When you shop for home and kitchen products online ,products with great warranty, great offers, best price, best deals, huge selection then you think of top brands. So also when you buy mixer grinder. I have also given other features to check for choosing mixer grinder online in my post best mixer grinders.  Other features are ABS shockproof body, anti skid body, three pin plug and overload protection. 

Pros :

1.Fast and fine grinding

2.powerful motor and sharp blades

3.900 watt motor with double ball bearings and low maintenance

4.capable of running non stop for 90 minutes

5.Mixer is vibration free and shockproof

sujata powermatic plu 900 w
best mixer grinder sujata powermatic can grind idli batter or turmeric


cut turmeric to small pieces so that you mixer will work efficiently

After use blunting of blade possible. I have used for more than three years but till now no such thing has happened

jar spill when overloaded. this too i got from reviews . No such thing experience in my case.

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Sujata  was found in 1979  by Shri Brijmohan Mittal with vision and mission towards manufacturing a world class product in India. The 900 watt motor with two ball bearing is the key innovation. Honey comb filter mesh to extract juice  is another feature. Providing extra couplers/teeth set in every pack is another introduction which makes sujata proud of.  Jars are made of UV stabilized virgin plastic and it is sturdy and unbreakable.

sujata mixer grindersujata dynamix mixer grinder


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