Magic crate toys for children aged 2-14

First of all, Magic crate is a company manufacturing delightful products children loves and parents value. Further, a team of five professionals who are successful in their own fields and also associated with child development and academics have come together and formulated this company Magic crate. Thus,they are passionate about building products that are fun and efficacious. So, it is designed with the intention that fine motor skills, cognitive skills, creativity, imaginative play vocabulary , knowledge of the world is developed as per their ages with Magic Crate. Monthly activity box or monthly crates are available for a small subscription. These toys also serve as kids learning kits.

Magic crate toys for children aged 2-14

Ultimately, For ages 2-3 activity box for 2 yearolds frends from the sea, my fruit and veg friends . Similarly, all about seasons, farmer ,birds etc all about little mariners, farmers, sailors, travellers for 3-6 years old children. Thus, for4-8 year old children augmented realty enabled and story telling activities. Also, for 8-12 year old create book holder, boy detective, etc. Thus, for 10-14 year old excavator and lifting jack games. This is designed to develop skills ,morals, values ,vocabulary appropriate to their age. Children can play with parental guidance in the beginning and later on when child is comfortable he can play himself. The games are designed taking safety into consideration. I am amazon affiliate and products can be bought from this page. If you buy rom here I will earn commissions. Please click here to buy.


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