reiterated. So the question is money evil or vice is answered.

the third story

3. A lady lived with her daughter. she was working in a export firm. Now years passed. The lady became old. She thought of starting her own firm which she and her daughter could work. Her boss came to know this. He came to know that this lady need money loan. He talked to her the difficulties of taking a loan before retirement. The lady was very determined. Now the boss went to that lady’s house and talked to the daughter. The daughter got convinced. She promised to stop her mother from taking the loan. When her mother returned from work, she spoke to  her mother. Her mother assured her that this decision will not put them to trouble.


Instead they can work on their business strategy and win. She also told her daughter about the selfishness of her boss to keep her working for him so that he has financial gains and he pays a salary. She made her daughter realize that in business you get profit and it is their own. By working hard they can make huge profits. In her job eve of she puts double the effort her salary may rise by say 10-20%. So she had decided to quit work and start her own because of her knowledge and experience.


So money is not evil/vice but it depends on the person who  puts it to money is evil or vice is answered.


Best of luck.

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Benefits of pay upgradation as per pay commission

WHAT IS PAY COMMISSION ?-is it only revision of pay and pension?

Pay commission every ten years is a administrative system or mechanism of Government of India appoints the pay commission chairman who with his office will work out the pay commission hike and submit the pay commission recommendations in the form of pay commission report.

Seeing the  pay commission news in our  daily  news I too thought of writing this . I am a government pensioner. How  we look out for this pay you commission setup and also expect a big rise.  let me give some details about 07th pay commission .

Pay commission history in India

First of all  Government of India set up this  mechanism/System called Pay commission, in 1956. Furthermore,  Pay Commission every 10 years  gives

1.Upgradation of salaries,  

2.other monetary grants

3. service improvements

4. pension upgradation

benefitting all Central government employees, pensioners and Armed forces.

Alongside   Pay commission for State Government employees, pay commission in railway,  Union Territory Governments, Village Panchayat, Pay commission for teachers, pay commission ugc for University teachers, pay commission  psu for Semi government Bodies,  pay commission for bsnl, government Corporations, Municipalities, pay commission for judges etc also determine their pay scales on par with Central government scales.

Also according to Wikipedia , Pay commission give its recommendations regarding changes in salary structure of its employees.

 So, now 07 pay commissions were set up on a regular basis .

Finally, Pay Commission reviews and make recommendations about work and pay commission fixation of all civil and armed forces of GOI .

Almost, pay commission duration takes two years to give pay commission recommendations and generally pay commission arrears is paid .


is only revising pay and pension  pay commission work

                I st to 5th pay commission

Pay scales from  pay commission1 to fifth pay commission report had fixed increments .

This point I will explain with example.

For eg 2000-200-3600-EB-300-5100 I have given a fictitious scale to explain increment and EB i.e efficiency bar.

Regular yearly  increments are Rs200/- up to Rs3600/- starting from Rs2000/- which is beginning of scale.

After 7 yearly increment Rs3600/- is reached.

After Rs3600/- appointing authority gives EB crossing certificate.

 If EB crossing certificate is not given then the employee stagnates at Rs3600/-.

However, Such situation generally do not arise. 

So,there are 13 stages in this scale which means it allows 13 pay commission yearly increments.

So,every pay scale had 13-14 stages from Ist to Vth pay commission along with efficiency bar crossing etc.

Thereafter on  reaching maximum of pay commission  scale  the government servant stagnates.

He remains stagnated unless he receives  promotion in normal course or qualifies promotional exams or his upgraded pay commission scales of new pay commission or he goes to other office in higher post  on deputation.

                                 6th pay commission calculator

In sixth pay concept of 6 pay  commission scales are introduced.

5 posts are merged  in one pay commission scale and differentiated with pay commission grade pay.

3% or .03 increment on (pay+grade pay)was pay commission yearly increment.

.03(pay+grade pay) = new increment.

The maximum of scale concept still prevails

                                      7th Pay Fixation

In the seventh pay the concept of grade pay is merged i.e. 2.57 (pay+grade pay) as on 1.1.16 is new pay from 1.1.16 and  fitted in pay matrix on  next stage.

40 stages exist and maximum of scale is still prevailing.

                           Dearness Allowance

Pay commission DA  paid half yearly  is given based on Price Index .

This is a solution to beat inflation.

After pay commission DA exceeds 50% of basic pay need for pay commission update is felt .

After 100% pay commission DA up gradation of pay scales is  actually is done to be on par with other commercial units or public sectors.

Also read Central pay commission – History

Why seventh pay fixation is not satisfactory? 

