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It is Wifi enabled,

Its power source is AC adaptor

It gives 16 million colour options

wireless connection

it works on android supported devices and ios devices.

syska led smart bulb
operation instructions for syska led smart bulb given here


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First of all, Syska LED smart bulb is a household name . Further  many more companies like Wipro, Philips etc., are also manufacturing Smart bulbs. However, Syska is a leading name in home automation.

Now  energy efficient lighting is revolutionized due to the introduction of LED bulbs and CFL bulbs.

use of incandescent bulb

Earlier incandescent bulbs was only available. Moreover, the electricity consumed over the lifetime of a bulb is five to ten times the purchase price of the bulb. Still with the introduction of energy efficient lighting , burgeoning supply of CFL and LED the European Union began  phased ban on the usage of incandescent bulb from 2009.Canada followed suit  banning the import and manufacture of high wattage bulbs since 2014.

In 2007 US sent the energy efficient standards for all bulbs. This phased out the least quality efficient incandescent bulb. As per US standards rapid adoption of LED bulbs should  prevent hundreds of millions of tons of green house gases from entering the atmosphere.  Australia ,China, and some countries of Asia and Latin America  likewise phased out or banned incandescent bulbs Thus each country saves millions of dollars annually by switching  to energy efficient lighting.

According to The US department ,  energy efficient lighting if adopted early would save 265 billion dollars annually for the next 20 years. This change would eliminate the need to construct 40 new power plants and save hundreds of millions of green house gases from entering the atmosphere.

Compact Fluorescent bulbs are miniature version of Full sized fluorescents. They screw into standard lamp sockets and give off light that looks very much like  the common incandescent bulb.

LED bulb for next genre

LED is a small very efficient solid bulb. New LED bulbs  grouped in clusters with diffuser lenses broaden the application and use of LED for home. This technology is expanding with new bulb styles. Earlier bulbs were limited to single bulb use in electronics, penlights, indoor and outdoor lighting strings. Now manufacturer have expanded the application of LED by clustering small bulbs.

Today LED bulbs bring 180 bulbs per cluster and encased in diffuser lenses  spread  light in wider beams. It was only in use  for battery powered flash lighting and headlights. Now it is available with standard bases for use in common household lighting to fit common household fixtures. This is a step for saving energy for next generation.

LED lighting is directional. Incandescent bulb lighting is spherical. This limitation is made good by use of diffuser lenses and reflector which dispense light like incandescent bulb.

High cost involved in manufacture is now reduced because of rapid improvements in this technology.

what is smart bulb ?

A smart bulb is internet capable LED bulb that allows lighting to be customized, scheduled, and controlled remotely. Use of Syska led smart bulb is growing steadily in home automation and IOT (internet of things) products.

How do smart bulb work?

Smart bulb uses mesh networking where each smart bulb connect wirelessly to the nearest neighbour. This network is controlled by hub that plugs into your router enabling  your network devices control functioning of your bulb.

Is it a saving ?

We call it a investment. Although it costs more initially it will work longer than a incandescent bulb, so replacement expenditure is less.

Smart bulbs can be effectively turned off by setting them up but they are technically on even though they don’t emit any light. They ae using some electricity even if turned off. Still they are great power saver.

Pros & Cons

  1. Schedule the bulb to glow in dark and switch off when sun rises automatically. Even when out the bulb can be scheduled to switch on and off to keep thieves away.
  2. . Connecting to Alexa can enable you  to control the bulb with your voice command
  3. Setup is very easy
  4. Socket used for any bulb will fit this bulb also. So just plug and setup with instructions given in app.
  5. works on regular Wifi
  6. Brightness adjustment AND DIFFERENT SETUPS AVAILABLE.
  7. Even after turning it of it uses electric power for some time, still it is a great power saver.
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