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unknown and interesting facts about tirumala

1.The steep hill ranges seems lord Balaji sleeping and one of the hills looks like his face . One of the hills seems like serpent hood. This is the most interesting facts about Tirumala.

2. Most noteworthy, the entrance to the hills has natural arch which looks like garland or serpents hood. silathoranam means garland made of rocks. additionally,naturally formed structure in the quartzites of cuddappah due to natural erosion. This structure is 8m width and 3m height.

3 The temple of Lord Venkateshwara has pyramid shaped dome made of sandstone, granite and soapstone.

4. A Centre of Vaishnavism predominated by Alwars.

facts about Tirumala temple

5. Also, Varaha Purana mentions Lord Rama stay with his consort Sita and Lakshmana while returning from exile,

6. Crores of tourists all over the world visit this place every year. It is declared the Best Heritage Site by Ministry of Tourism.

7. Sri Tollapaka Annamacharya a poet is said to have sung many praises of this holy town.

Interesting facts about tirumala

8.Second largest Zoo in Asia seen here Deer park seen here.

9.Rare Floras seen here.

10. Local national park has some rare birds and animals.

11.One of the worlds richest administration is TTD i.e. Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams.

12.Secret village 22 Km away from where holy basils, garlands, flowers, butter, buttermilk and all prasadams for the lord comes.

13. Free transport services to and fro.

14. Garuda hill is natures wonder.

15. Tirupati Laddus with global patent.

16.Ambulance for distressed animals

17.Most visited place of worship in India

18. miracle city. Gods idea to bring rain to Tirumala by evoking god varuna and performing varuna Japam is given in detail here.

unknown facts about Tirumala idol

19Lord Venkateshwara having real silky hair and some curly locks but hair never entangles. lord Venkateshwara means god who destroys our sins.

20.Perpetual light of lamps before the lord lit so many years before never flickers or put out. Nobody knows when it was first lit. Till today the lamp glows.

21.The idols’ temperature is 110 Fahrenheit, Actually Tirumala is 3200 km above sea level, and it is very cool but idols temperature is constant.

22.The idol sweats on the back. so felt that Venkateshwara is alive. Even after wiping so many times the sweat never goes. After abishekams the idol when wiped you can see the sweat.

23.The idol hit on chin by stick during childhood so Chandan put there. Lord is on the right hand side of the temple but you feel he is in the middle of the sanctum sanctorum.

facts about Tirumala Balaji idol

24.Pachchai karpooram or Green camphor applied on the idol. This generally has a chemical which will crack the rock . But the idol never crack though smeared with this substance.

25.You can hear the sound of sea waves /ocean waves behind the idol.

26.The garlands and flowers washed away by waterfall and left in a place 20 km away from the temple in Yerpedu. However the priests refrain from looking backside of holy diety for rest of the day.

27.You can see the temple from a distance especially the golden dome.

28. Venkateshwara swamy had come in real when in 19th century a king imposed 12 criminals for committing heinous crime and hanged their dead bodies on the gate of the temple. So the temple was closed for 12 years. Then Swamy came again and the temple reopened

29.The silk dress Venkateshwara swamy wears is 21 arms long and weighing around 6 kg. The upper body covered with saree and lower body with dhoti. Dress never bought from shop and devotees who wish to contribute submit a sum to temple’s fund.

Recently there is a dispute about Christianity being spread in bus tickets as ads. It is not sure if Andhra Pradesh chief minister is aware . However TTD is viewing it seriously.

unknown facts about Tirumala temple

20. seven to eight feet hundi made of cloth present on all corners of temple and all contributions are put. These hundis get filled every three hours.

30. Large kitchens, large halls, Large money counting machines iis fun to watch.

31.The diety swayambu means it emerged on its own and is worshipped six times viz ushakala, Prathakala, Madhyamika, Aparahara, sandhyakala, Ardharthri Aradhanas.

32. marking of feet in the entrance to the temple means lord Venkateshwara walked that way so his foot prints got embedded .

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