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start own blog – how to make your own blog in 2020 -ideas for sure


  1. Introduction to start own blog
  2. why do you create your own blog?
  3. How do i start my own blog?
  4. what is a blog?
  5. History of blog
  6. Progress of blogging
  7. what are the misconceptions of make your own blog?
  8. steps taken to start your own blog
  9. summary
  10. what is the difference between start own blog in 2006 and 2020?
  11. conclusion
  12. contact form
  13. outward links
  14. inward links
time to start own blog if not now when?

Introduction to start own blog

When we talk about blogging do you know what blogging was in yesterold days as compared to today? Can you estimate the competition in this blogosphere NOW ? Now tell me whether information I am giving will be useful to you ? who knows ? So lets begin. Do not skip the principles of blogging. Understand fully and if required join the world of blogging. Only when you jump into water will you learn to swim. Just watching the waters will not add to your experience isn’t it? so also is blogging.

WILL BLOGGIGNG THRIVE after YouTube, podcasts etc.   Is blogging dead? See the statistics and find the progress. Read the entire blog to understand the changes. Read entirely to know the dos and don’ts.

why do you create your own blog?


how do i start my own blog?

This is a question which haunted me several times before writing. I have worked with Government in the middle management level. I have supervised administrative and accounting functions. Neither my academic background nor my job experience supports this idea of blogging. I may be in a position to write volumes about my job having spent 35 years. But before this I wanted to know about blogging. In this post I will be writing about How to start your own blog in 2020.

There may be people who are looking out for options. They may be having an aptitude for writing. They may be having inspiring ideas. If this blog of mine could help some one come out of their shell. If my blogs could help someone to open their feeling and share their ideas with the whole world. They may also opt for making money online. So, I am writing this post to enable people to write.

What is a blog?

I am sure we all have heard about this word blog. We have never understood the importance of blogs. Blog is nothing but a type of website focusing on written content about any particular subject or topic. This is known as blogpost. You can read my post blogging and blogpost benefits -10 best niches to write.

 EVERY PERSON TODAY HAS ADEQUATE KNOWLEDGE ABOUT EVERY ASPECT OF LIFE. So, he does not take anything just as a matter of fact. He wants matter supplemented with images, statistics, infographic etc. You can see the search queries on Bing and google. Man, already has all the knowledge. Just a little more information will be enough to light up his journey or use these ideas in his post or his life.

A blog can help you inform, educate, promote and even sell but only if you are clear about the intent from the start. According to codex.wordpress blog is an abbreviated form of weblog. A term used to describe websites that maintain a chronicle of information. A blog shows diary type commentary and links to articles on other websites usually presented as a list of entries in reverse chronological order.

Before setting up a blog let us see when internet was introduced? When this concept blog was introduced? what is the progress in this blogosphere?

History of blog

Right from introduction of internet i.e.1990 and also beginning of blogging in 1994 the blogosphere has seen several changes. The first blog was from This was created by Justin Hall a Swarthmore college student in 1994.  He referred to it as his homepage.  The term weblog was coined by John Barger in 1997.  So, a blog is a website in which things are posted on a regular basis. The word blog was a shortened form of weblog. The first blogging platform was open diary in 1998.

From 1998 to 2006 so many blogging platforms came up. In 1998 there were just 23 blogs which grew to 50 million in 2006. IN 2015 it crossed 16 billion posts and now 1.6 million posts are written on a daily basis.  Search engines are indexing 90 million pages daily. After WordPress coming as a blogging platform and growth of social sites gave phenomenal rise in blog writing. Podcasts, voiceblog, youtube videos etc has made blogging barge ahead.

Progress of blogging:

There is tough competition in this area. Still you know every blog blogger have their own ideas their own perspective, their own experience and they want to voice out these ideas to the reader directly. Actually, blog is direct communication with readers. Readers give their comments. When interacting to comments blogger gain trust and loyalty of readers. We all mostly write with one purpose that is make money online BY SHARING FACTS AND FIGURES WITH THE WORLD.

What are the misconceptions of make your own blog

You need to be a good writer: 

   Firstly, You need not be a good writer but you need to open your heart and talk on a topic you are passionate about. You don’t need to be a expert, but you can hear to experience of someone and illustrate as your own experience. Say in food blog you can try and exhibit recipes prepared by you even with mistakes if at all. Be ready to improve on progressive comments. 

Way to making easy money:

Blogging is not any easy avenue to make money online. There are few top bloggers who have given up all distractions for some time to be a successful blogger. Just few hours a day or few hours in a week is not any way to make money online.  But if done correctly employing all tools then blogging can be lucrative. You have to spend few hours for some days persistently to make money continuously.

