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Names of application server in java, when you can use shared server and when to use dedicated server, how to select the right application server etc is given in this topic.

First of all, application server sits in between web server and database server. Further , there are many application server examples. application server WebSphere is one such server. Most of the application servers in java given below.

Now a server is a software running on a machine to handle requests from the clients. Also, this runs 24X7 as it connected to internet. So, the website stored on the server.

Moreover, we have web server, application server and database server installed on same machine or different machines depending upon the load and volume of work, No. of visitors etc. .

First of all when you have a website that handles 1000 visitors request on a daily basis you can have shared hosting and all these servers are installed and run on the same machine./computer.

Further if we have big database and more than one lakh visitors daily then it is better to hoist on dedicated server with VPN for security reasons. Then we will have three servers installed on three different machines but the functions remain the same.

What does the webserver , application server and database server handle?

First of all Webserver handles HTTP requests and hands out HTML pages. Further, Webserver runs on Apache, Nginx, IIS, Microsoft etc. Also, Webserver can map the parts of URL (Uniform Resource Allocator) into

an external and internal program

A local file resource

So,If there was no webserver then requesting a name file and age file will be like this

https:// file://c://documents%nameand%age/Home.index.html

Moreover, in case of bank our login request is the web server request. Also, It resides on port 80/443 and handles HTTP request . However, If page not found the error message 404 – page not found flashes.

Now application server is go between web server and database server. So,an application server can often be described as a software framework that resides on the middle tier of Service centric architecture. However, database is never available on the internet for security reasons. Most noteworthy is that it is the dynamic application server which fetches the database for the client using some protocols . Now these protocols depend upon application business logic. In banks to serve their purpose they use Application server Flex cube. Application server will always sit on DMZ.

However , Database server uses protocols ODBC ,JDBC etc. Also, it runs on MYSQL, Oracle, Postgre SQL etc

Need for application server

Application server integrates database with existing system

Helps to solve complex transaction

E Commerce

website support

web integrated collaboration

Load balancing




redundancy high performance

What will happen if there is no application server

First of all, Webserver can only handle HTTP request so the webpage will be displayed and pricing information will be handed over to server side program .Now, suppose the query is about price of certain product the pricing information will be displayed but comparisons and other logical analysis will not be available. So, application server uses its business logic application to give useful information.

How to choose right application servers

  1. Reliability and performance are the Key factors
  2. Reviews of users will guide your purchase
  3. Use of free VPN or paid VPN is must to protect from third party

Examples of Application server in Java

JBoss is a open source application server in Java server for JBoss community

Glassfish Provided by Sun Microsystems and now acquired by Oracle

WebLogic : Provided by Oracle . it is more secured

WebSphere : provided by IBM


Apache Tomcat

Apache Tom EE



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