 Central government employees are totally unsatisfactory due to the following three reasons.  

1. Only 14.27% raise in pay, the lowest increase in the last 70 years.

2. The difference between lowest and highest pay was  1:10 in fifth and sixth pay commission increased to 1:14

3. The  Pay commission HRA slab rates lowered from 30%,20%,10% for Group A,B,C  cities to 24%,16%,8%.

4. Union demands   Pay commission fitness factor of 3.68 times  pay as on 1.1.16 instead 2.57 times  pay as on 1.1.16 is given 

5.Pay commission minimum pay hike is Rs18000/- whilst Union demands Rs26000/- to keep the ratio of lowest and highest pay scale intact.

Gr A,B,C places are differentiated on the basis of population.

Benefits of Pay Upgradation

The first two pay commissions provided subsistence wages for government employee and his family.

The third and fourth pay commission provided better living conditions beyond subsistence for government employee and his family.

The fifth and sixth pay commissions provided  improved living conditions and better output.

The seventh pay commission targeted at performance efficiency, public opinion for promotions, reports of  individual and office.

To improve the morale of the government employees 2.57 times of pay/pension as on 1.1.16 was given.

However Union, representative of employees  demanded 3.68 times  of pay/pension as on 1.1.16.

Actual benefits of pay commission are as follows.

is revision of pay & pension the immediate benefit ? Yes.

The outcome of this preliminary benefit along with other benefits are given below.

      Fight against corruption

First of all,  Good governance should ensure  subordinates are happy along with performance.

Even Adam smith in his Wealth of nations  indicated  wide disparity in sharing of profits between owners and labourers is disastrous .

Union represents voice of  all government employees. So Government must fulfil Unions legitimate demand. 

 Thus pay hike will stop employees from expecting small & big courtesies from public for doing work which still prevail in certain offices .

Bribery, Notorious behavior and other malafide intentions are  also controlled.

       Improvement in self image

Self image  of employee improves with a better figure on his salary sheet.

The concept ‘government office’ changes to ‘my office’ and a sense of importance toward work, colleagues, and superiors prevail.

It is work for self not  force, fear or  favor .

He takes responsibility for his actions.

However, criteria for better performance is, healthy working conditions and good atmosphere.

                          Lifestyle improvement

His living style improves because  of purchasing power .

Even today the highest paid officer in central government cannot think of buying flats in South Mumbai.

Affording a bigger house in suburbs along with second home in village is possible.

Mode of travel to work changes.

Also he may travel in his private car.

However owning a BMW , Mercedes, or a helipad is beyond reach.

He can provide good schooling & college for his children because major part of the tuition fees is reimbursed.

 He can take a loan for pursuing studies abroad for his children and also for himself.

Good upbringing means healthy society.

Travel to home town and other places is possible because of LTC .

Now even travel to SAARC countries has been covered.

Still LTC covering travel to all countries is not admissible.

Better Health conditions

Health is another consideration.

Both govt. employee and his family is covered in health schemes .

Pensioners and their family are also covered.

Pensioners can avail medical facilities in empaneled hospitals on non payment basis.

There is  health center to give regular checkups  for small ailments.

For chronic ailments empaneled hospitals are available.

However the only hurdle is that good hospitals come in and go out of panel.

So continuity in treatment  of patient is impaired.

Patient stops regular follow ups in chronic ailments.  The high hospital rates are not affordable.

The private hospital rates are over and above the Cghs prescribed rates.

Since government rates are not revised regularly the CGHS prescribed rates is very low.

Good private Hospitals are not convenient with these government rates.

In case of retired person, government takes the initiative of paying  treatment costs.

However the hospital authorities complain of non receipt of dues. 

So they either cancel their panel listing or dilly dally  patients. 

This makes government employee, pensioners  and their family suffer on account of health .

Retirement benefits

Retirement benefits is based on last pay.

When last pay is high the retirement benefits also follow.

A good retired life means

1. good pension with  lumpsum in bank to foot his bills if required.

2. Free health care , free life after shouldering all responsibilities.

A retired person aspires this feature of retired life  and thus his self dignity improves.

He also becomes a productive person to society helping many NGO’s on a honorary basis.


Government functions are in a framework of rules and regulations.

Digitization enforces rules strictly .

Similarly enhanced wages will ensure strict implementation of rules and not it’s leakages.

Staff do major part of governmental work .

 Increasing fitness factor and raising pay to motivate everybody. 

Exploit their potential and pacify their ego .

Fulfil their legitimate demand .

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Do you all agree Money/finance/financial transactions processing very important in our day to day working. Yet we see Money is only a tool and not authority. It gives power but does not mean it is powerful.

