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online purchase is where you can buy products online.

In online purchase you buy products from a site on your computer.

To purchase products online go to the site like amazon, flipkart and search in the product list. now add the item to cart. if the item is available easily the item is added to cart or else leave it in wish  list. this way you can come back the next day and add it to cart. after adding all the items to cart then do check out. the make payment menu appears. then make the payment either by debit card, credit card, net banking etc .

benefits of online marketing

1. you can select the product from wide range of products from the comfort of your house at your convenience.

2. the product can be ordered even at midnight.

3. complete details/brochures are available for comparison.

4. comparison between products in different market places and company’s site is also possible.

5. these sites generally offer refund if the product is not satisfactory.

6.several banks tie up with these market places to offer discounts, cash back or emi. need to go at shopping hours .

8. you  can avoid crowds and hurrying traffic.

9. Some shops expect cash payment only. Carrying heavy cash is not safe.

10.Products are received in two to three days by courier. Even return of parcel is arranged by these market places. You also receive at lower prices compared to shops.


1. Online frauds are possible if not done diligently like using hotspots or cyber café computers etc.

Remember online marketing is to be done only at home or areas  where you are alone. Do not divulge passwords, debit card or credit card pin, OTP , date of birth, period upto which the card is valid and the cvv number.

2. After using the card remove the details from the site to avoid misuse.

Every thing has its own advantages and disadvantages. How  we use it wisely depends on us.Nowadays groceries, vegetables are also available online. Nowadays all are working from morning to night . These facilities make life easy. Vegetables , Fruits if returned within two days is refunded. These facilities are not available with vegetable vendors/Fruit vendors.

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