First of all, When you need money and there is no job means you are struggling. Further, Savings are melting. How to get the money is what goes on ?Also, you need money fast now. How to get it? This is the time you venture into several projects and join certain institutions for working and earning money. But undoubtedly you fall into a circle and your money gets wasted. so find out if money is evil or vice .

Money/Finance is not evil or vice. This depend on who holds this money and how he uses/invests it to multiply. It  is always said Money speaks only one language . It will come to help if saved  properly.
In those days Man used to buy land or invest in gold, diamond. But after Government restrictions are imposed so many factors related to land are examined like whether the land is agriculture/non agriculture, nature of soil,  escalating price of land , whether this land can be seized by government at a later date for public usage. To avoid these man started investing in high rise building  either ready built or under construction. However the fact remains is money evil or vice
Similarly Gold, silver, diamond are getting costlier. There is a limit on how much Gold a lady can possess.However the fact remains is money evil or vice
There are so many instruments these days like shares, stock, commodities, metals etc.These are held by share/stock market. The volatility of share markets, crash of stock markets of 1987 and 1994 bond market crash has been responsible for narrowed thinking if share market is suitable to all. These conditions are responsible for viewing money as evil/vice.
Anyhow in this context I would like to say three stories to prove that money  is not evil/vice and clarify the question is money evil or vice.

first story

1. A man won a lottery and wanted to buy BMW car.Further, He knew everything about the car.Thus, He had adequate knowledge of driving but no experience. Now he tried his hand on driving and crashed his newly bought car. Even though he possessed all the knowledge he could not save the car because experience is essential.Similarly knowledge about money is not enough but experience to use money properly is required The question Is money evil or vice is answered

second story

 2. A fisherman, priest and professor went on a boat to the nearby island. On,Seeing the surging waves fisherman expected a high tide, jumped into the waters and swam safely. Similarly,  The priest believer of god took God’s name and jumped into the water , swam safely. Now the professor who had adequate knowledge of swimming, but did not know swimming jumped into the water and was drowned. This shows alertness to take action comes through experience and so holding a experienced persons hand is better and not rely on just knowledge. Again the same point experience is reiterated. So the question is money evil or vice is answered.

the third story

3. A lady lived with her daughter. she was working in a export firm. Now years passed. The lady became old. She thought of starting her own firm which she and her daughter could work. Her boss came to know this. He came to know that this lady need money loan. He talked to her the difficulties of taking a loan before retirement. The lady was very determined. Now the boss went to that lady’s house and talked to the daughter. The daughter got convinced. She promised to stop her mother from taking the loan. When her mother returned from work, she spoke to  her mother. Her mother assured her that this decision will not put them to trouble.


Instead they can work on their business strategy and win. She also told her daughter about the selfishness of her boss to keep her working for him so that he has financial gains and he pays a salary. She made her daughter realize that in business you get profit and it is their own. By working hard they can make huge profits. In her job eve of she puts double the effort her salary may rise by say 10-20%. So she had decided to quit work and start her own because of her knowledge and experience.


So money is not evil/vice but it depends on the person who  puts it to money is evil or vice is answered.


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