how to write great content and benefits of writing great content

If you ask any blogger how to make my blog viral? You will receive writing great content as answer. I was brainstorming my head regarding what makes great content? Is it matter of quality or quantity?. Another blogger says it is your choice whether you write great content and expect desired results or write anything gibberish and accept the outcome.

Now you know in this digital world everything is laid down in a procedure which makes it easy even for a idiot box to understand and give the correct answer. So knowledge + presentation+ promotion makes great content. I have driven the point straight instead of beating round the bush. I will explain peoples working with an example.

Once in my office we all ladies had to overstay due to some power failure and trains were not running . We also had a male officer who is an IT expert. He to keep all ladies cheerful asked them to tell something and he too will give some puzzles which will keep the ladies think of the answer . I remember one such puzzle. He asked the ladies how do you check the dough you have made is right to make chapatis? See this is called observation and awareness of what we are doing in our daily chore. We do it everyday but we miss it. Nobody knew. He said don’t you put your forefinger in the dough to check. If dough does not stick to your finger then the dough is ready to make chapatis. Simple isn’t it.

Procedure we usually follow in writing blogs.

Why I gave you this incident is because we all write blogs but we never realise what we are missing . We are having our own niche. Now we get so many questions in our mind. We also have answers to it . We put these details in a methodological way so that it can help somebody with similar questions. This is called practise. we don’t think about improving or rather we want consistency and not repeated changes. We read a lot . some ideas flash in our minds. we note it down. We use these guidelines to write a blog. After writing we feel contented because we know this blog is serving as an answer to several people’s questions. But do you get your desired outcome. Often it is no. Why?

So to write great content also we have to follow some set procedures so that we get great results. How does any post go viral?

Some two persons see it they like it they share it with few of their friends and so on. Now generally what happens with 75% of blogs or anything is people don’t see it or they see, read etc but don’t share. They don’t feel it worth sharing. In millions of blogs, podcasts and so on and so forth just to be found requires some laid down steps. To appear on the golden triangle on the first page of search engines as answer to queries requires real work to acquire that dominating position.

How do we do this?

Originality :

Your blog should be original. When we say original don’t think you have to invent something. It is the unique angle you give to this subject. If you raise the query on search engine as ‘great content’ you will get about 2 lakh replies. Then how to be found for this key phrase?

This is where your originality appears. Originality is words coming from your heart and entering readers heart and retaining on their minds. Every time they remember about this key phrase “great content” your blog should come to their mind.

This is how your originality impacts and makes a place in several heart and minds. Have you seen some celebrities actions are leaving an impact on people’s mind. Why ? it is his style. It is original not duplicate.

The minute the idea of writing this blog flashed in your mind it started searching for words and sentences to write this post. But however you try, stretching yourself beyond 100-300 words is difficult. So researching is very essential. Research expands your knowledge base and also helps in presentation.

Research for great content

Do keyword research because your focus key phrase appears on your title/headline. This is Search engine requirement. For Keyword research you use key word research tool. You also have to see that your keyword appears in subheadings. But you go to keyword tool planner and find out four or five keywords. Then go to google and put your focus key phrase as query. You get several sites. Now mark the first four to five sites. These sites have been recognized by people as best for this phrase. This will serve three purpose. Knowledge, presentation and outbound links. Incorporate these ideas and integrate with your ideas. This is imparting the knowledge received by you from several sources and also emphasizing the importance with your own ideas.


Any article, post everything most important part is the title or headlines. Bloggers say write irresistible headlines, killer headlines, summarized headlines, curious headlines etc. Even in Daily newspaper people read the headlines and visualize the entire happening. Then to expect a person to read the whole blog to understand what it conveys is too much. But the headline should motivate him to read further. what makes a person read from start to bottom of a page ? need. So if your blog is answer to somebody’s need it will evoke interest. If it touches his pain point or hurting his ego or if this is answer to questions raising in his head, he will read it from start to finish. Every line should lead him to read the next line. He should feel if he has missed some point by just scanning through. One blogger devised a strategy to make irresistible headlines. The formula is number+ key phrase+ call to action. Some key questions like what, how, why with key phrase arouses curiosity which motivates them to read further. These are a requirement for search engines also.

sub headings

Just below the title a subheading having the key phrase and it gives you the entire picture of this post. The reader visualizes the matter. He has the option whether to read further or not. Now to make him read lure him with words like benefits , advantages etc. Just luring is not enough. Every word should open a pathway for his problem/need/interest. Similarly other sub headings also should give you the details of the para which you are writing. It could be a summarized title or question for which you are giving the answer.