Way to gain recognition: 

BLOGGING CAN BE A MEANS TO GAIN RECOGNITION AND RESPECT. But don’t imagine you will become a celebrity or gain the exposure of a political figure overnight. You will have to work your way to the top. Many bloggers are experts in this field because of their blogs. Some have written books on blogging., Some have got book and movie deals or agency deals because of their blogs.


Is there anything in this world which you can do alone. Man prefers isolation but for shorter intervals in a day. Otherwise man is a social king. So also, for blogging man prefers community, forum, likes, followers, friends, relations and their sharing with their group etc.  Social medium marketing is an avenue in which you can expose your blog to gain traffic. Now the internet is booming with lot of blog bloggers. So now is the time to get attention of potential readers for your blogs. It gives you an opportunity to teach your readers to learn from following what steps do you take to start your own blog.

Blogging can be done for free:

There is nothing in this world which is free. If you are really serious about blogging as a career then learn from the successful bloggers how they did it, then buy the tools necessary and blog. Time is money in this sphere of blogging.  Everyday there are vital changes and to catch up with the changes require proper skills.  If iniated properly then the chance of failing is very less unless you don’t do it. When you are ready the teacher appears.

Steps taken to start your own blog

Blog is an Art or performance-based activity which requires certain tools/ steps for blogging.

Like dance or music or any form of art there are sure shot steps. The grace and beauty of the dance lies in how strong your steps are. Similarly, in music how strong your ragas are determine your deliverance of song.

So also, is your steps towards blogging. I have read several blogs like cristian Mihai’s Art of blogging. Blogging cage , then Neil patels’s blog, and many other blogs and heard audios, videos, podcast , youtubers etc.

They all convey the same message in different forms. I can write the six steps in one go but I want my readers to understand it thoroughly.

Each step is so important that taking the next step without determining the first is dangerous.

The attribution shows it can be commercially used

The above picture shows a classroom or conference room of budding bloggers discussing how to start your own blog in 2020? Tough competition and lot of developments are inducing teams to come together and work focused in one direction. But blogging has a strong foundation which has not changed over the years. So, the steps to blogging or start your own blog in 2020 remains the same as yester years.  Now let us see another picture of steps to blogging.

six steps to start your own blog

Select a topic or best niches to start own blog :

You can read my post writing blogpost ? benefits and best niche click here

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA offline source to start your own blog The attribution states it can be used commercially


These books depict varied topics on which you can start your blog in 2020

  1. Hobbies or interesting topics

So, you can select by classifying your interest as per the classification of topics given above. Thereafter check on which of the selected topics can you write at least five to six posts with 10 points and elaborate. IF YOU WANT TO LEARN SOMETHING NEW YOU CAN READ FROM ALL ONLINE AND OFFLINE SOURCES AND WRITE YOUR OWN BLOG AND GIVE CREDIT TO THOSE WHO HAVE HELPED YOU.

To start a blog website a individual /company should focus on 1. purpose of the blog. 2. subject of the blog.

Purpose of the blog means whether the blog is for making money by promoting something say some brands etc or for giving information about some topics of your interest.

Generally, blogs are written on one particular niche/ topic you are passionate about. But you can also build blogs on varied subject from personal to political. Just like my niche is blogging and affiliate marketing.

I will give you a quote which I read in one of the blogs by microweber team regarding selection of wide range of topics ‘Like in movies, bad guys fire in all directions, protoganist aims carefully and shoots only once but does it right.’

Hence selection of one niche and posting topics is the ideal way to create best blog websites. Read about different types of niche blogging and blogpost benefits-10best niches to blog-ideasforsure

The first crucial step is idea and research

Without having a goal going ahead is meaningless. Without having a destination journey becomes cumbersome. In the same way blogging without a subject is not worthwhile.

You have to start with a topic on your subject. If the topic is parenting then whether parenting of toddlers, kids, children, adolescents or adults have to be determined. Similarly, if the topic pertains to students then the range of topics on this subject will vary. If you want to write a blog on real estate or lifestyle then the topics will differ. Cut the subject into several topics and subtopics like cutting a tree into branches and twigs. Thus, every twig of the tree is important. So also, every subtopic is important.

Thus, deciding on a subject/topic is very important. That alone is not enough. Every blog of yours should be unique and it should give all the content regarding a topic in such a way that it appeals to the readers. For this purpose, you have to research many blogging sites on this subject. So also, You should read articles, blogs regarding this subject written by different authors on the same subject. You have to hear to podcasts; you tube videos and get every term clarified so that we don’t leave any stone unturned.

