katso men’s cotton hooded striped t shirt


This slim fit hooded T-shirt from Katso can be your perfect casual outfit. Experience comfort to greatest extent with this pullover-hoodie T-shirt. It is made from pure cotton that provides wonderful tranquility. This clothing will make you feel super comfortable as they are skillfully tailored to give you that flawless feeling of relaxation and warmth when the seasons get rough. Upgrade your appearance indoors and outdoors with this T-shirt that will never go out of style.


The shirt is exactly as it is described. The fits everywhere are about perfect. The clothing material and colour show no sign of compromise anywhere.

For its price tag, it exceeds my limitations.

Cotton mens hooded t shirt from katso is also another set of hoodie t shirt. I have already mentioned why t shirts are called T shirts. The material used that is cotton material or streachy material and the T shaped when stretched flat makes these shirts to be called as T shirts. Again they are casual wear.

They have replaced the undergarments in case of men.

When you go to the history of T shirts it has evolved from undergarments in the nineteenth century. Earlier they used to use union one suit underwear. They cut it for top and bottom separately in such a way that the top ends in the waist.

Since this was light weight fabric miners,  agriculture workers to do farm and ranch chores , industrial workers all used this clothing because it was slip on garment without buttons. During American Spanish war of 1898  also this dress was issued by US Navy as undergarments for sailors and miners.

These T shirts are easily washable, cleaned and also inexpensive.

Nowadays many boys and young girls wear these t shirts with advertisement on it. It has been a source for setting out ads by coaching classes, hobby classes, gym etc. Screened printed Tshirts are used for marketing.

many young boys are thrilled at the fact of having their WWF heroes embedded on their t shirts. Many quotes of wisdom are printed on it.


In this post I will be writing about katso men’s cotton hooded striped t shirt


katso men’s cotton hooded striped t shirt

Such massive discount, premium wear, winter wear , sale ends soon hurry

This katso t shirt is designed for winter . it is fully cotton. The colour is fast. You can use it for gym or sports because it sweeps sweat away and maintain stability in temperature.

Pros ” slim fit

pure cotton 100%

full sleeve

Attached hoodie

Trendy and fashionable

v neck


wash in cool water and with the same coloured clothes


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