Introduction & further in-depth paragraphs

Great content writing is generally a content marketing strategy.
How to write great content for a website is the first and foremost requirement for any blogger. story writing, message, incident, experience etc makes good introduction motivating a reader to read and share. The content should engage the reader from start to finish. The introduction makes the reader understand what the topic deals with. The later paragraphs gives in detail the procedure. Creating web content means creating freaking web content what people read ,share and like. So the introduction should shout and tell what the blogger is writing. The later paras all give the procedure, benefits, advantages, disadvantage, causes, remedies etc. The style of writing specified by Search Engine like active voice, Felsch reading scale which specifies that even a 12 year old should understand is another requirement.

conclusion & social media optimization

Last but not the least is the conclusion which makes the readers question to themselves whether what I have read is all or do this blog convey anything more. The thirst for knowing more makes them read again and comment. A great content is not great till it discovered, consumed and shared. Online marketers do not see great content as a short sighted substitute for social strategy but a proxy to create customer experience. It is a ego centric perspective promoting messages to persuade audiences empathizing with customer needs and interests. In content marketing we emphasize understanding customer needs and behavior through persona development and observing the ongoing variations. This ongoing monitoring and engagement drive content marketing strategy. Thus content is easier to discover through search engine optimization. Yoast SEO prescribe every technique for your great content to be discovered The marketing strategies help prospects have good experience with your brands. so search engine optimization & social media optimization is the requirement for great content. The basic idea of great content is converting a prospect to a loyal customer. Just littering on social media is not enough but engaging and motivating customers to buy and be loyal to our brand is the meaning of great content.





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Registering a domain name

First of all, now i am taking you to the second step of blogging.

So,these are basic steps.

However,selecting a domain name depends on the subject of your blog/website.

Thus for registering a domain name, selecting the subject is very crucial.

what do you mean by domain?

So,this means the address of your blogging site on the internet.

It is the URL/ name of the website .

You can learn about this topic from earlier post Domain and web hosting.


.com,.org., .net, .info,.uk etc are TLD or Top Level Domain.

Subdomain comes after the .com extension like in Microsoft play store or Apple store eg. Apple.com/in.

SLD means second level domains Eg. co.in etc

Which are the five top level domains?

IANA distinguishes in the following manner 1.infrastructure TLD (ARPA)2.Generi TLD (gTLD)3. Restricted Generic TLD (grTLD) 4. Sponsor TLD (sTLD) 5. Country code TLD(ccTLD) 6. Test TLD (tTLD) (Source :Google)

Can two domains have the same domain names with same TLD?


But there was a case in Go daddys faq where a person had .com extension in her domain name.

However, She happened to know another person with same domain name .com .au .

So Godaddys solution was it is possible to have same domain names with extension and a country code appended in one of them .

Hence,in case both the domain is from the same country then it is better for one of the party to purchase both .

Finally,this is a unique case which I read yesterday. So I just recalled and brought it to your knowledge.

From whom do we buy domain names ?

Generally many web hosting firms give free domain registration as part of their web hosting solutions.

HOWEVER, many firms charge separately.

Thus Go daddy charges for domain registration and separately for web hosting.

How to opt for a domain name ?

First of all , it should be short and easy to remember.

Secondly,short domain names are preferred more for Search Engine Optimization.

However getting such names with .com extension is very difficult and costly.

MOST NOTEWORTHY,cheap domain name is much better than costly ones because ultimately the success of a website depends on traffic.

So,it is always better not to opt for already trademarked names like amazon or Samsung or hyphens in domain

is understanding of domain name essential?

1. purchaser 2.launcher of blog or website 3. domain name registration and web hosting services need this knowledge.

Where is it registered ?

Most noteworthy, Domain name is registered in the big data maintained by ICANN.

Further,the IP address allotted for this domain is entered in to a directory called Domain Name Server.

So,when you type the name of your blog site like https://ideasforsure.com then both IP address and domain name is retrieved.

How do you select a domain name ?

Finally,selecting it on the basis of keyword is best because it will summarize the subject/business of the blog or website.

Now, For eg. If the broker or agent of real estate open a website it is preferable that he keeps brokerage.com, brokerage.co.in etc .

So,you can go for cheap or free domain name hosting with web solutions if the hosting company offers.

What to do if the subject of blog or website is not clear?

Since the blog is comprising of varied subjects then your name.com ,your name.co.in is preferable.

if not i was reading a blog how to start a blog: instructions step by step  

I came to know about a site which coins domain names from alphabets i.e wordoid.

Name some domain generators ?

There is lot of competition for single word domain and hence many generators can guide in this regard.

I am to illustrate a few of the best domain name generators here for your convenience.

DOMAIN WHEEL : Place your keyword and fetch your domain name in seconds.

Nameboy: It is the oldest and popular domain name generator. Place one or two keywords and you get your domain name in seconds.

Lean domain search : Just enter a term relating to your blog or website and fetch available domain names in seconds.

  • Instant domain search : This prefixes and suffixes your key word and reaches out domain which is available and relates to your keyword. They charge $0.99 + Icann fees for domain name.

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Must read best blogging platform

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