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how to Expect to go from zero to 5k visitors for your blog-information-ideasforsure

Isn’t this an irony?

I heard somebody the other day saying set your expectation right and you yield results. so to expect to go from zero to 5K visitors for your blog or be successful you have to plan carefully.

A person in under ventilation .What do you do ? Now, you either pray for his life or peaceful death. But, he is unconscious and internally he has a desire to live and enjoy the fruits of his life. Finally, he trusts himself so he recovers.

Similarly, a poor person wants money. Further, he does everything possible to earn, borrow, or even steal to get that money. Does he think how he will get it? He only thinks he should , he can. So, it is hope and intention that gets him the money he wants.

so, this is what you also require. You should only think you can. You know you want 5000 readers or followers for your blog daily. Your know you want traffic. you can get this traffic. All those who have got this traffic are great bloggers today , but have been in this place not knowing what to do sometime back ? You only want the ten letter word confidence.

There are lots of people on this internet who are earning a lot of money doing just this blogging, youtubers, affiliate marketing etc. Now is your turn. You punch the keys on this typewriter. you write posts so that the readers from the bottom of their hearts understand and appreciate your views on same subject or different subjects. So you have a desire and to fulfil your desire you are ready to take pains. You know no pain no gain. But do it looking forward for better results.

You want to eat toast and go to the bakery and ask for bread. There is no bread left in the bakery on that particular day. Do you leave it . Okay let me forget. No. You go to next bakery. You search, buy and finally eat the toast made. so also in life. This is the ultimate truth.

There are so many shops in the same area selling same things so many vendors selling vegetables and also so many buyers. One seller of one commodity is buyer of another commodity. if that is the case getting 5k readers followers or buyers is not impossible. This is your expectation

So it is you who has to think and expect the possibilities of getting 5000 readers, buyers and followers. It is you who has to understand the truth . Finally, expectation and also not hard work but smart work till you achieve is the requirement.

You must punch the keys. Also, decide what to write. You must behave like you are suffering from insomnia. Your mind and body should coordinate and find a way to achieve this success. The likelihood of achievement scales northward.

Otherwise what do you do first. You think why my post is not reaching the people or coming in golden triangle on google so that you don’t get ignored. why my blog is not appearing in search and why in spite of littering on social sites not getting results? will these yield results ? No what are you thinking? should you give paid search or free search etc? This apprehension and fear scales you southward. Is it not your assumption. ?

Only think it will happen. Just expect . Write, expect, write expecting, write. Don’t allow negative impossible thoughts enter you. Ultimately,you know while you are punching the keys that surely 5000 people are reading and also buying the products from your links. Don’t encourage doubts or apprehensions. Only set right expectations.

you know you have not linked with any unknown marketplace. you are connected to the best of best. Your buyers also know you are only promoting the products for simple commission and it will not affect their pockets. it is win win situation. The buyers buy from your links and you get commission and the buyers get their goods intact in their doors without any price difference.

Now is the time to just be free thinking how will you feel if you get 5K readers and buyers daily? how to expect to go from zero to 5k visitors .

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