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Preethi MIXER GRINDER-womans best choice

Imagine being fully present with your children. complete the chores easily with Preethi mixer and imagine enjoying a nice meal with your family in a peaceful environment.,  completes hazardous task easily Buy now 




First of all today the product I am reviewing is Mixer grinder. Now several mixer grinders are available in the market with/without fruit juicer attachment. Thus some help for kneading dough, chopping vegetables also.

This product is Preethi 218, 750 watt Mixer grinder with five jars.

About Preethi manufacturing company

Most noteworthy Preethi is the manufacturing company. It has a history of 40 years in India.It started with Mixer Grinder. Now they are manufacturing several products like gas stove, different types of mixer grinder and also grinder. Preethi home appliances manufactured in Chennai but used world wide.

about this preeti MIXER GRINDER

First of all this product has one jar for dry grinding, one jar for wet grinding, one juicer attachment i.e. both extractor and blender. Further, this product is helpful for Aata kneading, Citrus press, Chopping vegetables ,grating and slicing. Also the 3 in 1 insta fresh juicer has patented technology to provide centrifugal juicing, blending and superextracion in one jar. So,it has 750 W Vega W5 motor. FINALLY, This delivers super performance and has 5 year motor warranty. Also, aata kneadingdone in one minute and chopping of vegetables in seconds. Almost, preethi mixie, juicer mixer grinder , Preethi zodiac , Preethi blue leaf are some of the various mixers.


The 2.1 Master Chef jar and 3 in one insta fresh jar , 750 W motor are its salient features — preeti MIXER GRINDER

Firstly, they have one blade for chopping vegetables within seconds, one blade for kneading aata up to 300 gms. Also,it has measure cup to achieve consistency in kneading. Slicing blade can slice vegetables like Elephant yam, bitter gourd etc. it can slice vegetables like carrots, radish for salads. It can grate with grating blade vegetables like carrot and radish. The juicer ensures instant juicing with 20% more juice extraction. It ensures complete extraction of coconut milk and tamarind juice. It also blends milk shakes, lassi. The grinder has capacity of 750 W which ensures tough grinding jobs ,like turmeric. it grinds soaked urad dal in 30 minutes.

41LPL52fwLL._AC_UY218_ML3_ ₹8,870 Save ₹2,076 (23%)    BUY NOW

Buy any preethi grinder you will get assured results preethi mixer grinder

Not only that this product has 5 year motor guarantee and zodiac guarantee of 2 years.

Getting burning smell in first use indicate motor varnish getting heated . In subsequent uses this should not happen.

The other available are Preethi mixer, Bajaj mixer grinder, sujata mixer grinder, havells mixer grinder, maharaja mixer grinder, philips mixer grinder, butterfly, Sumeet mixer grinder, premiere , ultra mixer grinder. 

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