What is the beginning of Finance/financial transaction processing ruling our world?

First of all, man realized the importance of trade long time from now. Thereafter trade began with money and finance. Financial transaction processing started from here.

Above all, this necessitated a medium of exchange and transit from barter  economy. Also, this transition necessitated a currency called money. Most noteworthy is different countries have different currencies along with regulatory body for eg  RBI in India.

What is a regulatory body? What are their roles in finance ruling our world?

Similarly ,every country have their own regulatory agency or bank. A governmental body created by legislature to execute ,enforce and implement certain laws.

First of all, bank regulation involves two steps 1.  Licensing 2. Supervising.

Furthermore licensing is regulatory guidelines as per bank’s operation, financial soundness, managerial action . Moreover, supervision is ensuring that functioning of bank complies with regulatory guidelines and monitoring possible deviation from regulatory standards . Eg. Federal Reserve System ,Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in US, Federal Conduct Authority , Federal Regulatory Authority in UK etc.

How money/finance ruling the world came into existence ?

It seems money invented as a medium of Exchange after immense struggle. Possibly, money is the road to all financial transactions processing . Furthermore,   a person’s measure  is money. Still, whether money or finance will rule our world is doubtful.

Lately bitcoin, cryptocurrency emerged. Certainly the main role of money is exchange medium.  conversion of bitcoin to euros or dollars is possible.


First of all,in earlier times in India a ruler portray his power in his own territory with his estates and Jagir. Furthermore, the strength of his defense forces, arms & ammunition, vastness of territory pictures his exact power to his rival kingdom. Moreover,the valued possessions, vastness of territory , unity etc reflected his authority to his neighboring kingdoms

Once upon a time India had 565 princely states ruled by kings/rulers. The major criteria to prove that the ruler was affluent  & powerful was size of his kingdom in all aspects.

comparison of curencies

Probably, country’s currency is compared with another  country’s currency. RBI HAS DEVALUED RUPEE AGAINST DOLLAR.

So,economists say this situation of currency getting devalued is because of several factors. The main reason which contribute to currency’s valuation is demand & supply of currency . will finance ever rule our world is question unanswered.

First of all on account of exports of products abroad the value of currency increases. Furthermore, in the reverse situation value of currency decreases. So money supply will be more than demand because RBI has issued lot of money. May be if a State earns more than it earns on taxes, then state issue more money to pay for deficit. Finally to prevent currency devaluation, lower down public debt. Above all,high interest  rates , raising incomes will prevent devaluation. Therefore high interest rates will attract NRI and foreign investors to deposit in our country. Finally,this way investors will buy our currency and our currency will appreciate.

How does Governments derive their economic power?

Governments derive their economic power from 4 key sources

  1. Print money 2.Issue 3. Taxation 4. Borrow

First of all,they hold monopoly in three areas. Furthermore in borrowing they print money to repay debts, certainly, when debts become onerous. Similarly open financial markets threaten future objectives. Another,large financial players, individual citizens  have the option to switch over to other tax regions with ease.

So, U.S. Government is waging a global war against its citizens to gain control over their taxable income. While, European nations are slow to give up their own taxation privileges.

Description of economic power

For the reason that printing money is the legal privilege and monopoly of Governments but currency soundness standards are strict. As a result, linking weak currency with stronger currency is done. LINKING OF PESO TO DOLLAR IS AN EXAMPLE.will finance ever rule our world is question till today?

what are the hurdles for regulation of financial markets?

Above all,openness of borders, difficulty in defining of territory which exists virtually are hurdles for regulation of financial markets. So all Governments can come together and establish global regulation. Even more individual governments should enforce minimum capital standards for internationalbanking.

Most noteworthy is the regulators are preserving a system which they are not thoroughly controlling.

Furthermore the  governments have immense control to change the markets with their policy moves. Even the financial authorities show how the markets reacts to their moves and financial transaction processing begins. So then one may wonder who is in charge. WILL FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS PROCESSING RULE OUR WORLD?

How did uncertainty of finance appear?

Similarly the 1987 Stock market crash, 1994 bond market crash have made markets uncertain. Furthermore,changes in political scenario in any part of the world, natural calamities created volatility in markets. Finally this has resulted in Government versus market struggle. Certainly good governance and sound economic management of governments of the world can deter this world from entering into economic crisis.

Finally market regulatory bodies independence depends on Political or other situations in any part of the world. Even more now the question is will finance ever rule our world? So, till this situation improves,  Money /Finance ruling the world is only a dream.Probably Money /Finance can rule our mind but not this world.

You can also read Is money evil or vice


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