Childhood without toys and dolls is a curse. Toys help to enhance the concept of colours ,environment, sounds, brightness, music, and their creativity. All that they see around their house or in their environment, they identify with the toys and play. Similarly cubes to develop images of birds, word building etc are taught in early childhood. Then they develop games and play.

Magic crate for 2-3 year old. farm puzzle, farm animals, wild animals, animal puppets to enhance story telling, creativity etc.
magnetic blocks, magic crate, risk game, robot, magnetic tiles
magic crate for 3-5 year old’s puzzle solving about birds etc.
game for 1-15 year old children. Knowledge about war, infantry etc creates braveness and
patriotism in children
magnetic blocks ,building tiles
magic crate, magna tiles, robot, magnetic blocks,risk game for children
magnetic tiles helpful for learning maths, science,spatial and tactile skills


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