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Best microsoft office 365

Are you tempted  to have this prestigious software buy here


Microsoft office reviews

FIRST OF ALL,Microsoft Office 365 Home edition is available with Amazon affiliate center. Furthermore, you can use Microsoft office 365 software on 6 devices. Thus,this subscription is for one year. oreover, this is available for platforms like windows 8,windows 10, Mac OS X, Windows 7

Now,You can download this item and reinstall. Also, versions up to date of Word, Excel, Power point, Access, One note,and Publisher are available. Even more Cloud or one drive storage of 1 TB is available.

Most noteworthy, You can install easily ms office 365 on mobile and multiple smart phones including i phones & android phones. Now Click on this and thus you will reach the page of affiliate center and almost make the purchase.

Use of Microsoft 365 review

Microsoft word, Microsoft access, ms office suite are synonyms for this product. Similarly there are some editions also like Microsoft office home and business, Microsoft office windows, Microsoft office applications, Microsoft office student, Microsoft office professional, Microsoft office suite etc. Any how everything is same but there are slight deviations in its configuration and compatibility . however Microsoft office365 is complete.

I  am personally using this product and found this to be the best.


I am a MacOS user but predominantly use Microsoft Office due to my organizational commitments. While evaluating the trial O365 version, I experienced a real swiftness in opening office apps like Excel, Word, and Powerpoint compared to cracked versions on my MacBook as well as Windows desktop. The best part of buying O365 Home edition is that it offers you with all the latest updates released by Microsoft and OneDrive storage space of 1TB cloud storage space. In this internet era, and with the O365 subscription, one can altogether avoid the use of large external hard disks, as the data sync can be performed across mobiles, tablets, and computers. Irrespective of the OS platform, one can easily share the license and use the Office suite. The only mandatory for buying, using or sharing O365 Home licenses is that its members should have valid Outlook/Hotmail/Live accounts.

The package was delivered promptly. Renewing my subscription was as simple as typing in the 20 key password and, hey presto! my subscription was renewed for another year.
This was cheaper than the rate offered by Microsoft! How? Don’t know.
There is no need to validate the versatility of the Office 365 suite. WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT are universally used and trusted.

Increasing user limit to 6 is a gift. You can now share with more people and get the value.
Usually, I buy it during the sale period for about Rs. 3500. I charge my friends about 1k per user. So it is like using a free Office 365 for me.
Features are excellent and so it the cloud storage.
Just buying the 1 TB cloud storage for a year will cost you as much as Office 365. So even that way it is like using Office 365 for free if you need a lot of cloud storage.

I purchased this product a fortnight back and unable to activate it. The problem is not just me and my computer but the same problem is being faced by my son and daughter on their respective laptops. The product has a one year life and can be used by six people in the family. Despite all my attempts to get in touch with Microsoft are going in vain. The toll free numbers keep you on hold forever. Amazon on its part is not willing to have anything to do with the product and nor is it willing to replace it. I don’t know what I am supposed to do next????


I got Kaspersky free with MS Office !

it is new product. there is one review but it is positive. so don’t worry try

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