top internet browsers-What are the types of web browsers?-

what is web browsers? Which are the top internet browsers?

Web browsers are software you can install on your PC to access the internet. Currently to navigate to my site you must be using some web browser. Browsing or surfing is nothing but navigating through pages of information.

The top internet browsers are internet explorer, google chrome, firefox, edge. other internet browsers are Netscape, opera, safari, lynx etc

Internet explorer top internet browsers from 2002

First of all,Internet explorer is a product of Microsoft a giant in the software arena. Further,this is the most common top internet web browser in 2002. Thus this was introduced in 1995 along with windows 1995. Now,it has surpassed Net scape popularity since 1998. Since January 12,2016 Microsoft has dropped all support for Internet explorer all versions other than version 11. Windows 8.1 and windows7 users can have access to Internet Explorer version 11

What happens if we use some other version of IE ?

First of all they will get some security problems which is difficult to discover. Further,if such problems appear their fixation is impossible making it vulnerable to attack. Also all those users of windows vista, xp windows 8, windows 7. windows RT etc. can switch to latest internet browser Edge a current browser of Microsoft and is the future of Microsoft. Alternately use google browser like chrome browser or Mozilla Firefox

Netscape top internet browsers of 1990’s

First of all, Netscape is one of the original best web browsers. Further in 1994, introduction of proprietary web browser and original web browser of Netscape line came into effect. Thus it was product of Netscape communication corporation. It was dominant user in terms of usage in 1990’s.The Netscape corporation did not sustain Netscape navigators technical innovation in the late 1990’s. Similarly the increased use of Microsoft Internet explorer lead to the down fall of this browser in 2002. The business demise of Netscape a central premise of Microsoft ‘s antitrust trial wherein the court ruled Microsoft’s bundling of Internet Explorer with the windows operating system was a monopolistic and illegal business practise. The decision came too late for Netscape. However by then Internet Explorer had become the dominant web browser for windows.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft creates Microsoft Edge. It is a proprietary software. In 2015 Microsoft edge was the fast browser of windows 10 and Xbox one. Thereafter Android and iOS . Edge includes integration with Cortana and has extensions hosted on Microsoft store. It is 100% safe and virus free. Edge integrates with Microsoft online platforms in order to provide voice control, search functionality, and dynamic information related to searcher within the address bar. Users can make annotation to web pages that can store and shared with one drive but can’t save HTML pages to their own computer. Preliminary support for browser extension was in 2016.


Browsers based on Mozilla code is the second largest browser family on the internet today representing 30% of internet community. Mozilla is a open source web browser design for standards, compliance, performance and portability. Discussion forums, software engineering tools, releases, bug tracking etc helps in coordinating browsers development and testing.

chrome top internet browsers of today

google creates chrome. so, it is google software. Now, it is free and licenced software. Also, it is used with Linux, MacOS, Windows, Android OS. Nowadays Google chrome is one of the top internet browsers.

Firefox top internet browsers in 2009

Firefox is a new browser derived from Mozilla.Its release in 2004 made it second most popular internet browser. It is used across all platforms. It is compatible with OS 10.9,Linux, windows 7,Android jelly bean, IOS 11, various unix system. However, its usage is less than4.66% .In 2009 Firefox usage grew to 32% With version 3.5 overtaking IE7.

However usage then declined in competition with chrome. As of March2019, Firefox has 9.57% usage. In cuba enteria usage is more than 75%.

Actually it was called phoenix in the beginning a mythical firebird that rose triumphantly from ashes of dead predecessor I.e. Netscape after it had been Killed by Microsoft Internet explorer in the first Browser war. Firefox is a widely localized web browser. It was released in 24 different languages.


Having given you information about web browsers can you tell me which browser do you choose? Why?

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comparison between webserver, web client and web browser.

Friends ,here in this post I will be giving information about comparison between web server, web browser and web client. However let me refresh your memory about how we started. My goal is teaching you to develop a blog following the important steps . I started telling you all How to open a blog post and start blogging online. Here I emphasized the purpose or need for a blog. I have mentioned unless the purpose is defined there is no meaning in continuing. Once your purpose is known, research on this idea has to be done.

how keywords are selected

While doing research key words are tracked. The keywords are checked for competition in Keyword tool planner. Even Google trends gives region wise or country wise competition for these key words.The key word which has high competition is then used in the blog post both in head lines and as key phrase. Now in this post my key phrase is comparison between webserver, web client and web browser. I checked Google trends for this. I found this phrase has low competition . However web server has high competition than the other two terms.

How to choose domain names

Thereafter I proceeded to choosing domain name. It is very important that the domain name is about the niche you have decided. I also gave you details about what not to include while choosing domain names. I gave you names of some sites wherein you will get domain names.

what are the website types and purposes.

I gave you information about types of website depending on purpose. I also gave you difference between blogs and website.

How to build your website whether web builder or cpanel hosting

After this I wanted to give information about web hosting providers to host your website. Before that I tried giving you details about the two methods of hosting your website, that is web builder & c panel. I gave you the advantages & disadvantages of both the methodologies. I also gave you information about what to avoid while building your own website.

What is the comparison between web server and application server

After dealing with all the topics I gave you information about web server, application server and how they work together to improve functioning of website.

Now I have to clear many more terminologies like web server, web browser and web client and compare them.

what is a server

A server is a computer that provides information to other computers. These computers are called clients and they connect to the server either through Local Area Network or Wide Area Network. Thus a server manages Network resources. It stores the website in a location and retrieves required information and provides to other computer.

comparison between web server, web client and web browser

Webserver store HTTP & FTP contents of a website and provides information as per HTTP requests in the form of HTML pages, image files , video files etc. If URL is typed on a browser then the server locates this URL and the html web page is served by the web server. So the web browser becomes the client . The web server does the work of processing and providing the web page to the client that is the browser and makes it available to the end user.

what is a web browser

A web browser is a software which allows interaction between web server & user.

Which are the web browsers?

Mozilla fire fox, Microsoft edge, google chrome, safari and Opera. Smart phones use android ios which are also browsers

When the user types the URL or file required then the web browser becomes a client and puts up the request to webserver. The web server processes the request and provides the web page to the browser or client and thus the end user gets the required document. In case the document is not found then the webserver gives error message 404 not found.

A webserver handles upto 80000 connections at a time while web browser handles 500-1000 connections per I P.

over loading of web browser happens because of

slow network, excess web traffic, viruses, trojans and other worms, internet bots.


So we have compared web server web browser or otherwise can be called web client. The web browser features can be expanded by use of plugins. Now we will go to the next topic how to choose application server in the next post.


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