Again microweber team quote comes to my mind Post regularly enough but don’t strain yourself too much. Match your own pace.

Analyze the articles or blogs to get ideas and arrange it in such a way that will appeal to the readers. You are not rewriting the blog in your way but using the ideas and structure, keywords, quotes, stimulating lines to create new blog. Your ideas will be garnished to get a finished product. You can use keyword analyzer tool to check which keyword receives high traffic and insert the same in your new blog.

Details of Author, topics,their links may be noted or bookmark such sites so that you can mention it under reference or give their links while writing your topic.


Having selected your niche or topic your next work is to select your blog title. This title will enable you to focus on where to start, how to start and also why.

In my own case I selected the niche blogging and affiliate marketing. I wanted to learn and understand the nuances of these topics. What I am doing is collecting information about these two topics and sharing with you all to the minutest details. So, I gave the title information. Earlier blog names were based on Keyword research. Your blog title will tell what your blog is about. Now search engines algorithm does not encourage this. The title should communicate to the readers what the blog is about but need not be keyword rich.

Keywords :

While reading the article /blog look out for keywords. Now you will ask me what are the keywords? If you all remember when you want to search about something say How to let out your flat on rent? Then we type on google blog search and we get several answers to our question This Let out flat on rent is Keyword. This is called long tail keyword.

Supposing you are looking for what is blogging? then the query will be what is blogging? or definition of blogging etc. So, when you place this query you get several answers.

Now you must have understood what is keyword. Sometimes we use brand names as keywords for purchasing anything. Say Samsung refrigerator. Thus, while reading the article or blog mark for keywords.

A good title/blog name need not be keyword rich but should be descriptive. It should inform the reader the topic on which this blog will be focusing. The potential reader can understand what the blog is about.

  selecting a domain name and registering:

You have to select a domain name and a hosting provider. To know about domain name and hosting providers you can read my post Registering domain name click at the end of post and best blogging platforms click at end of post. You can also read web hosting web builder or c panel click at the end of post.  It is better to select the domain based on your title. Again, with my own example I selected ideasforsure as domain name. When I collect information and pass on this information to you all, I am actually giving ideas and strategies. You can even use your own name as your domain name for e.g. This helps in building a brand name for your blog. Always select domain name,.org, .net extension. If your blog or business is confined to one country then country-based domain names is also better like .in etc. Let’s say your blog is about blogging then your blog title can be all about blogs or blogs forever and domain name can be blogging ideas, blogsreadforever etc. subject to availability. 

which is the best domain and hosting provider?

There are many domain name providers but go daddy is cheapest and affordable. There are so   many hosting providers who give domain name as part of their package. Eg. Blue host of which I am affiliated. People from any part of the globe can click on links to buy hoisting platform from Blue host for two reasons. They are cheap and affordable. Also, They give free domain and WordPress install as part of their package.  They give 24/7 support.  You can click on the link provided on the left side of the page to join. HostGator etc. Like me you can also purchase domain name and hosting from In domain names you cannot use punctuations or any spaces but you can use dash in between words. The dash forms part of your domain. You can use small words like a, an, the, but etc in domain names.

Customize your blog:

  • When I say customize means you are setting up a blog. In blogger you have layout while in WordPress you have customize. It means you are designing your site. Firstly, you decide on a theme. Themes are designs for the site. There are many free and paid themes in wordpress which is a blogging platform. You click on appearance on the left side menu. Hover around all the themes. View the demo and click activate. The theme begins to function. Better to choose a light theme having AMP enabled. AMP means Accelerated mobile pages. These improve performance of pages on a mobile.  What is the difference between paid themes and free themes? Many plugins are not compatible with free themes. Plugins are used to enable the theme, page loader, block editor or classic editor, java software etc work effectively so that there is no corruption of data or machine getting hanged often. You not only customize your theme, you also customize the menu, widget, logo, site tagline, sharing buttons of social sites, etc. Selecting the time zone of your country etc is all done manually.  Activating the site on google search console, Bing search console, Yandex, yahoo search engines and copying the code on the site.  Activating google analytics for your site and copying the code on your site.  Once your site is completely setup and ready for writing your first post.

Writing and publishing

  • You click on new post on your dashboard and you see a default post on your WordPress blog. Send the default post to thrash and click add new. Type relevant content along with title of your post. You can add a picture by clicking on add image icon. click upload to upload the picture.  You can adjust the picture or caption from media library. Fill the alt attribute, description, caption and edit the image to required size. Use the focus keyword for the image caption or alt attribute. Then insert the image in the post. Give relevant headlines with keywords. Give subheadings with keywords or synonyms. Other keywords in the passage can be used in tags. Set the category. Since this is a new post create a category. To read what are keywords?   check passive voice, transition word, focus keyword, meta description etc using focus keyword . The content you should write on your blogpost should be both qualitative and quantitative also.  Big posts covering all points are preferred. However, it should be conversation type and not too theoretical like college study material. To write great content.

