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Do you think like a best blogger?-information-ideasforsure

Imagine I was  sitting before a computer with dishevelled hair and forgotten shave, not knowing what to write about . Then the bell rang and I felt a twitch in my hand and began fiddling the keys. My wife walks in with a glass of tea saying darling,  why don’t you think over a cup of tea?  The cardamom flavor knocked my head and complete disposition changed. Now I thought I am the best blogger. Idiot then write . why wait. This is my mind voice. I started writing. What I felt I should show before my wife I showed the whole world. This is confidence boss, confidence. You can also visualise and write.

When I began writing I thought what am I writing for? I am sharing information about the feelings of a blogger. You go to 9 to 5 job. You know what to do. But for a writer, blogger or for that matter any creative artists inspiration is everything.

You know words worth could write poetry only when he was with nature. Christina rossetti could write only when she was ailing. so many inspirations were gained either in their sufferings or location. But many time even our thinking guides us and makes us do something worthwhile.

You have  a passion then you can supplement with reading too many books to gain ideas and momentum. So this is how I started writing this post.

how do you feel when climbing is hard ?

Have you anytime heard this quote what you think about yourself,
matters most and not what others think about you.
Do you hear the whisper Think Think like a best blogger even if you have zero views?
It is very true Unless you think what you are How can you expect others to think the same way.
You only see your reflection in others eyes.
You only hear your thoughts from others mouth. Now you will ask Are you a face reader, hypnotist or some such thing.
I only set a path to success.

what do the success gurus tell us?

You must have read many self-development books
If you think these books are damn shit then sorry
But if you have read Secret, you can win etc
What do they say
Mark your destination
Then plan ahead
I must have already mentioned this in one of my post about goals
When destination is not clear then
Procrastination, laziness, boredom, slow death that is quit creeps in.
If destination is clear then the plan for the journey is perfect.
think you are the best blogger.

how do you protect yourself from negativity?

No visitor No problem
0 views No problem
Zero purchase no problem
This is if you are selling something like affiliate products.
No one is clicking on ads No problem
What do you want?
You want visitors, views, purchases, ads revenue
you know what you want
your destination

what helps to confront the problems?

Now I will tell you a story
I wanted to go to Delhi
planning for my tour for about a month
did everything like packing, purchasing ticket, keeping things ready for going etc etc.
Now to go to Delhi I had made all arrangements kept everything in suitcase
How will it be if I forget the suitcase key?

how do you apply your skill to confront the problems in blogging?

Same is the case
When we have best blogger website builder, think of profitable and passionate niche, then join as an affiliate with some company, put some ads etc also write some content
But what happened I forgot keywords
You will ask me what are keywords
Now you tell me how will you find my blog?
You will click on google search google and type ‘celebrations’
Imagine my site flashes
You immediately click on celebrations on my post and reach page on Amazon where you get lot of celebrations pack.
You have read my review
Oh there are four packages
Fine in which will I get gems
Oh it is assorted pack
Ok let me buy this and you add to cart, check out and make payment
After checking the date which generally is as per amazons guidelines
use it or gift it
You are asked for review by amazon
You give your experience.
Now what happens if I have not put this as a keyword or tag will the google algorithm find it
Will my site or URL get displayed
Will any action take place?
Sometimes even after giving this tag it bounces
there is coordination or linking problem

many factors determine your success even one is omitted success is delayed not denied

it is not that your content is not great but keywords, tags, links, content etc makes it greater.
Check if your links are working
tags and keywords are pointing properly
all tags are spelled correctly
Many ingredients put in a step by step fashion
Make a tasty curry
So also blogs written in a step by step way
Coordinating all factors make
A good post
what if one thing went wrong
could not get visitors
viewing or clicking on ads
But are you not the best blogger?
You know your destination
How to become a best blogger? You know it.


We are determined to write many more motivational posts here. Are you the next reader

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