Promote your blog & monetize:

  • After you have written great content and published then you should promote the content means social media marketing, Email marketing, reading other blogs and commenting, linking to other blogs, guest posting, forums, seminars, webinar, community blogging, directory listing etc. Pay per click ads in AdWords and Facebook ads are another way to promote your site. Why should you promote the site? As I told you already finding your site on www is like searching needle on desert. To take your site to forefront and get lot of traffic you have to use many of these methods. Read traffic generation click here.  Writing great content regularly alone is not enough. Promotion is a must is what I feel. However, I have heard of bloggers who wrote one post daily for 45 days and they say they could reach the golden triangle for every keyword. They could get huge traffic also. It means the traffic is based on the strength of the keyword.   I have not tested it till now.  Monetize your post. Read How to earn money blogging click here. I personally feel monetizing the blog after getting considerable amount of traffic like 30000 visitors on a monthly basis. Build a strong foundation and then the results will appear automatically.

I have given sufficient details about How to start your own blog in 2020? Although the fundamentals remain the same, incorporation of slight variations will help you build a blog . Now what you have to remember is this. Let us recapitulate all the points .


select your topic or niche for starting own blog

  1. While selecting your topic/niche you should select a niche in such a way that you don’t lose interest over time. So, adhering to principles of selecting the topic of your interest, hobbies, passionate about, want to learn or self-achievement or self-suffering which you want to share with the world. You should be in a position to write few posts and few points in each post. This test will decide your post.

Picking your blog name/title:

  •   Depending on the niche you have selected you can select the Blog name. The blog name should communicate your intent to the readers. It should not be keyword rich but communicate the logic, intent or essence of the blog.

Selecting a domain name and registering:

  •  Select domain name based on title. check its availability. It need not be keyword rich but should communicate the intent of the site.Buy a domain name from go daddy because it is cheap and affordable and then select hosting provider to register . Alternately you can select hosting providers who give domain name as part of package eg blue host.

     Customizing the blog:

This is nothing but selecting the theme to design your blog. The Theme may be free or premium. But it should be light theme, comprehensive with all features, compatible with all  plugins ,AMP etc.  You not only customize your theme, you also customize the menu, widget, logo, site tagline, sharing buttons of social sites, etc. Selecting the time zone of your country etc is all done manually.  Activating the site on google search console, Bing search console, Yandex, yahoo search engines and copying the code on the site.  

  Writing and publishing :

  • Writing good content, title, ie headlines, subheadings, meta descriptions, tags then conforming to SEO guidelines is all about writing when the content is ready text, images, voice etc then click on publish.


  •  promote the content means social media marketing, Email marketing, reading other blogs and commenting, linking to other blogs, guest posting, forums, seminars, webinar, community blogging, directory listing etc. Pay per click ads in AdWords and Facebook ads are another way to promote your site.


  1. Keywords are not used now. It is key phrases or longtail keywords which is in usage,
  2. Primary keyword or key phrase cannot be used more than say a prescribed number of times. Even algorithm prefers only 5-6 keywords or key phrases. The post should be human readable and not bot readable.
  3. Even algorithm does not accept too many ads on a page just like human. Man uses adblockers. Bots ignore such pages.
  4.  You cannot write anything. Matter is to be substantiated by using links.
  5.  5 If there is no outward or inward links then again there is no assurance that your blog will appear on the first page.
  6. Bots prefer backlinks to a site. It should not be purchased link or link by mutual understanding.
  7.  IMAGES., PODCASTS ON A BLOG IS GIVEN MORE VALUE. The image should be explained in the caption.   
  8. Duplicate matter is ok .
  9. You cannot copy or steal any image without permission. This will end in banning of site or copyright infringement. Text or image with creative common license allowed. YOU SHOULD SEE ATTRIBUTION BEFORE USING IT WHETHER FOR COMMERCIAL OR NON COMMERCIAL USE. If you use somebody’s matter to make up your text give credit by mentioning the source.
  10. More the competition, more the checks.


Having written all this about How to start your own blog in 2020.  I think many of you will have an open mind to start your own blog . You may buy products by clicking on the shop or Also, You can read the reviews and click on links or products to buy.

However, You may fill this contact form so that I can connect to you. Your details will be maintained strictly confidential.



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